Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Showers, sleep, medicine, hockey & sex toys.

You know what one of the things about cold, snowy weather that I actually like is? It's the only time I take steamy, hot showers. Most of the time, I'm good with a nice warm shower. I don't generally like the water that hot. Which is kind of a bummer for my sinuses because all that steam from a hot shower is quite helpful, especially if you drop a Shower Soother in there and breathe it in. So last night, I was winding down for the night and folding some laundry. I was a little chilly though. Even with the heat on, I still wasn't warm enough. I didn't worry about it because it wasn't that bad and I was planning on a nice hot shower after I got done folding laundry. You know, since that stuff still hasn't learned to fold itself. I tried explaining a few times to my socks how easy it is if they would just get with the program and roll up on each other. Didn't work out and laundry still doesn't fold itself. Good thing it's not at all difficult to do, eh? I digress though. So, I got in the shower with the water abnormally hot and let the steam swirl around me while I worked my way under the water. It felt fucking glorious to my chilled skin to be surrounded by so much warmth. I did what I do, enjoyed the feel of the water and the sinus benefits of the steam for a few minutes longer, then I hopped out. The bathroom was so warm from all the heat and steam. It was nice. The only thing that sucks about taking hot showers when it's snowing and below freezing semi late at night? When I walked back into the bedroom to put clothes on, it felt a hundred times colder because I was so much warmer than I previously had been. I was in there maybe a second before I had chill bumps everywhere. So, I did what anyone else would have done. Went back into the bathroom to warm back up, lol. I can't get dressed when my skin is at all damp though so chilling (haha) in there wasn't going to work for me since the moisture from the steam hanging around was preventing me from getting dry. So, I went back into the bedroom, let the cool air in there dry my skin in a minute, then got dressed before using my hair dryer to blow dry my hair. And maybe parts of my body.

You want to know something that bugs me? I went to bed last night some time after 1 AM. I had gotten cold so I put some too-big yoga pants on because they're the only pants I can actually sleep in without them twisting around, riding up, etc. Thus them being the only pants that don't make me feel tangled amd trapped. Which is why I usually never sleep in pants. Anyway, I put them on, curled up under the nice blankets and fell back asleep. When I woke up at 8 AM this morning, I noticed my yoga pants weren't on anymore. Just my tshirt and my Batman boxers. I looked around, yoga pants were no where to be seen. I let it go for a few minutes while I laid there stretching. Then, I got out of bed and went searching for them. They were in the cabinets my clothes are kept in, neatly folded and put away. I have an awesome memory. Really, it's ridiculous the things I can remember at times. I don't for the life of me remember getting up to take off my yoga pants. Much less actually folding them and putting them back away. I sat there thinking and thinking and thinking. Nothing. Then I got to thinking, what the fuck else do I get up and do while I'm sleeping that I don't know about? I'll never know either because apparently I don't remember what I get up and do. And for anyone that might suggest I might have kicked them off to the floor and maybe my boyfriend picked them up, folded them and put them away for me? Please, don't waste your time typing such a though. I'm not insulting him but he just doesn't do things like that. He'd step over the yoga pants if they were laying in the middle of the floor and proceed on to the bed as if they were just a part of the floor. Or he might kick them out of the general path but he wouldn't neatly fold them and put them away. Everything he owns minus socks and boxer briefs goes on a hanger because he absolutely hates folding anything. So, now I want to find a way to set up my webcam to record the room while I sleep. It's motion activated when it's on so even if the computer is in sleep mode, if something trips the censor, the webcam will start rolling. I just want to see if I'm folding laundry in my sleep or if I get up and do anything weird. It would make sense that my legs wake up sore and feeling freshly worked out once in a while if I'm secretly getting up and ballroom dancing with myself around the room all night.

Why must drugs be so expensive? Lol. Seriously. Doesn't help that I don't have health insurance but hell, a lot of stuff is still ridiculously expensive for those who do have insurance. Anyway, I won't get into that whole rant. Today anyway. =p

USA vs SWITZERLAND is today! Men's hockey! Woohoo! At 3 PM Eastern time. So 2 PM for me. Actually, it's hockey all day, I just won't see most of it because of the whole no cable thing. I might actually get to see USA vs Switzerland though since I think NBC is actually going to be showing the game. Albeit, it's at fucking 2 PM so most people will be missing it since you know, they'll still be at work and such. Which sucks. I'll probably be home in time to see it, or at least catch the second and third period. HELL YES! GO USA! =) I wonder if any of y'all can guess what other country I'm secretly pulling for... You know, unless it comes down to the USA for a medal then I'm not hoping anyone places higher than USA does. ;) If some how, we get knocked out and we're not in it anymore, there is a country I want to see come out on top. I'll even gve y'all the options if you want to make a guess, heh. Switzerland, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia or Sweden.

I got a gift recently. It's a sex toy. It's one I already have and rather enjoy using. It was a surprise gift. I did offer to give the toy back to the person who got it for me. She declined and told me to sell it because she didn't have the receipt for it anymore so couldn't take it back. I asked her if she wanted it, she said she already had one and knew I would like it so it was a way late Christmas gift. So, I think I'm going to put it up on here for sale, at a discounted rate. It's a $90 toy but I'll be asking for a little less than that, if anyone is at all interested in it.
Then if someone buys it, I can give my friend the money. She gets some of her money back that way it isn't a total loss for her and someone out there gets a nice, new toy for cheaper than they would anywhere else. Sound good? Okay. =)

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

OMG. I told you not to worry about the toy. That was my mistake for not making sure you did not have it already and my mistake for tossing the receipt before I gave the gift.

I cant guess since I already know what other team you will pull for in the event USA doesnt make it to the end. Given my heritage, I support the team you would pull for!

If anything good pops up on the webcam footage, hella bomb and you have to show it to me.

Love, Me

CAT said...

Ill pay you $40 for that it looks like fun

Bruce said...

The mind just runs in circles thinking of all the things you could have done in the middle of the night and never realized. Maybe you have little gnomes that live in your house that undress you for fun in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

Dang I wish I could get up at night and do sit ups!

f1trey said...

thas a yepper on the hot showers in thw winter!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

the only think I don't like about cold snowy the cold...the snow and the night. Give me a bikini and the beach...hello.

But I love hockey. I've been following the men and women's USA team...I'm so proud of them.

Later sweets.shorts

viemoira said...

I totally fold laundry when I sleep walk! Thought I was all alone in this world lol!