Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Statistics are fun...

The four most common search terms that people use to intentionally find my blog are no big surprise and are not that interesting.

amorous rocker
not your average chick blog
amorous chick blog
amorous rocker blog

Sometimes, some come up that are slightly interesting. They leave me amused and slightly puzzled at times. Mostly, I can see how my blog popped up from the search though. They also make me wonder how many pages someone searched through until they found me. Some of the searches from the last week like that?

not your average call girl blog
"content warning" list of blogs
she not like your average
blogger content warning amy wife swinger

Sometimes, they are downright fucking strange. They do more than leave me slightly puzzled. More so, they have me sitting there saying aloud, "What the fuck? How the hell did that direct someone to my blog?" With those, I do have to go to whatever search engine was used to type in whatever search phrase was used. I just sometimes can't imagine some of these searches conjured up a link to my blog. So, I go search and I find that, of course, it did and I know it's just words linked together or a phrase. Still though. Then I wonder what the fuck someone searching these phrases was hoping to find. I almost always decide I would rather not know. Two such instances from this last week?

mm's secret longing after hard dick...

mrs. doubtfire little rug munchers

Go ahead, I'm not making this shit up. I think one was a Google search and one was a yahoo! search or they were both off of Google. Don't remember. I do come up with both of them though, lol.

Anyway.... =o)

Boyfriend and I are going to see a concert tonight. He's had the tickets for months as the main band playing is his absolute favorite band ever. The opening act is one of my absolute favorite metal bands ever. He likes the opener as well and I also like the main act too. Should be fun. I'm excited.

Tomorrow I have to get a review up. Shit has been so crazy I haven't had time for blogging. Life happens. I need a t-shit that says that.... I might have to make one. Or five. Someone might want to buy one. ;) Lol.

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Read Award!

Amy of Sex, Chocolate and Red Lipstick gave me a blog award. I had intended to do this earlier on in the week but like I said, haven't felt like writing. So, I'm finally getting it done The award calls for a Top Ten List and then passing the award on to whomever you see fit. So, lets go.

For my Top Ten, I'm making a random list put together of my favorite suggestions from the readers and blog friends who made suggestions when I asked. I didn't pick just one idea, I picked 10 out of the 20-something ideas I got offered up to me. In example, some suggestion were "Top 10 Awesome Concerts You've Been To" & "Top 10 Favorite Childhood Toys You Still Love" so I look the themes and made them into one question. I got so many good suggestions, I couldn't decide. This way seemed fun. So woohoo. Thanks y'all. Onward.

My Random Top Ten

1. I Wish I Hadn't.

Paid so little attention in Spanish class. It would be helpful now if I could speak it. In my job searching, I get rather sick of seeing jobs I want to apply for and then seeing they want someone bilingual.

2. One Of The Worst Ways A Guy Has Tried To Pick Me Up.

My boyfriend and I were out at a bar. We had just gotten there and were waiting on friends. Boyfriend headed off to the boys room and I stayed standing around the front, doing something on my phone. I was making a call and a guy came up to me and flipped open his cell phone and stood next to me. When I got off the phone he says to me, "Were you trying to call me or was I trying to call you? Either way we need to exchange numbers so we can call each other sometime." No fucking joke. My boyfriend had been on his way back already and then he waited for the dude to finish his lines before walking around him to get to me. I forgot what I said to the guy but he got the hint (as if my laughing didn't give it away enough already) and went away.

3. Awesome concert.

So hard to pick just one since I've seen SO MANY great ones. I pick Incubus. It can be read about here. They're one of my absolute favorite bands. <3

4. Best Hockey Commercial.

I love the hockey commercials that come on Versus & the NHL channel during hockey season. They're hilarious. My favorite?

5. One Way "The Mood" Was Definitely Killed.

I was with a guy and we had gone to a movie. During the movie, we were fooling around a little here and there. After the movie, we fooled around in his car for a little bit. We decided it would be fun to go to a playground and fool around there. We went and started making out on the slide. He started going down on me and a car drove by and backfired. He thought it was a gunshot, freaked out and bit me so hard I started bleeding. Blood made him nauseous and the taste of blood in his mouth grossed him out so he had to turn away so he could throw up.

6. Actress That Everyone Finds Sexy That Don't Do It For Me.

Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba. I don't follow celeb bullshit news so I couldn't think of anyone other than those two and don't know who is hot right now. Don't care enough to go Google it either actually, lol.. Nothing against their skills and talent as actresses though. Nothing against them as people either since I don't know them. Just saying as far as looks go I don't find either of them appealing.

7. Favorite Childhood Toy That I Still Love.

LEGOS. Those are awesome.

8. Sexual Position I Could Happily Never Do Again.

Bended Knee or Pile Driver. Both are more trouble than they're worth.

9. Best Non-Physical Thing I Love About My Boyfriend.

He is a total sweetheart and does everything he can to make me happy. I could make a top 20 list on this topic but since I'm taking each list idea and keeping it to one thing, I'll go with that one. Actually, I did two things on a few here so I'll pick another. He makes me laugh. =o)

Odd Sexual Experience.

I was fooling around with a girl once. She was performing oral on me and then decided it would be fun to blindfold me. I went for it because we had fooled around many times and she was a friend of mine. I didn't think she would do anything to hurt me plus I had my hands free to pull off the blindfold if I got uncomfortable. Which I did after a few minutes because I felt a really odd sensation. I pulled off the blindfold and she was dragging a fork up and down my lips while she licked my clit. It was such a weird feeling. I told her to knock it off and she asked me if I would prefer a spoon or butter knife instead. I told her neither because silverware just didn't rock my socks off.

Now to pass on the Great Read Award! I know, my list was so long I bet some of y'all forgot there was an award given that needs some passing on. I read a lot of really kickass blogs so it's hard to only pick a few to give this to.

