Monday, March 30, 2009

Get your hands off of this glass, last call my ass....

I have a confession to make. Before Sunday, I had never eaten the Girl Scout cookies that so many of you rave about. The cookies that so many of you hunt down. The cookies you wait months for. Yes, I mean Thin Mints. My dad loves Thin Mints. LS loves Thin Mints too, which I didn't know. I remember Girl Scout cookies in the house but not in years. I didn't mess with any of them, as far as I remember, lol. I'm not a fan of minty things usually. All the recent ranting and raving in the blogosphere recently about Thin Mints left me wanting to try some of the damn things though. People going drastic measures for a few boxes of cookies. Some driving miles that also meant hours to get the cookies. I was curious what was so fantastic about some cookies that people would go to so much trouble over.

My mom came in Sunday afternoon with a few boxes of the cookies. Two boxes were Thin Mints. I said I wanted to try them. I did. Not bad. LS saw the box and charged into the kitchen, grabbing the box and then almost cuddling it as she ate some of the cookies.

I admit, they are pretty good. LS and mom informed me that LS and Dad like them best after they've been in the freezer. So I went to work and left the cookies in the freezer. Later on, long after they had spent hours in the freezer, I ate another. Then another 2 for good measure. They do taste better cold.

I admit, they are good. However, I don't think I'll find myself craving them like mad once they're gone. I'm not a big fan of chocolate (unless it's dark chocolate) and I like mint but I wasn't in glutton heaven with the cookies. I wasn't disappointed mind you but I was almost indifferent about them. While they are pretty tasty cookies, they just don't rock me the way they rock so many other people. I'll take a nice soft sugar cookie from Great American Cookie any day. Or perhaps a peanut butter cookie. Or even a shortbread cookie. Oh well, that just leaves more Thin Mints for the real fanatics in the world to get their fix of. ;)

The days left in my way until I see Boyfriend again are fewer and fewer. There's still a little more than a week but that's not bad at all. I'm excited. No, the days aren't creeping by slowly. I suppose if that's all I occupied my mind with, they probably would be. I have tons of other stuff that keeps my mind busy though so the days are passing as they normally do. This weekend flew by though. I believe that would be due to work being so busy so my shifts, while long, all went by quickly. Since I spend my weekends at work, my weekend went by quickly, lol. ;) I'm so looking forward to the time off from work too. Though, I'm not looking forward to it at the same time. I'm happy for the time off. The loss of hours equals loss of pay though so I'm a little worried about taking 5 days off from work but not too worried. I should be fine and it'll be worth it to spend a week with my love and friends and other family members. Yay. =)

VanillaCoke has a crazy scheme going that she thinks I need to be a part of. She wants to open a nightclub/pool hall/strip club/pizza parlor. She thinks it will be a hit. The first floor will be non-smoking with a dance floor, bar, comfy couches, comfy chairs and a sectioned off area that will have Dance Dance Revolution machines. The second level is the pizza parlor. Booths, tables and an ice cream bar. Serving pizza, soda, water and more booze if you're of age. Third level will be the pool hall. Pool tables, dart boards, a few video games, a jukebox and another bar. The fourth level is going to be the strip club. Oh and there's going to be a swimming pool and hot tub on the roof. With a sauna. Maybe one day it will even expand and have an "out back" section where there will be mini golf and a sand volleyball court. This is her dream establishment. Her goal now is to find herself a sugar daddy so she can obtain the money to build this monstrosity. She wants me to be the manager of the strip club portion and be in charge of hiring the girls. She also thinks Boyfriend should manage the pizza parlor portion since he used to work as a pizza delivery driver and did learn to make pizzas and stuff as well. She also thinks we all need to be on the look out for a potential sugar daddy for her so she can afford this grand dreams of hers. Now, I am slightly poking fun of her. You have to understand VanillaCoke though. Three months ago her big idea was a mall that had all the best shops and food places along with a small casino, a small scale circus and a petting zoo inside. Before that it was a movie theater with a laundry mat inside, you know, for those who wanted to catch a movie and do their laundry. ;) She always comes up with ideas to combine something fun with something useful. One day, she'll probably come up with something bad ass and get rich off of it.

