Monday, February 22, 2010

Like memories of dying days...

Last night was the first meet up between Team USA and Team Canada for the Olympics AND USA WON 5-3! Kessler's empty net goal to close the deal and put USA up by 2 with less than a minute left in the game was amazing. We don't have cable or satellite but luckily, we found a sports bar that was showing the game. And even had the audio for the game on! I'd say a little less than half the bar was watching hockey. There was a poker tournament going on that was getting more attention. I don't care though, I love hockey. And yes, NBC's lame coverage annoys me too. I hate that people say, "No one cares about hockey." Fine, you don't care about it, I don't care. A vast majority of the United States doesn't care about it? fine, I don't care. No one likes hockey? Tell that to the millions of hockey fans all over the US alone that look forward to watching their favorite teams in not just the NHL, but the AHL and other leagues as well. Tell that to the millions of people who buy tickets, get season tickets and look forward to going to see a game played live. Hell, I look forward to just getting to watch a game. I get it though. Hockey isn't wildly popular in America. I live in Texas, seriously, I get that it's not as popular as the NFL, NBA or MLB. I also have a ton of friends and plenty of family members who couldn't care less about hockey, never watch a game, don't understand it, don't care to understand it, etc. Blah blah blah. Just because it's not wildly popular doesn't mean that "no one here likes hockey" because yeah, that's bullshit. Drive down to Victory Avenue in Dallas on a night when the Stars are playing and tell the people who are decked out in jerseys and team t-shirts that they're only fooling themselves because really, deep down, none of them really like hockey. Don't say that "absolutely no one likes XYZ" because no matter what it is, somewhere, there are people who will like and enjoy whatever you're claiming no one likes. (Warning. Something I find gross is about to be said. You may even find it crude, graphic and down right vomit inducing. Don't say I didn't warn you if you end up throwing up in your mouth a little bit. If you wanna skip it, just move down to the next paragraph.) Even if it's fucking someone in the ass, ejaculating inside of them and then using a baby spoon to remove the sperm from said ass only to feed it to the person you came in or eat it yourself. Yes, that's disgusting. I used that as an example because I have a friend who used to do that with an ex-girlfriend. My point is, don't say "no one is into this so...." because no matter what it is, there are people out there who dig it.

No one need take that as a personal attack by the way. I'm directing that more at articles and a few obnoxious people. The obnoxious people in question know I'm talking about them because we've had our "discussions" on it already. So, if I didn't discuss this with you already, don't feel like it's aimed at you or anything. Unless you want to, then whatever. =p

The always helpful, wonderful, Osbasso fixed my layout for me. Thanks, Os! The side columns were not wide enough and stuff was cut off because of that. That problem doesn't exist anymore. How does it look? I'm still on the hunt for a template that screams out at me. So you know, if you know any websites for templates for blogger that are free, let me know. =) Please & thank you. The address to my blog along with the name I blog under is probably going to change next week. So, get ready, bwahaha. You'll just have to change your links in your blogrolls, bookmarks, etc though. You'll get automatically redirected if you try to come to this address.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JESSICA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! - While I don't have permission to post the link to Jessica's livejournal, I did have permission to wish her a happy birthday as long as I didn't post the address of her sacred space. ;) Happy 21st Birthday, girlie! Hope you have a good one!

Y'all know I do the Twitter thing. I also do the formspring thing, once in a while. I thought it was goofy. I was super bored one night so I gave it a shot. It was fun. I do it irregularly now. Saturday night, I got some good/interesting questions. So, I'm going to post them here. You can anonymously ask questions & the few I'm posting today were all asked anonymously. Enjoy!

Everyone asks about positives, what about negatives? Thing you won't eat? Place you never want to visit? Person you never care to meet? Sex act you say "no" to? Music you won't listen to? Team you never want to win Stanley Cup?

Oh! I love this one! No clue who asked this but thank you. =)

Mountain Oysters. If you don't know what that is some how, look it up. =)

Russia. I have nothing against it, just not somewhere that I'd want to visit.

That's a long list, lol. Most famous people honestly. Celebrities don't interest me much.

Anything involving shit, piss, vomit or animals.

There isn't much I won't listen to. I can't stand most of the pop crap that comes on the radio though. Lady GaGa, Beyonce, etc. I also really can't stand most rap.

Haha. I wouldn't say I never want a team to win it because those guys all play their asses off and work really damn hard for it. I'd never deny someone an achievement they worked hard to get. I'll admit I wouldn't be happy about the Sharks, Capitals, Flames, Ducks, Devils or Flyers winning it though since those are the 6 teams I dislike most. Though, each of those teams has at least one player on there that I like but that's not enough to make me smile if they won the Stanley Cup. ;)

Is it healthy to be in a relationship when you can't get along with in-laws?