Panda Dementia
Sexie Sadie
Ms Bitchtits
13 Messages
Saucy Wildcat
Barefoot Dreamer
Weekends Off
Mina & Sylvanus

Of course, I won't mind if any or all of those fine people pass on doing a Top Ten List of their own. =o) Also, no surprise I went overboard in picking people to hand off the Great Read award too, lol. ;)

Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 25, 2009


**First, I'm still open to ideas for my Top Ten Post tomorrow.
See yesterday's post to see the details.**

And shit, since moving my blog here in June 0f '08 my blog has reached 100,000 hits in just over a year. More aptly, it's at 100,395 right now but I totally haven't been paying attention to it lately. That kind of amazes me since 95,000 was only 24 days ago. Thanks to everyone who comes here to read my garbage, rants, ramblings, plays along with my interactive posts/schemes and everything else. XoXo!

Wednesday night I went to see Pink at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Yeah, I love Pink! She's not my normal cup of tea because I pretty much don't like that kind of music very much. Pink, I adore and have for years. I relate so well to her lyrics and I think she's fucking badass.

Anyway, we're broke ass people right now so how did we get money for tickets to go see Pink? Not only did we see Pink, we were on the floor, standing not so far away from the stage. By the way, if you think people at rock and metal shows are rough about pushing to the front... these people were NUTS. Anyway, we didn't pay for the tickets. I got a very awesome opportunity presented to me and I couldn't pass it by. A very awesome lady by the name of Pretty Princess G had purchased two tickets to go see Pink the day they went on sale several months ago. Recently though the poor lady has been sick and hasn't kicked it yet. Due to her being sick, she wasn't going to be able to make the Pink show she had tickets for. She was trying to find someone to give them away to. She said she was waiting to find out if her sister could take them and go to the show. Then she said if her sister couldn't, I could have them if wanted them.

Um, fuck yes. So I wait around anxiously and then a while later she tells me the tickets are mine, we just have to go see her in Dallas and pick them up. My boyfriend being the awesome boyfriend and all around great guy that he is drove out to where she was and picked them up. Though she didn't tell me the tickets were badass and on the floor. I didn't find out that until Boyfriend told me after he picked up the tickets.

Despite the initial nutty, pushy people and one really loud, drunk, smelly, obnoxious bitch; it was a damn good show. Pink puts on an amazing show actually. It's visually stunning, the pictures I posted don't do the stage setup much justice. It was gorgeous though. The second the curtain dropped, I was enamored with the set. It was one of the coolest fucking things I have ever seen. The tour is called the "Funhouse Tour" and the stage is set up like a funhouse. The costumes/make-up that Pink, her dancers and her bad wore matched the theme as well. As did the props they used during the show. It was so fun to just watch that. In rock/metal shows I actually hate a big fancy glamorous stage show. I just want to see them play and a little glitz and lights goes a long way at those kinds of shows. I digress...

Pink really sang. I was going to be disappointed if she was a lip syncing bitch. I don't like most music like that anyway and she's pretty much the only poppy artist I like. As far as female singers, I don't care for most of them. The ones I do like are usually in rock/metal bands. Such as Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf, Epica, Nightwish, Sirenia and a few others. Totally nothing like Pink but that's what I prefer. Pink didn't fake it though, she was really singing and she really has a great sounding voice. I was totally happy. She interacted fine with the crowd and had a good sense of humor about a couple mishaps during the show. Though the mishaps weren't by any fault of hers, like the microphone that cut out and went dead on her in the middle of singing. The show was amazing and the music was great. Her lead guitarist guy was better than some of the dudes I've seen in rock/metal bands too. That dude was awesome and I enjoyed the couple guitar solos he did. I also totally enjoyed the girly rude bimbos near me who couldn't handle the badass totally rock guitar solos he did. Watching them cover their ears and look disgusted made me giggle. Pink and company did a Led Zep song along with a Queen song. Didn't do a bad job of it either. I usually hate when people cover Queen but they did it pretty well and it was fun.

I had a really great time and I'm so happy I got to go. Especially since I've been having a hard time emotionally lately and have just felt down and crappy because of things . Getting to go to that show was amazing and put me in a little bit of a better head space. I would have never been able to go had it not been for Pretty Princess G hooking me up with her tickets. It wasn't something I could afford at all so I wouldn't have gone. I was so happy when we got there, got our wristbands and made it down to the floor. At first, I couldn't believe I was really there. I almost felt like crying because I felt so happy and for the last almost 2 weeks my emotions have been much more negative and down more often than not. It felt good to forget things and just have a good time. A really good time. Thank you so much to Pretty Princess G for being such a cool lady and letting me have her tickets. I appreciate it so much.

Now, pictures anyone? I admit, they're not that good because they were taken with my camera phone. I don't know where the hell my digital camera cord is and my boyfriend needs to replace his. So, all we've got to use are camera phones for now, lol. Also, I didn't care to play with the light settings on my phone too much. I was more interested in the show. Though Boyfriend took all the pictures. He rocks like that.

To see the slide show on a larger scale, click here.

To see the Pink photo set, click here.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Don't let me get me, I'm my own worst enemy...

I haven't posted anything all week. I've got a lot going on, mostly not the best stuff. I've been busy cleaning a house, not for money but for good reason. I've also just not been in the best of spirits and haven't felt moved to write. I've got some news that is good and bad. The bad outweighs the good but such is life. The bad involves illness, dying and the approaching death of two people I love very much who have been battling their illnesses for quite some time now and have fought and made it through. They're on the downward slide now and very much losing their battles with cancers and other issues. So while I appreciate the "hopefully things turn around for the better soon!" or "don't worry, everything will be okay!" and all the comments like that; they really don't fit in the situation. I'll post fully about that next week though.

I went to see Pink last night in concert. Floor seats. For free. I'll post tomorrow about how I got free tickets plus how the show was plus a BIG slideshow of awesome pictures from the show. So come back tomorrow and check that out, please.