I was thinking about posting some kind of nonsense Wednesday and then coming back later with a big fat APRIL FOOLS edit but meh, I'm not into it this year. I don't really get into it anyway. I mess with people enough the rest of the year, no need for a special day. Especially on one when they're looking out for it anyway. ;)

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The sun will set for you...

Brought to you by: Amorous Rocker

If you want a really good cupcake, who do you go to so they can whip you up a batch?
The Car Girl! She makes the most bad ass cupcakes. They're so good, there has to be something illegal in them. Though, lemon cupcakes, Boyfriend does those pretty awesome. My mama makes good ones too.

When you look at someone, what is the first thing you notice?
Meh. Height or hair or how they're dressed. I dunno, it's never the same thing every single time, lol. Depends on what stands out about them to me I guess.

When was the last time you got a back massage?

In... I don't even know. Which means it's been too long. My back's killing me lately too, could really use one.

How many days per week do you spend at your job?
Five. Thursday through the weekend and on to Monday, then off Tuesday and Wednesday. Sometimes I work Tuesdays, when I can pick up an extra shift.

Are you over the age of 25?

Do you discuss your financial status with anyone?
Boyfriend and a few friends. No one else asks, lol.

Are you keeping a secret from someone who needs to know the truth?
*Sigh* Sort of but not really. It's not my secret to tell and it won't really hurt the person too much. I hope my friend does the right thing and comes clean though.

Where did you get your last bruise from?
Bruises-R-Us, they were having a sale. Oh, wait... No clue. I bruise easily. I wake up with new ones a couple times a week. I have some on my legs right now but no clue what happened, lol.

Did you see the movie Twilight?
Nope. Afraid not. I'm not in on all the hype about it.

Are there any songs that make you cry when you hear them?
Cry, no. There are plenty that make me feel so sad though.

Would you rather hangout with a group of girl friends or guy friends?
Guy friends. I don't often hang out with girls and when I do, it's definitely not in groups.

What weather conditions do you hate driving in most?
I hate when the roads are iced over. People freak out and get stupid.

Do you hate when people call you when you're sleeping?
I do if I haven't been asleep long, especially if it's not important, lol.

Would you ever date someone who thought they knew EVERYTHING?

Have you ever told someone to their face they were ugly?
I've told people they were ugly on the inside to their face, lol. I don't remember if I've ever told someone they were physically ugly to their face but I doubt I have.

Do you go tanning?

When was the last time you used a walkie-talkie?
Umm... years ago, lol.

Do you enjoy taking walks?
Oh yes. =D Especially when I'm pissed off.

Have you ever taken a picture of yourself kissing someone?
I don't think so. I've had pictures taken of me while I was kissing someone though but it wasn't staged or planned, lol.

Are you someone who comes across as an asshole because you’re so honest?
I don't think the asshole vibe comes the fact that I'm not. I think it's more just because I tend to say things very bluntly instead of thinking of a nicer way to say things but yeah.

What is your opinion on no sex before marriage?
Lol. It's your choice. That's not for moi but whatever, if that's what you want to do, more power to you.

Have you ever wanted to never give up on someone?

Would you push someone off a cliff if you had the chance?
Maybe. Depends on the person. ;)

Have you ever liked someone who did not like you back?
Of course. Who hasn't?

Would you ever work in a retirement home where everyone was 65 and older?
Hm. Maybe. I wouldn't rule it out. I admire and respect the elderly a great deal actually.

Could you ever picture yourself on a reality television show?
I have no interest in being on any reality show.

Do you drink more apple or orange juice?
Orange. I can't have a lot of apple juice, I have an allergic reaction some. Which pisses me off because I love apple juice.

Are you currently angry or upset about anything?
No and no.

Will you be up before 7 AM tomorrow morning? Why or why not?
Sunday? Nope! I work Saturday nights and don't get off work until around 2:20/2:30 AM. Then I'm home around 2:45/3 AM. Then I shower, start laundry and relax. Definitely not getting up at 7 AM or before it. I'll have barely been asleep by then, lol.

