Friday, January 8, 2010

Messages Of The Day & Rambling

To see the sources these pictures were lifted off of, just click the pictures. While these images are all very much Safe For Work, what you'll find on the Tumblr's they're lifted from is NOT very Safe For Work, lol.

Some random rambling now...

Boyfriend & I are going to the Stars/Islanders game tonight. We better fucking win. We lost our last two games. We haven't lost three games in a row so far this season. Hopefully we stick with that and win tonight. Go Stars!

I think I'm getting sick. Which sucks. It's this stupid "arctic" weather going on right now. It's 13 outside right now according to stupid weatherbug with a windchill of 2 degrees. Yeah, yeah... I know, you people up North have colder weather. You live up North though so it's expected. You also have clothes and what not to deal with this because you're used to it. I live in Texas however and don't have the clothes to handle this. I don't even have a winter coat because shit, I don't normally need one. I'm not dying or anything but it sucks.

I know it doesn't seem like I do but I only want what's best for you. I wish you would realize how toxic you're being. I love you. Not the way you want me to but the way you need me to. It hurts you because you think I'm being mean, spiteful, harsh, cruel. It hurts me because you can't see that what you're doing is so harmful to you. One day, I think you'll understand that and be okay. You're one of my best friends and we have gone through so much but I can't help you and I can't watch you destroy yourself anymore. I know you're mad at me now but one day, I know you'll understand and forgive me. When you do, I'll still be there for you. If you're still alive for me to be there for.

I need a new cell phone. Thankfully, mine is still working decently enough because I sure as hell can't afford a new one, lol. It's just a minor annoyance right now. Hoping that it keeps on working well enough until I can afford a new one.

It's amazing how people surprise you sometimes. Which isn't always a good thing. Sometimes, it's rather disappointing. Especially when it comes to people you care deeply for.

I'm going to try to start blogging more. I haven't the last few months. I don't have as much time. I'm also keeping all my thoughts and feelings locked away. Recently, a person I used to be really good friends with got back in touch with me and we've been talking pretty regularly again. It's nice and I remember why we used to be such good friends. Part of the reason is that he's easy to talk to and can carry a conversation well. I don't ever get a two or three word response out of him because he always has something to say t whatever I said and he makes me think about things in unique ways. It's nice having him to talk to again and oddly enough, I think it will help with me blogging more regularly again because I'm letting things out and that's helping me not be so full of emotions and not be in such a weird head space.

I love music so much. Nothing is better when I need a change in my mood.

Happy Friday.


Another Suburban Mom said...

I love the pictures and the thoughts too.

I hope to see you blogging more too. I always enjoy your posts.

viemoira said...

Love the quotes!

Honestly, i had just said to Beast the other day how horrible i feel for people in the south experiencing the cold because they do not have the experience, clothes, resources, etc.

I have tried to increase blogging and commenting to try and being myself out of bottling things up and make some online friends.
I think it helps.

Hope your Stars kick ass!


phairhead said...

glad yr back. miss yr daily dose of naughtiness and sarcasm.

thanks for the inspiring words


~*Jobthingy*~ said...

those picture quotes were great.

im glad you are coming back

your friend will one day understand

have fun at the game :)

Genevieve said...

Enjoyed the messages of the day alot! And the ramble is great too. :)

It's cold here on the East Coast, icy drive this morning, but I got me some DD coffee so all is well.

Thanks for stopping by.

Ms Bitchtits to You said...

Great pictures, thoughts for the day. Oooh, girl, you better bundle up, 'cos it is freakin' COLD! (So glad i don't have to go anywhere for a few days!) Enjoy the game. GO STARS!

Poindexter said...

hope they win tonight too. hope this extra cold weather goes back up north where it belongs and we can resume our regularly scheduled Texas winter...
happy Friday.

boo said...

My advice for dealing with cold is to layer it up! Tights or leggings, or hell, even sweat pants under your jeans or a long skirt go a long way to keeping your legs warm. Then, after the game boyfriend can have a little fun peeling away all the layers to find the prize beneath! I'll be keeping your friend in my thoughts. It's hard to step back and watch someone spin out of control, but sometimes it's the only way to protect yourself from the pain and the insanity. Sometimes it's the only way to show the person in question that you don't condone their actions, because words just don't get through. I hope that in the long run, this friend finds the strength and peace it takes to move away from and overcome the toxic issues that they currently face. Your quotes made my day! *hugs* Have fun at the game, sweets!

nitebyrd said...

Glad you got back in touch with your old friend. Old friends are the best.

Enjoy the game. Go! Stars! It's good you'll be back to blogging more often!

I like the quotes, too!

Noddy Blue said...

As cynical as I tend to be, I still generally like aphorisms such as these. Thanks for sharing!

Chickie said...

Know what you mean about the weather. We have sleet today! In Florida. I don't even own a long-sleeved shirt.

kittykillkill said...

Temper is sick too. I can nurse the both of you back to health (with pleasure of course).

I hope you feel better and would love it if you posted more.

(This is rage btw). I moved my blog and you can find me