Amy of Sex, Chocolate and Red Lipstick gave me a blog award. I had intended to do this earlier on in the week but like I said, haven't felt like writing. So, I'll be doing it Saturday once I figure out what kind of Top Ten List I will be doing. The award calls for a Top Ten List and I get to choose what it's about. The gorgeous Amy did her Top Ten Turn-Ons as her list. Now, I'm not sure what I want to do my Top Ten on. So, I'm asking you dear readers for a theme idea. What kind of Top Ten do you want to see me post? Leave your suggestions in the comments or if you would prefer it, e-mail them to me.

Happy Thursday!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finally, the big picture post!

*This post will stay on top for the weekend so scroll down past this if you come back Saturday for the Stripper Story post ;)*

I am going to start this off again by saying I am seriously amazed at the amount of participation I got with the Big Picture Post. When I started this idea up, I expected 10 to maybe 15 people to play along with me and send me pictures. I thought if I got 25 or 30 pictures, that would be awesome. Then I thought 40 would be kick ass! Then when I got to 70, I was ecstatic because it was more than double what I had expected and hoped for. When I got to 100, I was amazed that people were sending me so many pictures to share. When I finished uploading the pictures last night, the grand total was 200 pictures! Granted, the last 17 are various pictures I submitted from my huge collection of stuff. That means 183 came from y'all! Most people sent more than one. Some sent 5, 7 and even 10 or more. I did not at all expect to get that much participation. I'm insanely thrilled that I did though.

My idea was to do a eclectic mix of things. So I asked for anything from trees, sunshine, lips, booze, boobs, pets, toys, rain, shoes, candy, random street signs, legs, bright colors, piercings, silly face shots, beaches and anything else y'all wanted to submit. I got quite a variety of things. Some are not safe for work but most of them are. Still, the not safe for work shots are rather racy so keep that in mind. ;)

Originally, when I thought I would get 40 pictures if I was lucky and begged enough, my plan was to post them here on the blog. I was really counting on getting 25 to 30 pictures so I figured it would be a rather image heavy post and thought it would be okay. When I hit 70, I thought a slide show would be a good idea. Then I could just work out something with all the links. Once I hit 150 though, I knew there was no fucking way I was doing a single blog post with that many pictures. Even if I broke it down into multiple posts and did 25 pictures for each one, it would still take me a long time and several posts to get everything displayed. So, I created a separate free Flickr account just specifically for this project. I started uploading and it took me several days to get the pictures uploaded. Then I had to wait to find out how to credit and link some people's pictures. Then more pictures came in. The last 5 people to submit pictures submitted them yesterday. I added them late last night and then I was finally done.

I created a set with all 200 pictures. Click here http://www.flickr.com/photos/amorousrocker28/sets/72157622402264702/ to see it. Now, the credit and link are in the picture description. This link will take you to the set start page. Click the pictures to make them bigger and the links will be clickable. Some people were more specific in how they wanted to be linked. If you want me to change how you are credited/linked, PLEASE E-MAIL me and let me know and I'll get to it when I have the chance.

Another way to view is to just go to my project photostream page. The pictures are bigger and you can read the descriptions and see who posted which picture. Clicking on the picture makes it bigger and also makes the credited link clickable. http://www.flickr.com/photos/amorousrocker28/

You DO NOT need to be signed in to Flickr and don't even need an account to view the pictures. So get to clicking and enjoy the picture show!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to each and every person who submitted a picture/pictures to me for my project. It was a cool idea, I had fun doing it and I'm quite happy with the participation I got. I'll totally be doing something like this again! Just not too soon, lol. ;)

The Blue-Eyed Vixen (gets her text in pink today, since she's such a fan of the color, lol) posted one of my pictures from yesterday's HNT up on her blog today for her Friday Favorites feature. Go check out what other pictures she chose to feature and find out what she liked about them.

The beautiful Amy at Sex, Chocolate and Red Lipstick decided to give me a blog award. So of course, I'll be playing along and passing it on to a few other awesome bloggers. I'll get to that Sunday or next week. Thanks Amy!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I wake up screaming....

I hate to sound like a broken record but I still need the two people holding me up on the picture post to email me. I've seen both of you creeps blogging and on Twitter so come on, just return a simple email. I really want to use your pictures because they are all beautiful but the big picture post is going up tomorrow. If I don't know how to credit you properly and know which blog/website you want to be linked to, I'm just going to skip on using your pictures. If you both only had one blog that would make it easier but you both have kink blogs, vanilla blogs, Twitter and other shit. The good thing about this is that I've had four more people e-mail me pictures in while waiting on the hold-ups so I'm over 150+ pictures now. Make sure you come back tomorrow to see who submitted pictures and what all they submitted. It's quite the variety. There are some weird, beautiful, HOT, cute and stunning pictures to be seen. Make sure you have time to look through them though, there are SO MANY. I am so amazed at the number of people who sent stuff in to me to use. I really wasn't expecting so much participation! Y'all rock.

Thanks so much to everyone who wished me well and sent me good vibes yesterday. I went to the bar and I didn't have to wait at all to talk to someone. Then I ended up spending 40 or 45 minutes in there. I'll know by the start of next week if I'm going to get hired on or not. I think it went well though. Not just because of the amount of time I spent in there but because I just got a really good feeling about it. Here's hoping! Keep the good vibes coming too! I need a job something fierce. *Sigh*

Also, I hate when my friends and other people bitch about being "so broke" and then are like "Oh look at these cute shoes I got!" Or "Oh yay I got my nails done today!" Or "I went out to dinner and had the best burger, you have to go to this place and try it!" Or "The bartenders are this new club are so hot and curvaceous, you need to go hit it up and check it out!" Yeah, I would but I really am broke and can't afford stuff I actually need, let alone things like dinners out, new shoes, getting my hair or nails done and going out to clubs and bars. Not that I'm angry or bitter about it but I hate hearing about stuff they're doing and buying then listening to them complain about "how broke" they are. Quit buying shit you don't need and you'll have more money, lol. Of course if I say that, I'm just being "mean" or "bitter" or "hateful" or some shit like that. It's none of that. Seriously. Don't complain about being broke and then talk about all the money you spend on useless crap you don't really need. DUH.