Have you spoken to your father today?
Yes I have. =)

What is bothering you right now?
Stupid things.

Are you ever asleep by 11 PM on a Saturday night?
I'm not even off work by 11 PM on Saturday night, lol. So no.

Are you afraid of death/dying?
I'm not afraid of it but I hate the thought of it. There's still so much I want to see and do so I'd hope I still have a long while to go.

Happy Saturday y'all!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

It hurts to be alone, in the cell I call my home...

I haven't done a Fuck You Friday post in a while and I feel like bitching about something so here we go.

You know something that seriously pisses me off? I have this neighbor, I will be calling her Cunt from now on if I write about her. She has a little kiddo, he's 5 or at the most, 6. I hate the way she talks to him. He rarely gets to come outside. If she comes outside and he follows, you know what me, everyone in my place and the rest of the neighborhood hears?


To a fucking 5 or 6 year old? Come on bitch. You can hear her in the mornings and early in the afternoon, screaming at her kids. Cussing them a blue streak. Calling them names. Screaming at them in a way that you shouldn't talk to anyone, let alone your young children. It's not my business how anyone raises their kids, I know. I wouldn't even know it went on if she didn't do it outside. Every fucking day. It pisses me off.

Really, I'd love to grab a branch off of a tree and swing it at her head like a baseball bat. I'd love to get in her face. I've been outside, either smoking or on my cell phone, a time or three when she's been out there ranting, cussing, screaming and name calling. I've stood there glaring at her and she's seen me. She stared me down the first time I was out there after she had pulled that shit and y'all have no idea how bad I was hoping she would say something to me as she stared me down. That would have been invitation enough for me to say something.

I don't care what kind of shit she has going on in her life. I wouldn't have a clue. All I know is she seems to be home all day and she likes to yell, cuss, call names and kick inanimate objects. I don't care what kind of problems she has in her life. I don't care if her life sucks. I don't care if she's had 23 pet cats die in the last year. I don't give a shit if the reason she's home all day is because she lost a job. I don't fucking care what her situation is. It doesn't give her an excuse to take anything out on a little kid. What can a 5 or 6 year old kid do against that? Nothing. It's not good to grow up and see that. It's bad for a child to grow up thinking that's how everyone acts. It's bad for a child to grow up being called a dumb ass, worthless, stupid, shithead and any and every other negative thing you can come up with like that.

I have a friend who has almost nothing to do with his mother now that he's older. He's 24 and hasn't seen his mom since he was 19 and moved out. She used to scream at him, call him vile names. She was verbally abusive and physically abusive. I will never forget the time I was at his house and she came in from work, pissed from the day she had and threw a glass at him. Then called him a cocksucker because he hadn't taken the trash out yet. Then went on to call him more names and bitch about how worthless he was. It wasn't the trash that was the issue. He was just what she took things out on and the trash was the excuse for her to go off on him. I always felt bad for him and rarely went over there. I never understood how he could just take it but he always said he was afraid it would be worse if he said or did anything. She often threw glasses, plates, mugs, remote controls and other objects she could grab and throw quickly when she was yelling at him, blowing off steam. She called him cocksucker, shithead, worthless, piece of shit, pathetic, waste of flesh and tons of other things. Now he's older and had some therapy and realizes he never did anything wrong to deserve anything she said and did to him. Now she wonders why he doesn't want anything to do with her. He hasn't seen her in 5 years and he only talks to her once a month. I remember when he was 21, he wanted to talk to her about the way she had treated him. She had laughed at him and told him to get over, she could have been worse. She told him to be happy that she hadn't been worse, to be happy that he didn't have it as bad as other kids did. So, he doesn't want to be around her now.

Why, as a parent, would you do that to your child? I don't understand parents who do that. Why would you even accept the responsibility of raising another life if you're just going to treat that life like shit? I don't understand why anyone would verbally or physically abuse a child. I really don't.

