Monday, February 8, 2010

Sometimes, I ramble.

I didn't watch the Super Bowl. I didn't care about the game and didn't care about the commercials. I can see the commercials online if I choose. Though honestly, I really don't care since I rarely find any commercials that amusing anyway. However, if one particularly struck your fancy or gave you a real good giggle, please feel free to mention it. I didn't care about the game because I have no preference to either team that played. While I'm a Cowboys fan (stop laughing, that's my home team after all) as far as the NFL is concerned, there are a couple other teams I like. None of which happened to be playing yesterday. Which is why, I didn't really care about who won and didn't feel like watching. Though, I couldn't avoid the tweets when I hopped on Twitter because almost everyone was tweeting about it. Which is why I was avoiding it for the most part. I did see New Orleans won so that's good for them, as a team and as a city/community.

Instead of the big game, I watched a ton of episodes of Modern Family and Family Guy. I don't watch much TV really but I love those two shows. I don't have an interest in most shows that come on otherwise. I prefer to watch things where I can learn something or sports. The Boyfriend and I are poor kids so we can only afford basic television and don't have cable or anything fancy. Which sucks because I miss Discovery Channel, NHL Channel, Food Network, Cartoon Network, History Channel and ESPN something fierce. IF you're wondering how I watch so many hockey games when we only have plain ol' TV, I have the answer to that. I either go to a friend's house, go to a sports bar or find a stream online and watch on my laptop. Fun times. I will go to great lengths to see hockey. Also, unlike the NFL, I'll watch the entire playoffs and Stanley Cup series even if Dallas isn't a part of any of it. Even if the other teams I semi like aren't in it because well, I love hockey that much. =)

My hair grows too quickly. I have a love/hate relationship with that. I love that it grows quickly because it's healthy. I hate it because it gets on my nerves, lol. I wish my step-cousins wife actually lived in Texas. I'd totally get her to do my hair again. Not because she does it for free (that is nice though) but because I don't mind her doing it. I'm crazy about who I let touch my hair. Which is why I rarely get it cut and just usually trim the ends myself at home. Which I'll probably end up doing later today since I can't afford a hair cut and I'm apprehensive about letting anyone touch my hair anyway, lol.

Something bugging me right now? I keep hearing footsteps but no one's awake and I'm damn sure not walking around typing on my laptop. If I stop and listen, they get faint as hell. If I try to ignore it, they're loud and stomping. Something is being quite annoying and should really knock it off.

Something else bugging me? I had a review and a Drink of the Day post scheduled to auto post over the weekend. Neither post ended up publishing. I checked and the dates and times were current and correct. No clue what the fuck happened. I've had this issue before but lately, it seems to be happening more frequently and it's really annoying. So Blogger, knock it the fuck off. Bitch. <3 href="">Pixar Short Films Collection DVD is one of my absolute favorite things to watch.

Someone asked me a random question via direct message on Twitter yesterday. I shall share it here now. =) Question was, "Do you ever watch TV/listen to music while falling asleep?" My reply to that was that yes, I do tend to listen to music to fall asleep. Which prompted the second question of, "What 3 bands are your favorite to fall asleep listening to?" My answer to that? Opeth, Incubus and Nightwish. With Opeth and Nightwish, it's because almost all of their music is so relaxing and beautiful to me. With Incubus, they're one of my absolute favorite bands and I love Brandon Boyd's (lead singer) voice.

The Boyfriend and I went to see Sherlock Holmes last night. I know, most people who wanted to see it already have and that's cool. I'm not a big fan of going to the movies. It's expensive and people are generally obnoxious and have no manners. So, I like to go when a movie is on it's way out of the theaters. I figured between the big football even last night, it being a Sunday night, being late and being a movie that's on it's way out of the theaters that it would be the perfect time to go see it. I was totally right. Only two other people were in there with is. They weren't paying attention to the movie though. If your mind went to the gutter there, you're right on track. If it didn't go there, well, it should have by now, lol. They were fairly quiet though except for a few times when they were talking, giggling or making other noises that were louder than the movie. That only happened a few times though so it wasn't really annoying. Though why in hell anyone would want to pay $17 to have a dark place to make out and fool around a little bit is beyond me. Especially when one or possibly both of them have their own apartment. They didn't actually fuck in the theater, which I know because the woman was on her cell in the restroom after the movie at the same time as I was explaining to someone quickly what they had done and what she hoped to do once they got back to his apartment. Oh and yes, she did remember to bring condoms. Good for them. =)

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

I took a date to see the last Die Hard movie and the theater was about half full. All through the movie we heard some very distinctive moans coming from somewhere behind us. Overall, I found it pretty entertaining.