Last week a lot of people did a Flaws HNT. The outcome, stories and pictures were totally amazing and inspiring. Today, some of those people are doing a "favorite body part" to counter the flaws post. I decided I would do that too. My lips are my favorite feature. =)

Now, come back Friday for the big picture post. Then instead of a Saturday Survey, I'll have Saturday Stripper Stories. The first SSS is going to be a flashback of a story I told a while back. I've gained a lot of new readers then so y'all missed the story and the pictures that go with it.

Happy Thursday y'all!

Wish me well!

I have a possible job prospect today. Wish me well! Good vibes & all
that stuff. I have a good feeling about things though. Hopeful hopeful
hopeful..... =)

If you sent pics for the picture post & I emailed you because you
didn't let me know how to credit & link to you... If I don't get a
response by tonight I'll just add them at a later date or just not use
them. I've only got two hold ups, lol. The other 120+ pics are already
loaded, credited, linked & waiting.

The movie Happy Feet is so cute. Even though I've seen it so many
times. I love it & it never fails to make me smile.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 14, 2009

At night, I feel like a vampire...

I have ALL of the pictures that have been sent to me for the big picture post uploaded and ready to be shown off. There are OVER 100 pictures.

Only problem is, I'm still waiting for a few people to get back to me on how I need to credit them and link them for their pictures that they so nicely shared with me for my little project. So if you're reading this and you have an e-mail from me wanting to know how to credit/link you... get back to me! I am so excited that I got that many pictures! It's such an interesting mix as well! Some are even NSFW. ;) I'm so anxious to post this. So, get back to me people! Please & thank you.

Also, while I'm waiting on the people I need to hear from to e-mail me, if you want to send me something to add to it, go ahead! If you do send me picture(s) for it PLEASE REMEMBER to let me know how to credit you for your pictures and where to link them to. Blog, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. I don't know where you want to be linked, what name to post them under or anything else so if you send something in today, remember those details please & thank you.

I'm anxious! I didn't expect to get over 100 pictures when I started out with this idea for a post. I didn't have over 100 people participate. Almost everyone sent more than one picture but I did get a lot of participants. I was expecting something like 10 to 15 people and maybe 30 or 40 pictures at the most. I've been quite pleasantly surprised! Though, y'all might be wondering how I'm going to post over 100 pictures without killing my blog and killing some of y'all trying to look at it. I figured something out and hopefully none of the people who contributed pictures will have an issue with the way I've done it. You'll just have to wait and see once I can get it up though.

Yesterday I did something I'm SO excited about. I can cook pretty well. Baking has always been a different story. I'm the girl who can mess up the prepacked cookie dough that you just have to put in the oven and cook. I'm the girl who tries to make brownies or a cake and it doesn't work out. Well, last night I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. I'm not talking prepackaged either. I'm talking sugar, chocolate chips, flour, mixer and the whole deal. I got my mom to e-mail me a recipe and some instructions, printed them out and went to the kitchen. Got all my ingredients ready and got to work. This is what they looked like:

They taste good too! I was so happy and proud of myself, lol. This was the first time I have successfully baked something. Apparently, I fail at the easy stuff that's just add water or just tear apart and bake. Doing homemade I can handle though. At least this one time, lol.

Something else I'm less excited about that happened yesterday? We went with our friends Slim and Sparrow to go to Chuck E. Cheese for their daughter's birthday. MSS (their daughter) turned 3 and like a lot of other 3 years old, happens to just love going to CEC. Me? I haven't been there in 6 years since the last time I went with YB and I was fine with that number. I was hoping to never step foot in CEC ever again. Oh well, lol. If you find one of the two hidden pictures in this post, you'll see how thrilled I was hanging out at CEC. ;) MSS had a blast though. Boyfriend, Slim & I played games to win tickets for MSS. Sparrow mostly had MSS with her so she played games along with her. MSS is so cute though. She makes the goofiest little growl face when she eats pizza. She looks like she's tearing in to it like a barbaric little girl but then she chews so politely once she gets her bite done. The rest of the little heathen spawn in there weren't as cute. It always amazes me how some people let their kids run around doing whatever they want in places like that.

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 11, 2009

An e-mail from a reader...

**REMEMBER: I want y'all to send me pictures! If you already have, thank you! I want to see trees, sunshine, lips, booze, boobs, pets, toys, rain, shoes, candy, random street signs, legs, bright colors, piercings, silly face shots, beaches, whatever you want to send me. Pervy isn't discouraged but isn't a must. Most of the pictures I have so far aren't pervy at all but they're all pretty awesome. On Monday, I will post a very image heavy post to show off all the pictures I have received. Go here to read all the details. Come on, it'll be fun!**

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me bitching and laughing over an obnoxious piece of email I received yesterday in regard to my Physical Flaws post. I contemplated posting it and was encouraged to do so by quite a few people who wanted to see what the e-mail said thought it would be a good idea.

Here is the e-mail. I'm not going to edit it so deal with the grammar and misspelled words, lol.

"AMOROUS I have read your blog for several years and I enjoy a lot of what you put out there you are an open and honest person and I respect admire that. I have to say that when you talk about flaws and being insecure physically it pisses me off. I see you talk about on your post today about how you have flaws and have things you dont like about you and all I think is


SORRY but your post about your SO CALLED (BULLSHIT!!!) FLAWS REALLY set me off and put me a fire under my ass. You dont get how LUCKY you are to be a pretty girl and not have to deal with the PLIGHT of being UGLY. YOU JUST DONT GET IT! Im emal you HOPING you realize that you DONT HAVE JACKSHIT to cry about and Im ONLY saying this to HELP YOU.

MUST SUCK to be such pretty girl and have to cry about being upset and insecure over your ears nose butt and neck. GIVE ME A BREAK! Waaa waaa waaa! Go THRU LIFE being the UGLY girl that guys only want to be FRIENDS with and that PRETTY GIRLS LIKE YOU only hang out with because your smart and can help them keep their grades up. Have boys look at you like an alien or another guy but never see you as anything special.