*Sigh* I don't expect anyone to explain this and make it make sense. Even if you can explain the reasons why people do these things (resentment, bitterness, anger and on and on...) I'm still not going to understand how they could take it out on a child. Though feel free to comment and let me know what you've got to say. I always love hearing opinions and insight from others.

Have a great weekend y'all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beautiful, so damn beautiful...

I went yesterday and got some movies. I purchased Igor. I wrote about that movie earlier in the month. I finally found it and was happy. I really didn't want to order it off the internet and have to pay shipping for just one movie. Of course, I probably would have if I hadn't found it but I digress. I also got Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. I took YB to see this when it was in theaters and I thought it was cute. I love animated movies. I also got Quantum of Solace. Yeah, I love Bond movies, sue me. Except don't really sue me, I'm poor. You don't want my shoes or an IOU and I wouldn't look good in jail garb. Anyway. The opening scene makes me cringe a little though. I love the action but they totally wreck an Aston Martin DBS. They wreck an Alfa Romeo too but the DBS makes me cringe a bit more. Such a sexy, sleek car. I love all the action sequences in the movie though and following the story line from movie to movie is nice. I saw QoS in theaters with Boyfriend back when it was out. I watched it last night after I got home and realized I'd forgotten about half the movie since seeing it in the theater, lol. I still enjoyed it though. Mmm.

Less than 2 weeks now until I get to see Boyfriend again! I can't wait. *big grin*

Anyway.... On to the Weirdness.

Wednesday Weirdness #48
Wanna play? *Clickity click* the link and come on over.

1.) What is your significant others worst habit?

Hmm. I'll go with smoking.

2.) What piece of clothing that isn't lingerie or an undergarment do you have that you feel especially sexy/handsome in?

This comfy black sweater I have. It is so soft and warm but also lightweight. It has long sleeves that are wide at the wrist and it has a particularly low neckline. I love it. Also, a pair of jeans that fit just right in all the right places can do that too. I love a good pair of jeans.

3.) If you could drink ONLY two beverages for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Water and rum. I love rum and would hate to give it up, lol. Water is the best pick for staying hydrated though and I can't drink rum all the time. ;) Of course going without soy milk would suck, I fucking love cereal. Hmm. Rum or cereal? Oh what a tough call.

4.) What is your worst habit?

Does speaking without thinking count?

5.) Are you superstitious in any way?

Not really. At least, I can't think of anything right now.

6.) What kind of shopping do you hate doing most? (Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, shoe shopping, etc)

I hate shopping. Clothes shopping, shoe shopping, shopping for toiletries, blah blah blah. I hate shopping. Unless it's Barnes & Noble or Best Buy. In which case I like shopping at either of those places. And I actually don't mind grocery shopping. I'm not the super smiley shopper cruising the aisles just enjoying looking at every can and box but I'm not the scowling chick who wants to push her cart over everyone because she loathes the task of buying groceries, lol. I do hate grocery shopping when a store is busy though. Krogers being 24 hours is amazing. I like to late night grocery shop and avoid mass amount of those people things.

7.) What was a “fad” you remember from your childhood?

POGS! Koosh Balls, dancing to the Macarena, American Gladiators, Gigapets, Skip-It, Simon, Hypercolor clothing and Schoolhouse Rock to name a few. I remember some other things too but fuck it, can't remember the names right now, lol. POGS were the shit. Me, 22 and one of our cousins used to collect the hell out of pogs and slammers and play that shit so much.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I wanna run through your wicked garden...

Who wants to see some pictures? Anyone? You? Cool.

Lets go back to St. Patrick's Day. I had to work. We got to dress up. I wore a little glittery cheap hat with my other accessories. One of the assistant managers was wearing this AWFUL green fuzzy light up terrible cowboy hat. I told her she looked like an idiot in it half way kidding, half way serious, so she put it on me to prove everyone looked dumb in it. Except I can rock almost any kind of hat and didn't look bad in it. Of course, that's subject to personal opinion. She thought it looked cute on me which made me want to take it right back off, lol. Other co-workers agreed it looked good. I even agreed. I look pretty spiffy in cowboy hats though, if I do say so myself. They just don't happen to go with my dark wardrobe. ;) Especially not a terrible fuzzy light up green one with a stupid tiara on the front of it. YUCK. I wore it a while just to be silly though. Then I went back to my round glittery number. ;) So I wanted a picture of me in the hideous hat but just couldn't bear to show my face off while showing that hate off, lol.

