Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday, I was watching the Pittsburgh Penguins VS Philadelphia Flyers game on NBC. I'm not a huge fan of either team, because y'all know I'm a Stars fan, but the game was on and I semi-like the Penguins. They have some pretty awesome players that I've come to admire thanks to my younger sister, who is a Penguins fan. Anyway, after the game I had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. On my way home from the store, I was waiting on traffic to pass so I could turn onto the street that leads to my street. I noticed at the stop sign that there were 9 burly big guys in biker gear waiting to turn. I'm talking leather pants, vests, jackets, boots, big bushy beards, long sideburns, the whole stereotypical image of what a biker gang should look like. One guy even had a large spike on top of his helmet. Totally wouldn't want to fuck with this group of dudes. I looked them over and thought to myself, "Oh biker gang, cool. It's a pretty day out despite being chilly so they must be out enjoying a ride." Then, I moved from them to check out what kind of bikes they were on. It was at that moment that I realized they were all on mopeds. Yes, mopeds. Not a single motorcycle in sight and you know, I couldn't help but laugh. Even though they were all on cute little back mopeds, I still wouldn't want to get into any shit with those guys. My guess is that they are the manliest moped gang known to man.

P.S. I made a friendly hockey wager with the lovely couple over at SeXXXcapades. I lost. Bummer. I actually expected to win. Oh well though. Read about it, here.
P.P.S. There is a picture involved.


phairhead said...

go habs!

Gray said...

Oh man, I wish you had gotten a picture of that! :)

Anonymous said...

TOO much AR - it would have been all I could do to keep from pointing and laughing a bit. :)

Anonymous said...
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nitebyrd said...

Maybe their Harley's were in the shop and those were their "dingys"! :)

Anonymous said...

I think my Harley just fell over laughing. I know I don't have the look you just described on those guys, but mopeds???

The Dirty Side said...


Bat said...

I'd wager with you when the Preds play the Stars, but I'm afraid I have nothing to match what the Habs fans won.

Bruce said...

I am certain that there must have been a back story to this. Maybe it was some sort of initiation ritual or possibly they were on their way to a wedding in the 'quiet' part of town.

Autumn said...

oh that's hilarious! mopeds...fucking funny right there. i don't even know what to comment here because i'm still laughing. "cool...biker gang" i love it!

TUG said...

awww, no pictures?? That would have been hilarious.

Daniel said...

I was watching that game too... Then I fell asleep. Lol.

Go Pens.


startled said...

Flames are gonna get pounded by the stars tonight.

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Poindexter said...

at least they weren't on vespas. maybe a moped is slightly less geeky.

Anonymous said...

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