GO THRU LIFE being the UGLY woman at work that the PRETTY WOMEN LIKE YOU only assosciate with because I will and can help them get there projects done. The UGLY woman who has to sit alone during lunch because all the pretty women have gone off WITHOUT INVITING the UGLY woman to go eat with them! Having to listen to them yammer on about their dates and their hook ups and seeings guys in the office flutter around after them because theyre pretty and then hearing those whiney whelps complain about their pathetic lives like they dont have it EASIER being pretty.Having guys in the office ignore you because youre UGLY. Having to openly glare at them day after day seeing there smug little faces as they laugh at me as I glare at them. There still PRETTY so what do they care that I know what they say and hate there being for it?? Doesnt hurt them at all!!!

You have NO CLUE how easy you have it!! Guys probably FLOCK to you. Buy you drinks. Offer you things! Give you the COMPLEMENT of coming over to say hell JUST BECAUSE they think your pretty. I NEVER get flirted with. You dont know what its like to be UGLY WOMAN in the room who works up the COURAGE make eye contact with a man ONLY to have him look up me up and down and DISMISS me beccause Im not pretty enough for them. Going on blind dates and seeing looks of DISAPPOINTMENT on there faces because they hoped for something MORE, someone PRETTIER than ME!


You whine and CRY about your PETTY INSIGNIFICENT LITTLE "FLAWS" but you really have NOTHING to be upset and whining about! YOUR THE PRETTY GIRL here and you whining and crying about these dumb little things just MAKE YOU LOOK STUPID AND IMMATURE! WAAA WAAA WAA! Save the pity party because you aint got NOTHING to be pitying yourself about!!!

-Sassy Lindsay"

I used to be insecure about my entire body. I was always bigger than other girls. Even as a little kid, I was taller than all the other girls. I had broader shoulders, bigger feet and I wasn't fat but I wasn't skinny and petite like all the other girls in school. I was a tomboy through and through. I played sports and I didn't get along with girls. I didn't identify with the things they liked. I didn't giggle and laugh at other people.

I hit puberty early and I hit it hard. I never even owned a training bra because I seemingly went from no boobs to big boobs. I was in 5Th grade and transferred from a private school to a public school a couple months into the first semester. I was taller, bigger and I had actual boobs. Of course, they started the rumors that I stuffed my bra. I played sports and had muscular legs, so I was a "lesbo" and I sat every single day at lunch by myself because I was awkward and didn't fit in.

I felt fat. I felt ugly. I felt disgusting and wrong. I had mostly guy friends and yeah, once I was full into puberty, I noticed different changes. The big boobs, the butt, the hips, the changes in my face. The fact that when I played football with my guy friends they weren't sure how to tackle me anymore so they often didn't.

Just because some people think I'm pretty doesn't mean everyone thinks that way. It also doesn't mean I get life handed to me on a silver platter.

It doesn't mean I've never been turned down by a guy or girl I liked. Through puberty, I was still a tomboy. I played softball and hockey. I did track and field. I did basketball. I'm still a tomboy for the most part honestly. Back then though, I had my family telling me what a pretty girl I was becoming. When I finally started digging guys, I had issues there because I was such a tomboy and guys always got to know me and I ended up being just friends. I was "too cool" and "too much like one of the guys" to be someone they wanted to date.

I've had guys and girls I like not be attracted to me. It happens. I've been called amazon because I have big feet and broad shoulders. I think I need those broad shoulders to help hold up these huge boobs, lol.
I don't let it get to me. There will be other people who will find me attractive and people who won't. I have an amazing guy in my life now so why worry about all the other guys and girls who turned me down or wouldn't give me a second look?

I don't care if my physical insecurities seem petty, silly, ridiculous, stupid and insignificant to other people. I don't care who thinks it's silly that I'm insecure about having my neck exposed, my ears out in plain view, my nose being too big and my forehead being too wide. Those are the things I'm insecure about and those things are things I'll have to get over on my own.

It has taken me years to be comfortable in my skin and accept as much as I have about myself. It has taken me years to not loathe every physical thing about me. It has taken me a lot of work to undo all the emotional damage I have done to myself. All the berating myself, thinking down on myself, calling myself names and emotionally and mentally beating myself up and tearing myself down day after day.
Everyone has something or several somethings that they're insecure about. Just because this person and other people look at me and see a pretty girl doesn't mean that's what I look at and see. If I could see myself and see me the way my boyfriend does, the way some of my close friends do, the way some of you do; I wouldn't have any insecurities. I'd have a much better self image. I can't do that though and I'm going to be insecure about things. I used to NEVER look in mirrors because I so hated everything I saw. I wouldn't even look in reflective glass because I couldn't stand the reflection. I have come a long way from where I used to be.

"Sassy Lindsay", I don't think you being physically ugly has anything at all to do with why the girls and guys in your life treat you the way they do. I think it's your ugly attitude. Maybe you're open disdain and hostility towards them because they're pretty has something to do with it. It may be your bitchy, bitter, ugly attitude that does you in and not the exterior. Guys might not pass you by if you were a bit nicer. Maybe if you stopped being so judgmental of others, they wouldn't be so judgmental of you. If you dropped that bitter, ugly chip off your shoulder you might be better off all around.

Have a good weekend y'all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HNT: Physical Flaws

I want y'all to send me pictures! If you already have, thank you! I want to see trees, sunshine, lips, booze, boobs, pets, toys, rain, shoes, candy, random street signs, legs, bright colors, piercings, silly face shots, beaches, whatever you want to send me. Pervy isn't discouraged but isn't a must. Most of the pictures I have so far aren't pervy at all but they're all pretty awesome. On Monday, I will post a very image heavy post to show off all the pictures I have received. Go here to read all the details. Come on, it'll be fun! =o)

I have a couple more t-shirt pictures I'll be using but this week we're taking a break from that. Another Suburban Mom wrote a post commenting on the ideals of "realm women" stemming from the ordeal about the "plus size" model showing her less than toned belly in Glamour magazine recently. She then came up with the idea to do a "Flaws" HNT this week and invited other people to join her in displaying something we wouldn't normally show off for HNT.