When I'm in the car, riding along with family and going to be in the car for an hour or longer, I have the tendency to use my camera phone and take shots of things as we pass by. It amuses me and sometimes I catch some cool stuff. We were driving down a two lane highway with lots of farm land on the right side of us. It was sunny but clouds kept getting in the way. I was bored and started taking pictures. This is one of the results.

Sometimes when I get bored at home, I grab my camera and go roam around outside looking for things to take pictures of. Sometimes, this happens at night too. I think this is one of my absolute favorite (that I've taken) pictures.

Now, I'm a sock whore. I love socks. I have tons of pairs. More than I really need but I don't care. Especially knee highs. The thing that rocks about socks is I don't have to look for a size. I see a pair I like, I pick them up, I'm done. No hassle. I think it's a good way to show off personality too. All of mine that are patterned or designed fit me. Hmm, most of them anyway. Here is my current favorite pair.

Next, are y'all ready for the mini snowman I made last
Wednesday? Yeeeaah! After stomping around in the snow, falling down in it, getting my legs wet and having a snowball fight I decided I wanted to make a mini snowman. I did most of it but Little Sister jumped in and helped make it too. YB helped a little as well. Even 22 helped out by getting the sticks I used for arms. I think that was the first thing the 4 of us collectively did as siblings where no one argued about something, lol. Maybe. Hmm. Anyway, here he is. Ain't he cute? Of course he's a puddle now likely or just a pile of snow but I digress. He was cute. ;)

Last but not least... We went to the liquor store yesterday. Little Sister has been dying to try Molson Canadian beer (which by the way, was pretty good but more on that another day) and we finally found a store up here that carries it. They also carry a big shelf of miniature bottles. Bad for me. I love trying new things and I love an old favorite for 99 cents. So I got a few mini bottles. From left to right we have UV Cherry Vodka, Sailor Jerry Rum, Captain Morgan Tattoo, Cruzan Black Cherry Rum and Ty Ku. Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan weren't new to me but the rest were. After trying the cherry vodka, I realized I still really don't like vodka much. The Cruzan was a little too sweet for me but wasn't bad. The Ty Ku fucking rocked for a fru fru type drink. It's a Sake and Asian vodka liqueur. You can't taste the vodka. It tastes fruity and clean. It was so yummy. I want to go back and get a bigger bottle, lol. It's an interesting little drink. I, being the nerd I am, had to do some research on it after drinking half the mini bottle and read several other links aside from the two I left here. It's not bad at all.

That does it for me today. If you want to see more pictures of snow, the sun, the moon, boobs, me, trees, shampoo, toilet paper or whatever else I feel like taking pictures of, check out my photostream on flickr. Oh, there's nothing with toilet paper on there. I haven't put any thought into doing a damn thing creative with that stuff and doubt I ever will. It just happened to pop in my mind as I was listing stuff off. ;)

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Monday, March 23, 2009

They got injections for the facial lines...

My new power cord came in over the weekend. Hooray! =) I could have updated before today but meh, I don't blog on the weekends, lol. My Saturday Survey is usually done on Thursday and just autoposts. ;)

I really wanted to post the picture of my mini snowman I built and the snow angel I made when I went with the family to play in some snow last Wednesday. Except my camera is still MIA so no snow angel picture. The camera made it home, just not too sure where it got up and walked away to once I sat it down on the dining table. It's annoying me though so it better walk right back into my possession sometime soon. I hate when things disappear on me, lol. The mini snowman picture is on my phone, I sent it to my email but here we are a half hour later and the damn thing isn't there. I'm tired of waiting. I'm sure it'll show up later so another day and I'll get to show off my pimp little snowman. ;)

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Nothing stressful or annoying before work. Work did suck though because it was rather slow and I didn't happen to work with any co-workers that I get along well with. And it was painfully slow, even for a Sunday night. Or, at least it felt that way.

