Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thumbelina, this isn't a fairy tale...

The lovely folks at TabuToys sent me the Vibratex Thumbelina to try out. I really dig Vibratex toys most of the time so I was happy to see the company name on the toy box. I was also happy to see a pretty purple toy peeking out of the box at me.

I know a lot of people don't want the specifics of the toys in reviews but some people do. I know you can get them off the website that's selling the toy. Blah blah blah. Not everyone wants to go look them up and it's not a big deal to include them. If you don't want the boring details, skip down a little bit and get to the good stuff. =)

Material: Elastomer.

Size: The toy as a whole is 8 1/4" in length but you can only insert 3 1/2" of the toy. An inch in diameter at it's widest point and 4 1/4" in circumference.

Functions: Rotating, vibrating.

Features: Textured, multifunctional, multi-speed, contoured, phthalate-free, built in control pad that doubles as a nifty handle.

What you need: 4 AAA Batteries. (And some lube ;))

When I first opened up the Thumbelina, my immediate reaction was to scrunch up my face and ponder the shape of the toy. I took it and rinsed it off with some warm water and some soap because I never use any toy without cleaning it first. Some people don't do this, some people think it's weird I do it; whatever. I just feel weird not cleaning before using it for some reason, lol.

Thumbelina is a dual action vibrator that not only vibrates but also rotates. It is made out of elastomer and covered with a nubby texture. The shaft begins with a large bulbous head, perfectly angled and ergonomically designed to hit the G-Spot then she tapers down into a slimmer shaft. The nubs are all over the shaft but there is only a single line of nubs around the side of the thick, bulbous head. Due to the softness of the elastomer, you can't really feel the nubs on the shaft/head all that much. Even though the nubs are a rather decent size, they're just too soft to really be felt that well. For anyone who likes to really feel the nubs on their toys, you will probably be disappointed with the lack of sensation the texture on this toy provides.

The clitoral stimulator is also covered in nubs but they're quite a bit larger and thicker than the ones that cover the shaft. There is also a thing at the top of the clitoral stimulator, reminds me of a rhino horn but it's an elastomer prong that buzzes around quite nicely when the toy is turned on. That, as well as the nubs, work quite well on the clitoris. You'll have no problem feeling them against you and since they're so soft, they're not irritating at all.

The handle has a hatch on the bottom that pops open to show the battery housing. There's a little button at the back of the handle that you press in and it easily pops open the hatch door to insert or remove the batteries. My only gripe about that would be that if you hold your thumb at the base of the handle to hold the toy, the button is right there so it's easy to release the hatch door on accident. It all depends on how you hold the toy though. Avoid the button and you'll be fine. There are two sliding controls on the handle. One to control the rotation function and one to control the vibrations. They don't move easily enough that you'll be able to accidentally change settings while you're using it but they're not so firm that you'll have any trouble getting them to move while playing.

The bullet for this toy is inside the clitoral stimulator. It packs a nice little buzz considering this thing runs off AAA batteries. The vibrations travel decently to the head and slim shaft of the toy. Oddly, even though the shaft is closer to the clitoral stimulator, the vibrations are better felt in the head of the toy. Not a complaint honestly. ;)

The shaft and head of the toy can move in a rotating motion. I might like this except honestly I'm a bit too tight to really enjoy the rotations. If I turn the rotation function on, press the head to my clit and let it work circles there, it feels rather nice. Insert the toy and let it rotate though and it doesn't work too well for me. It's not strong enough and pretty much doesn't move around. It also sounds like it's about to break in there on that feature. I thought it might be the toy so I used it in my hand a few times, just making a fist around the toy and it moved around in my fist just fine. So that was a bummer because I have another toy that also rotates and it feels flipping amazing.

The vibrations are pretty nice for something small that runs off AAA batteries. Definitely more of a punch than I was expecting which was a pleasant surprise. The clitoral stimulator, with the vibrations and the textures, feels extremely good. I had the toy inserted, on vibrate and just let the clitoral stimulator work me over for a few minutes. It felt amazing. You can rock the toy back and forth inside you, you can slide it in and out, rock up and down with it; any number of combinations. Though for me, the length doesn't make it very enjoyable for sliding it in and out but I'm sure there are some out there that would be fine with that.

The noise level wasn't bad at all. I had the radio on at a moderate level and it covered up the sound of the vibe. Even without background noise on, it still wasn't that loud. Someone walking by wouldn't have heard it unless they stopped outside the door and were listening. Then they would definitely hear a little something.

To hear the noise level and me showing off the rotation skills this toy has, watch the video. ;)

Sometimes, the smell of a toy just kills me. Luckily, that wasn't the case with this one. I didn't notice any smell at all. And yes, if you're wondering, I held it up to my nose and smelled it after I pulled it out of the packaging. It didn't smell like a damn thing at all. Which is wonderful. Who wants a toy that has a scent that makes you want to gag when you pull it out of the box? Not I.

Cleaning this toy is easy. You have to watch out for the handle/control pack. Like any other toy with batteries that isn't waterproof of splashproof, you have to be mindful of the battery pack. I've been keeping it inside of a velvet pouch when not in use and it doesn't collect lint or anything at all. Which is definitely nice.

So, do I have a gripe about the toy?

Aside from not being able to use the rotation feature, which is no fault of the toy honestly, one thing that bugs me is that if you use both features at the same time, it isn't powerful enough. If you turn on the rotations while it's vibrating, it sucks the vibrations down to a gentle buzz, even if the vibrations are on high and the rotations are on a middle speed. That's a bummer in my opinion. Though, since I can't use the rotation feature once inserted, it's not too big of an issue personally. For someone else who may not have the same issue, it might be a real turn off for the toy though.

As I already said, the nubs on the shaft and head are a bummer too. If the texture on the shaft and head were like the thicker, larger nubs on the clitoral stimulator, ohmywow would that be awesome. As is though, they might as well not even be there.

Thumbelina is a fun toy but since I can't fully use it the way it's intended, I probably won't be using it very often.


Another Suburban Mom said...

Great review. I hate when things smell like plastic or chemicals, so I am glad you mention that in your reviews.

phairhead said...

I love yr comprehensive reviews!!

nitebyrd said...

Thanks for a very thorough and honest review!

Sheen V said...

Great reveiw!

Autumn said...

love your review. i know exactly what you mean about the smell and i like to wash mine first also. i had a similar experience with a toy that i felt didn't quite pack enough punch. sound like the nubbies are similar. pleasant, but not your favorite. i like getting all the details on the toy. it's good to know.

The Covert Lover said...

I too love the honesty and description in your reviews. I think I've read them all now...
But I may need to go back and look again since I need to get me a new toy and have NO IDEA what to get! lol

(I agree with the washing it and the plastic-y smell too)
Keep up the good work!

Bruce said...

Quite frankly, this 'looks' like something Darth Vador would use during his 'alone' time.