Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Like a fool I thought I could fight the shadows on my own...

The Stars play tonight! We're playing against San Jose. I dislike the Sharks. They're a great team, in regulation. Once playoffs hit, they choke. Though, at least they'll make playoffs this year. With the Stars, that's a long shot and it's not looking good or realistic at all. Dallas really needs to find some heart and get a win tonight.... and every other night they have a game for the duration of the season, lol.

Seriously can't believe I offended people in yesterday's post. At first, it was one person. Then it was three. I'm pretty sure the second two are friends of the first person though. Still, get a grip people.

And if you read nothing else in yesterday's post, you should have read our friends story about why he's terrified of turkeys. I'm still chuckling over that shit today, lol.

Several (8 or 9 now?) people have e-mailed me either asking me why I took away commenting or telling me they can't figure out how. The comments are at the top of each blog post now. You'll see the post title and then under that, you'll see all the info (name, date, tags, etc) that used to be at the end of a post. Then you'll see the bit for comments. Which is inside the red oval I have on display in this picture. So, for anyone having trouble figuring out how to comment... now you know. ;)

And now because I have nothing else in particular I want to say.... I'll post 25 random facts about yours truly. Enjoy.

1.) I love wearing hats. I have tons of caps with sports logos on them as well as several knit beanies, random caps and plenty of other styles.

2.) I only have 3 pairs of shoes.

3.) I love cheese. So many different kinds.

4.) I love trying to capture lightning on film.

5.) I love walking in the rain.

6.) Gloomy weather makes me feel peaceful.

7.) I love almost any kind of fruit.

8.) I hate being late. I always like to be on time if not early by a few minutes at the least. I don't mind if other people are a few minutes late unless them running behind is going to make me late; then it pisses me off.

9.) I love the smell of gasoline.

10.) I have a bad temper.

11.) I have trouble putting a good book down once I get really into the story. I'll say I'll stop after this chapter and five chapters later, I'm still reading. I've gone through books from front to back in hours because of this.

12.) I get annoyed when people talk about how broke they are and how they don't have money to do x,y,z so people will feel sorry for them yet they turn around and talk about going out to eat, buying this one thing, etc.

13.) I read a lot of things other than fiction novels. Medical, historical and tons of other things. I love to learn new things and I try to learn something new every single day. Not for any reason other than I enjoy it.

14.) I'm quite a bit more intelligent than most people think I am....

15.) ....I use that to my advantage quite often.

16.) Weapons fascinate me. Swords, daggers and throwing stars are three of my favorite types.

17.) I find some cemeteries beautiful.

18.) I miss playing hockey. It was one of the funnest things I ever did.

19.) I love grocery shopping. Almost as much as Best Buy shopping. Clothes shopping, shoe shopping and any other kind of shopping? No thank you.

20.) I always get apprehensive the first time I go see a band I like a lot playing live. I am always afraid they will suck live and to me, that ruins it. I can't listen to a band when I know they're digitally mastered to perfection but sound like utter shit live.

21.) My boyfriend's jealous that I burp louder than he does.

22.) Opeth's music is so calming yet sometimes it calms and saddens me. Sometimes it makes me feel calm yet pumps me up. The lead singer's voice is absolutely beautiful and I melt listening to him sing.

23.) I love Gatorade and drink it on a fairly regular basis. I'd rather have Gatorade over most other drinks.

24.) My favorite thing to do in car maintenance is an oil change. I think it's fun and I love the smell of motor oil plus the satisfaction of doing something productive with my hands.

25.) I always look at deserted buildings and try to imagine what kind of things and people were there when it was still live and bustling. A town my mom used to live in had an abandoned outdoor theater in it. It was old, hadn't been in use in forever, crumbling and ruined. That place was so alive with energy. It was beautiful, creepy and wonderful all at once. I wish I had pictures of it to post on here.

How do people think up 100 random things to share? I think being so open on my blog makes these things difficult, lol. There isn't a lot I don't share. Plus the fact that I've been blogging for so long makes it difficult too. I did see someone who has 6 different "100 Things About....." on their blog though. Good for you buddy, you know who you are. I can't imagine how you thought up that many random facts and managed not to repeat a single thing. Kudos!

Happy Tuesday!


Neath said...

Ok, so, I read yesterdays post yesterday. I re-read it just now. I'm completely baffled as to how anyone could find anything remotely offensive in that post. People are just dumb, I guess.

Southern Sage said...

I am with Neath. I was sure I had read it so i hit up the comments and re-skimmed it. I can't imagine someone being offended, I guess some people are turkeys or somthing.

Love the list. Hats on chicks are sexxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL@ 14 and 15. I do it intentionally. I bait people because it is fun!

Great list.

kittykillkill said...

I see nothing offensive here. What in the hell are people offended about? Don't get it.

Emmy said...

Whenever you do a list of random facts about yourself, I realize how much we have in common. :)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Wha hey...San Jose is a tough team too. but very true...they get there huh/

I have no idea why a person would get upset...

later sweets.