I find the subject of flaws to be an interesting one be the physical or the non-physical flaws. In this post, I'll only be touching on my physical flaws. In thinking about what to do with this post, I came to realize that for the most part, I'm okay with my physical self for the most part. The flaws that bother me most aren't things you can physically see or touch. The idea here is pictures though so in thinking about the things I'd like to change most physically, I wound up feeling rather silly admitting to the features I find flaw in. Flaws are so subjective though. I can look at something and see plenty wrong with it but then my boyfriend, a friend or someone comes along and finds me silly in my thinking. They see the same thing and don't see a thing wrong with it at all. Along with the subjectivity of it, we're also usually our own worst critics as well. I know personally, no one is harder on me (about any and everything) than I am on myself.

I know a lot of people would post a picture of their stomach, thighs, legs or hips. I'm fine with my stomach. I like my wide hips and am proud of their shape. I like my long legs with my muscular calves just fine too. I'm okay with my feet. I'm happy with my arms and hands. I like my cheeks. I like my lips. I like my back. I love my boobs. I pretty much like most of my body honestly.

So what do I consider flawed? I do have a few things I obsess over.

I made a slideshow of all the pictures of body parts that I find flaws in.

The first one is my forehead. I think it's the thing I am most self-conscious about honestly. It's huge to me. Which is why I like to wear hats a lot and keep my hair layered so I always have shorter strands to brush over my forehead.

The next four are shots of my nose. I wish it were smaller.

The next one is my neck. I prefer leaving my hair down and around my shoulders. I HATE having to pull my hair back because that leaves my neck exposed.

The next two are shots of my ears. I know, who considers ears flawed? Me. I think as a general rule that ears look slightly odd. I used to get teased for having big ears by kids in school when I was young and I still think they're too big. I like having my hair down to keep my neck from being exposed but also because it keeps my ears covered up too. Plus, I just look better with my hair down, lol.

The last two are pictures of my ass. It's shapely, since round is a shape but I really wouldn't mind it being smaller. Some days, I'm okay with my ass but most days, I'm wishing it was less out there, lol.

<span class=

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random rambles...

Thank you to everyone who sent in a picture or several pictures. It's
going to be a great post; image heavy with lots of variety. Don't know
what I'm talking about? Check out yesterday's post for the details.
Then, if you want, email me something! ;)

Yesterday, Boyfriend grilled flat iron steaks. His mama supplied them.
He grilled. I made potatoes & stuff to go with them. It was such a
yummy dinner. We can't afford steak right now & it's not something we
eat often anyway, lol. It was so good though. Nom nom nom.

I love Special K Vanilla Almond cereal. I wish it had more almonds in
it though. I love almonds. Cereal is one of my favorite things to eat.
I always have a hard time when buying cereal because I like *almost*
every kind of cereal they have at the store. Makes picking some cereal
difficult, lol.

I love my bullet vibe. It's fucking awesome. Used alone or with some
help; either way rocks.

Mosquitos apparently love me. I fucking hate the greedy little blood
thirsty bitches.

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, September 7, 2009



amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com

I want trees, sunshine, lips, booze, boobs, pets, toys, rain, shoes, candy, random street signs, legs, bright colors, piercings, silly face shots, beaches, whatever you want to send me. Pervy isn't discouraged but isn't a must. Most of the pictures I have so far aren't pervy at all but they're all pretty awesome.

Though keep your own privacy/anonymity in mind when choosing pictures to send as I'll be using them in a post on my blog in the near future. I will credit whatever picture(s) you send to me with your name and a link to where ever you want. When you e-mail me the pictures, MAKE SURE YOU LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU WANT ME TO LINK to. IE Your blog, your Twitter, your Tumblr, etc.

There's no prize or anything for this. I LOVE pictures and photography and find it interesting to see the things people take pictures of. I just want to see the mix of pictures I get and think it will be an interesting combination of things. Depending on how many shots I get, it might be more than one post.

Also, these need to be pictures you yourself have taken, not pictures you image searched or ran across online.

If you want to send pictures just for my eyes to see, then go ahead and do that! Make sure you let me know they are not to be used though. I had one person from Twitter send me several pictures of her GORGEOUS beach home and flower garden earlier. She requested I not use them but they were certainly a treat to see.

If you don't have a blog or social network, you can still send in pictures to be displayed as well and I will still give you credit for the picture(s) you sent.

This should be fun. So lets go!
Send send send!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Favorite shirt, take 2.

I have a new header image up on my blog. I put this one together. Which I'll never do again out of those little icons. It took me far too long to find some icons that were fitting to me, lol. Fuck that bullshit. That header will stay up for a long time now since it took me so long to put together, lol. It didn't really take that long to put together. The lengthy bit of it was finding the ones I liked and that fit. Aye.

Did y'all see my post about the Incubus show and the nifty pictures from the concert that I posted? Seriously. I'm so happy we got the free "upgrade" to stand in the pit. Amazing.

I still haven't found anything to sell on Ebay or found anyone to put out on the corner to work so I can get this, lol. Anyone want to get me a super early Christmas present? ;)

We watched "30 Days Of Night" last night. I've seen it before. Though after watching it last night, I couldn't remember why I liked it though, lol.

I want some rubber boots. I'm not sure why. I wouldn't do anything with them. I want some though. Either in yellow or orange. I know, not in black, shocker. ;)

Garden gnomes are weird. I don't know what it is about them that kind of bothers me but they just seem weird to me. Though I remember when I was a little kid there was a cartoon show about a gnome named David that we used to watch and that didn't bother me at all. Only actual garden gnomes bugged me.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Njoy Pure Wand Contest!

