Thursday, March 25, 2010

Relax while you're closing your eyes to me...

I'm copying something off of my formspring account to post today. I don't know who asks me the "this or that" questions or the "list one favorite thing" questions but I love them! They are so fun to do. Got something you want to ask me? Hit that link and ask. You can even ask anonymously. Make sure you check back on formspring for answers if you go ask something! ;)

On with the question.

Question: ONLY LIST ONE FOR EACH! *Favorites* Restaurant, actor, store, blogger, tv show, author, lipstick color, chipmunk (from Alvin and the..), martini, cartoon, magazine, bar, cough drop, hockey player, nail polish color, beer, cookie type, peanut butter brand.


Restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory.

actor: Johnny Depp.

store: Best Buy.

blogger: Grrl Tragic.
I swear she was my big sister or wife in another life. Contrast there but eh. Lol.

tv show: House.

author: Stephen King.

lipstick color: I actually don't ever wear lipstick.

chipmunk (from Alvin and the..): Um.. they're all cool, I don't have a favorite one since I'm not a big fan.

martini: Don't drink martinis.

cartoon: Family Guy.

magazine: Don't read magazines.

bar: I'd rather not say but it rocks. =)

cough drop: Halls.

hockey player: Mike Modano.

nail polish color: Black.

beer: La Fin Du Monde!

cookie type: Sugar cookie from Great American Cookie.

peanut butter brand: Peter Pan.

Moving on!

I got these earrings for $9.50 and then never wore them because I decided I didn't really like them. I had meant to take them back but I rarely go to the mall so I just never got around to it. If anyone wants these, email me. amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com =) Don't worry, I don't expect $9.50 for them, lol. Click the image to make it bigger if you want.

The Stars play the San Jose Sharks tonight, in SJ. IT should be a good game to watch and hopefully the Stars get the win. We're in 10th place and not out of playoff contention yet but in all seriousness, it's just extremely unlikely. The Stars need to win the rest of their games and several teams need to start doing a lot of losing. *Sigh*

On Wednesday morning, I woke up with the dream I had fresh on my mind. I had a dream about grocery shopping in a super fancy store. I was also doing surgeries in the bakery with the cast of Family Guy... before revealing I was a CIA agent who was just guessing about what I was doing during these surgeries. Then I robbed the soda machine outside with my mind before I ran off to an island where I filmed a horror film. Also, the cast in the movie consisted of random NHL players, the Family Guy cast, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, my boyfriend, a few of my friends, the shark from Jaws with human legs & a huge killer walrus that had a British accent when he talked. Of course, this is the short version of the dream but it gives you the general gist of it. And no, I didn't eat anything weird, drink any booze, watching anything weird or do anything at all that would have prompted such a strange dream. That's normal for me and my dreams are usually strange and random. I also have the awesome ability to remember them in pretty good detail most of the time. I have the best dreams ever.

Happy Thursday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

I keep on meaning to do one of those formspring things.

Cheesecake factory Mmmmmmm.

phairhead said...

I went on a date once w/ a guy that like Fin du Monde. Makes me wistful.

I swear, back in the day, I had those same exact earrings. I swear!

Joker_SATX said...

I just caught up with you on Formspring...yeah, just what you need another Joker asking you questions.

I have another friend of mine who is a San Jose fan...actually more of a Thorty fan than anything times she does drive me bonkers with it.

the eternal list said...

family guy AND house? same wavelength

with both these shows, i had to be eased into them, y'know?, wasn't quite on board with either when they first started, but eventually, i warmed up to them and now they're both solid staples in my tv diet


Southern Sage said...

LOL @ your answers.

Its crazy that you dreamed my actual life!

Tragic said...

You are so amazing grrl, I'd hug you if I could ♥