Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random musings...

Not all cookies taste better with milk. (That's obvious for people who
don't like the combination, don't like cookies or just don't like

I have to have music on when I go to sleep. It's usually Opeth, some
other melodic metal band or some other band/artist that has a lot of
relaxing stuff. I can't listen to anything upbeat, aggressive or fast
to go to sleep. It wakes me right back up.

Coffee is not better than tea.

Put your shopping carts away when you unload your purchases. If they
roll off & hit someone's car, it can cause damage. Why should someone
else have to pay for something you caused by being lazy or in such a
rush that a minute or two woukd have really made a difference? Plus,
it's just rude.

People are always surprised by how polite I am. That makes me happy as
I enjoy being complimented for it. It's sad at the same time. It means
polite people are too few and far between anymore.

Some things taste better when you're a little kid. I used to love Fun
Dip 15 years ago. Now? Not so much.

Animal crackers taste good no matter how old you get.

Even though the Stars have had a shitty season, I still love 'em. If
they win any of their remaining games, I'll still be happy about it
too. Even though we're not making playoffs this year, I'll still enjoy
the rest of the season. I'd just enjoy it more if my favorite team of
15 years hadn't sucked so bad. Maybe next year. ;)

I miss playing hockey. I think I'm gonna spend the summer getting
where I need to be physically and start playing again. Just for fun.
It's either that or roller derby. I'd prefer hockey. I also think I'll
start playing baseball again. I miss playing sports and having some
competitive fun in my life.

I own a lot of hats. They're mostly baseball style caps or cadet (I
think that's what they're called) caps or knit beanies. I have more
hats than I have shoes and pants; combined. I wear every one of them
too. I paid for maybe 5 of them. The rest have been gifts given to me
over the years.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!!


Emmy said...

Love the random musings. And agree - not all cookies taste better with milk. People need to return their carts instead of taking the lazy way out. I get comments about my politeness too which gives me the same thought as you get. And, I do miss playing competitive sports.
Happy Tuesday! :)

Another Suburban Mom said...

Thin mints do not go with milk. And I am not surprised at how polite you are. I think you are a lovely person.