I already posted once today (scroll down for Incubus post/pictures & a music post!) BUT I had to come back and post again today when I saw this contest.... One of my favorite sex bloggers out there, the lovely Dangerous Lilly, is having a contest to give away an Njoy Pure Wand! I want one of these so bad, lol. I almost never win these contests but I have fun trying, heh. So, check it out and goooo enter! There are several ways to enter too so get going! =o)

Lilly, of DangerousLilly.com, is giving away an Njoy Pure Wand courtesy of EdenFantasys! The Pure Wand is a high-quality stainless steel double-ended dildo for either G-spot stimulation or prostate stimulation. It is 24 ounces of solid medical grade stainless steel, and polished to a mirror shine. Lilly loves her Pure Wand and wants to spread the love to one lucky winner!

To enter the contest just visit her blog to find out the rules and entry methods. You can enter even if you don’t have a blog, it’s easy! The contest deadline is September 16th, 2009, at Midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Break away from everybody...

The Incubus post plus pictures I took during the show are in this post as well. I just didn't happen to start there. Though, I am starting about music because well, this post is pretty much all about music. One of my favorite bands is a bands that I get a lot of shit for digging. While I love hard rock and metal bands like Lacuna Coil, Bleeding Through, Amon Amarth, Flyleaf, Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Children of Bodom, Trivium, Type O Negative and Rob Zombie to more symphonic/melodic metals bands like Opeth, Sirenia, Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot, Apocalyptica and Avantasia... (and on and on and on, lol) I also like a lot of rock bands that you hear getting played on the radio a lot more regularly. I like tons of bands and artists that get almost no airplay to absolutely no airplay. Doesn't mean I hate everything that I hear on the radio though I do admit, I'd rather have my iPod or a CD going in the car. (Currently, one of the Nightwish CDs we have is in the CD player in the car. I love listening to them while I drive, as does Boyfriend.)

none of those are bands my hard rock, gothy and metalhead friends give me shit over. No, one (of many) bands they give me shit over is Three Days Grace. Yeah, I know some of you reading this just made a face that wasn't entirely pleasant. That's your prerogative to dislike (or like) them. I have have seen them live many times. The first 3 times happened during summer when I was 18.times and no, I didn't have to travel out of the city we lived in at the time to do so. They were touring a lot and opened 2 different shows then came back and played a small show where they were the main thing and didn't even have an opener. I fell for them the first time I saw them live, opening for a much more awesome, popular and harder rock bad. Though I already liked them anyway. You know how sometimes, seeing a band live is either disappointing, right on or you end up liking them even more? Yeah, I liked them so much more after seeing them live. I love the way Adam Gontier's voice sounds. I can also relate really well to the lyrics in a lot of their songs. Also, I love when I see a band perform and you can feel the emotion pouring out of the person singing those words and watching him sing, you can feel the emotion pouring out of him as he sings. Some songs more so than others. He, as well as the actual band, all have killer energy too. They're fun to see. Which is why I've seen them 7 times in the 6 years of fandom. Though the first 3 times was easy as I said.

The thing with me though, my friends and others can give me shit all they want about the music I dig. A few of them really don't understand the concept of being able to like music outside of more than one genre. I like a lot of everything. All kinds of rock, dance/techno, country, hip hop, classical and stuff by bands that came and went before I was even born and some singers that were around before my parents were even alive. I couldn't give a fuck less what anyone has to say about the music I like though. I'm the one that has to listen to the CD's I buy and the music I put on my iPod. So why should I care if anyone else likes it? I'm the one paying for it and listening to it. I have no shame in what I like because music makes me happier than almost anything in the world. Going to see music is pretty much my favorite thing to go out and do. A big concert, a little show at a hole in the wall club, a symphony at the downtown music hall; I dig it all and love going to take it in. I love going to sporting events, love going to bars, love drinking, love shooting pool with friends, love doing this that and the other thing but if I have a chance to go hear some music somewhere, that's my first bet. Music is a big part of my life and a big part of who I am. I don't even understand the concept of owning an embarrassing CD or liking a song and feeling embarrassed or ashamed over it. I like what I like for whatever reasons. I don't mind good natured ribbing about it either but people that want to really be a dick about it do piss me off. Also, good natured ribbing gets really old if it happens too often.

TDG's new album is coming out on the 22nd of this month. I love their other albums and I heard the new song off the new one yesterday. I love it I really fucking wanted to pre-order the new CD and do the $60 package since you get a lot of cool stuff with that. Of course it really doesn't matter, I can't afford it. Though I did sit there pondering over things I could sell on E-bay or people I could get out on corners so I could afford it, lol. Though neither option turned up anything that would get me the $75 I needed for the package. (Shipping fees & tax be damned.) *Sigh*

Oh and about that Incubus concert that I keep forgetting to write about from August 22nd. Okay, so first off. It was at an amphitheater. I couldn't afford tickets but my mom surprised me by telling me she was going to buy me tickets and send me to go. Incubus has been one of my absolute favorite bands for a little over 10 years. I've NEVER got the chance to see them live though. Something always happened to where I couldn't go when they were playing in a city I was in or near. My mom, knowing I'm broke and disappointed that I would again be missing them when they came through, got me tickets. She got me four tickets to be exact. So I could take Boyfriend and two friends. The seats however, were not pit seats, which is fine. I didn't pay for them and I couldn't even afford the cheap seats. I wasn't complaining. I would have been happy to sit outside the amphitheater and listen, lol.

So, we find out that one of Boyfriend's friends is going to be working security at the amphitheater that night. He does security there but wasn't sure if he would get to work Incubus. He did and told us he could get us wristbands and get us down into the pit. We got there, met up with his friend and his friend's uncle who also does security. They walked us down to the other security people who were checking tickets and passing out the wristbands for the pit. They punched our tickets, wristbands were put on and there we went. I was freaking the fuck out. I was excited as hell just being there, finally seeing them. Now, I was in the pit and MUCH closer than I would have been. We were there early too and there was still plenty of room on the rail. The rail being the barrier gate thing set up to keep people from getting on the stage. The only thing in front of me were the security guards. I was so fucking happy.