You're not in a relationship with your in-laws. You and the person you're with is the more important relationship. You won't like everyone, you won't get along with everyone and that applies to in-laws and your SO's family in my opinion. Granted, not getting along with your SO's family makes it a bit more difficult if your SO has a decent relationship with their family.

Is there a odor that makes you instantly sick?

Cabbage cooking. The smell makes my stomach churn instantly & blech.

What would the founding fathers think of the USA today, if brought back to life in 2010?

I have no idea. As far as I know, I'm not any of the founding fathers reincarnated so I wouldn't begin to speculate about the disappointment or joy they get from the current progression of things.

WHICH IS BETTER: chicken or beef? apples or oranges? sex or chocolate? hockey or football? massage or lots of kissing? the icing or the cake? starbucks or dutch bros? google or bing? one tree hill or gossip girl? american idol or so u think u can dance?

Chicken. Hands now.

Apples. Don't like oranges.

Sex. I'm not a fan of chocolate.


Massage. Then lots of kissing after.

The cake. Not a big fan of icing.

Starbucks. Dutch Bros. sucks IMO. Not at all sad we don't have them in Texas.




Happy Monday!


Bat said...

I think the problem with hockey is that it doesn't translate well to TV. The casual watcher can't understand just how exciting the game is because on analog TV it's too hard to follow the puck and you can't see the entire rink so you miss out on things that happen away from the puck like line changes. I was pissed at NBC because I bought a big honkin' plasma TV and paid extra for HD broadcast just to watch hockey and then they put the games on MSNBC which I do not get in HD. Here is a question for ya. How does a girl from Texas and California end up liking hockey so much?

phairhead said...

That commentator is an ignorant jack off!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Bat on Hockey, well that as well as most of the country doesn't play it in school. I can't understand the game so if they aren't fighting then I don't know wtf is going on!

You mean there are people who don't do the baby spoon thing?

I am with you all the way on the "things you wouldn't do sexually."

Founding fathers? Projectile vomiting until they dehydrated and probably died from malnutrition due to the sorry state of the nation and the way we have fucked up something that was once grand and outside of slavery damn near perfect.

Kara & Jessica said...

I watched the Hockey game last night an enjoyed it a lot. Luckily for us we have MSNBC in HD so I got to enjoy the game on a big screen at a friends house. Though part of the reason I enjoy it is because it's the Olympics and I want to see the US win everything. Plus I just LOVE the Olympics. Other than 1980 our Country never Dominates in this sport. This was a HUGE win. I wouldn't consider myself a huge Hockey Fan like yourself, but I do watch Bruins games from time to time. However it's one of those sports I would rather watch live than on TV. I have to agree with Bat's take on this. It doesn't translate to TV as well.
Anyway here's to the US winning it's next game :)

Osbasso said...

I'm surprised how little coverage the entire Olympics is getting on ESPN! Isn't this supposed to be the biggest sporting event of the month? Or at least warrant the top sports story of the hour at least?

Glad I could figure it out for you!

Anonymous said...

Hockey, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Nascar, Soccer, Cricket, Golf, Fishing, and more and more and more. How can anyone like every single sport there is? I think it not possible, so enjoy what you enjoy and who cares what others think about it. Its your life to enjoy what you enjoy.

kittykillkill said...

Personally, Temper and I love hockey. We watch it on TV and go to some live local games. It is too bad that it doesn't get the coverage and recognition that it deserves.

mina said...

I have been having to put up with "curling is not a sport" since I started watching. I am a brand new fan. I like it. I'll agree to disagree. I like it, it requires strategy and the people who play it are not your drunk neighbors with a beer gut. And for the record... we watched the hockey game :)

Anonymous said...

Guess my comment didnt go thru the 1st time?? !!

MINA WHERE DID AmRock SAY CURLING IS NOT A SPORT? I either missed that or it wasnt said.

Hockey players arent your drunk neighbors with a beer gut either they are some of the most fit athletes around. Not sure if that was the implication since you didnt specify.

Bruce said...

Well...that whole thing with the ass-fucking really caught me off guard....but you are correct, there is someone that is crazy about anything in this world.

What would the founding fathers think of the USA today, if brought back to life in 2010......My first thought is that they would say...."Shit, women and negros can vote!? We never saw that coming!"

Stealth said...

yo. Im waking up. And where's my drink ms thang??

TUG said...

I'm guessing you're going to watch the gold medal match? I can't wait, should be a good game.