Stage before Incubus went on.

Also, they put on an AMAZING show. I was dancing, singing and jumping around. I was hot as fuck from all the movement and from everyone being all squished in together. Not that it was a small venue, it's huge actually. The pit is standing room only and once a band is on, it gets squishy in there with everyone trying to get as close as they can. I don't mind that much since I'm always early enough to shows to get a spot on the rail. I don't have to deal with any people in front of me. Just people beside and around, lol.

Brandon Boyd has such a beautiful voice. He sounds just as good in person as he does on the albums. They're interactive, have good stage presence and they just put on a really great show. I was happy they didn't get carried away in the stage show. Just some lights, nothing too much. I hate when you see a band that has more emphasis on the lights, pyrotechnics, videos and in general just making it a really busy, distracting show. I like it more simple, lol. They also played a 3 song encore. I was a very happy girl. Now hopefully I just won't have to wait another decade to see them live again, lol.

I got some pretty cool pictures too. I only had the use of my cell phone for pictures though. I didn't bring my digital camera because heh, I thought we would be sitting back much further, not standing right in front of the fucking stage.

I have all 58 pictures uploaded to my MySpace account. I used MySpace to make a slideshow. Mainly because I uploaded the pictures to MySpace by transferring them directly to the website via my phone. I didn't feel like saving all 58 shots to my computer and then uploading them to my Flickr and then making a slideshow from there. Though I will do that, just not yet, lol. So here are a few I got. Like I said, had to use my camera phone since I didn't bring the digital camera since I wasn't anticipating being so close. If you want to see the rest, watch the blog, I'll post something when I get them all uploaded to my Flickr account.

He didn't change clothes at all during their show, the jeans look like that due to the lights that were going on at that moment, lol.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If You Only Knew

My blog is only 19 16 unique visitors away from hitting a lovely 95,000 visitors in just over a year since changing my blog over to this web address. Thanks y'all! That fucking rocks. I appreciate everyone who comes here to read my daily rants, raves, nonsense and etc and appreciate all those who comment and reach out as well. I've gotten to know some pretty wicked people. Thanks!

Here is the second addition of random text messages and strange conversations taken out of my cell phone between my friends and I. Did you miss the first batch of text messages? ;) I type these out as they sit in my phone. No editing other than name changing to protect anonymity when needed.
Though for this one, I decided to put the conversation as opposed to putting several random ones. His texts in bold and my responses are in red. Well, not the whole conversation because I didn't include the first five and last four messages but here we go.

1."If I found an egg like in Eragon and it turned out to be a dragon I would keep it as a pet and name it Sir Spyro VanGoh Wario."

(I replied: What if the dragon is a girl like the one in the movie is?)

1b. "I guess I didn't think that far. Spyra Lisa Simpson? LOL"

(I replied: Good thing dragons aren't real, you don't have to hassle with naming one. ;))

1c. "Yeah, wait... what? No dragons???? :'( :'( Breaking my heart and crushing my dreams!"

(I replied: Oops. Sorry! Well... You know about The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy right?")

1d. "Yeah yeah, theyre not real. That what you were gonna tell me?"

(I replied: No. Actually, I was going to tell you they are real but The Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny are dating. No only that but they're swingers too!)

1e. "Thats ridiculous! Who would they swap with?"

(I replied: He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good.... and he's married to that kinky bitch Mrs. Clause.)

1f. "That... I... You are a disturbed girl!! Yet Im feeling strangely compelled to go rent a Santa Costume now...."

(I replied: Yeah, I'M the disturbed one yet you're the one that wants to rent the Santa get up so you can have sex with the Mrs., The Easter Bunny & The Tooth Fairy.)

1g. "Since The Bunny is in on it does that make it bestiality? Im not down with that."

(I replied: I think it falls under the plushy fetish thing since it's a bunny costume and not a real bunny.)

1h. "Im cool with that LOL"

(I replied: Freak!)

1i. "Says the freak who thought the twisted scenario up! I think a few days inside your head would freak me out more than any psych thriller movie would LOL I mean that in the best way too LOL"

I only like surprises if I don't know about them. If someone tells me they have a surprise for me, then I have to wait for them, I get too anxious about it and my mind won't stop wondering about it until I find out what it is.

It's after 5 AM now and I've been awake for just over 33 straight. I'm still not that tired. I haven't had hardly any caffeine or sugar. As long as my mind stays active, I can stay awake and be fine. I'll probably only sleep 4 or 5 hours when I do crash. I don't need a lot of sleep and I actually feel better when I get less. If I do sleep a lot, I end up tired all day. I'd rather be awake and doing as much as I can in a day than wasting it sleeping an obscene amount when I don't personally need to.

I love baseball but I also love movies about baseball. Especially Major League 1 & 2 and A League Of Their Own; among others. Though, I don't care for most of the actresses in A League Of Their Own, it's still one of my favorite movies. I think Geena Davis is quite pretty.

Mystery, Alaska is one of my favorite hockey movies. Though, I'd much rather watch a hockey game. By the way, is it fucking hockey season yet? Y'all will get tired of seeing that from me, lol.

Lady GaGa's music annoys the fuck out of me. Nothing against her just her songs, I can't stand them. I don't listen to them but when I'm out somewhere and one of them comes on, I cringe.

I also don't get the hype over the True Blood show. This is mostly because I would rather read a series over watching it on TV since I'm not a big TV fan. Books don't transcend into television series and even sometimes movies right for me. I feel like too mush gets lost in translation for my to accurately enjoy it. I've been a fan of vampires ever since I was a little kid though and first discovered what they were by watching a horror movie my mom had told me not to watch.

Ghost Busters was the first movie to really freak me out. Ghosts scared me more than vampires, zombies and the bogeyman because ghosts seemed like they had a better chance of being around and causing trouble. Ghosts didn't scare me for too long though because I loved GB. My brother 22 and I used to "play" Ghost Busters and even had some snazzy toy versions of their gear. I recently got the GB game for my Nintendo DS and I love it.