I also did a wide variety of shopping yesterday too. Apples, carrot sticks, yogurt and such for my stomach. Eye shadow, mineral lip balm and face wash for my face so I can keep looking nice and keep things clean, lol. Then two bras, five pairs of undies, a new rockin' pair of jeans and a new pair of pajama bottoms. I hate shopping in general and I tend to wait until I can't wait anymore to buy new stuff. My jeans were in sad shape. I'm talking indecent to wear out in public almost, lol. So I definitely needed some new ones. I didn't have enough patience to look for more than one new pair though. I get bored and annoyed and tend to move on quickly when I'm shopping. Not my thing.

Then after work I chatted with Boyfriend for a while and messed around on my laptop for a while. Then I watched one of my favorite movies, The Dark Knight. I love that movie. So much. Lol. I forgot how effing long it is though. Actually it's not *that* long but I was tired and everything slows down and takes longer once you get tired and start feeling the want to sleep pulling at you.

Today I'm hoping I get to go out to lunch before work. Sometimes, I feel like I live at work. Which is weird because I also feel like I don't work enough hours and want to work more. I think the feeling of living there is from spending 5 to 6 nights a week there. The feeling of not working enough comes from my desire for 9 to 10 hour shifts instead of 6 to 8 hour shifts, lol. I really do like to work. I feel horribly unproductive and rather pathetic when I'm not working.

Last but not least lets have a musical Monday. ;) This is "Wasting My Time" by Default. I haven't heard this song in a long ass time. I used to love this band back when I first heard of them, shortly before they got some attention for this song. I dunno why but I was contemplating things and this song popped into my head on Saturday and it's been stuck there. It kind of fits in my own way. I love the way lyrics can be so subjective.

Happy Monday y'all!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm a sinner, I'm a saint, I do not feel ashamed...

Brought to you by: Amorous Rocker

Did you ever take ballet?
No. I played sports.

Have you ever mixed nail polish together to make another color?
Nope. My nail polish colors are limited to only a few shades. Bet you can't guess what my chosen shades are. ;)

Have you ever gone horseback riding?
Oh yes! I enjoy it.

Are you tall?
I wish I were taller. 5'7" is okay but I always wanted to be like 5'9" or 5'10".

Have you ever felt worthless?

Do you take compliments well?
Meh kinda but not really.

Does your most recent ex hate you?
I would hope he's moved far enough on to not feel anything at all for me.

What's the last picture you received on your cell phone?
A picture of a big, long, slightly curved new deck that my friend and his dad just finished building in their backyard.

What? You were expecting something else? ;)

Do you know anyone that drinks?
I only know a few people that don't drink.

Do you get along with girls?
Not really.

What are some things your friends make fun of you for?
My big feet, my big boobs, the way I say certain words, my collection of toy penguins, that I sleep with one of those plush toy penguins, my fascination with serial killers, my Batman obsession, my eating habits, my love of Super Mario games... a lot of things, lol.

Are you keeping a secret right now?

Do you know a guy named David or Dave?
A few. Most in real life, a couple in Blogdom.

Does your most recent ex have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
I don't know, I don't talk to him or keep up with him at all.

Do you like competition?
Mmm yes. =)

Can you live without your cell phone?
I could but it would suck.

Do you open up to a lot of people?
In a lot of ways I'm really open. When it comes to my emotions, deeper personal thoughts and letting others actualy get close to me? I'm extremely guarded.

The last time you cried was when? Why?
Tuesday. Really, really bad day for me.

Who was the last person who shot a dirty look at you?
Probably someone at work? Hell if I know, I don't pay attention to that kind of bullshit often enough.

You drank 10 shots over a few hours, what would you be doing?
Laughing about things that aren't funny. Bouncing around like a drunk hyper person. Seeing pretty colors everywhere. Telling everyone what I love about them. Trying to molest my boyfriend, even if we're out in public.

Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?
I don't really care for either one of them in terms of movies. The only movies I like with Jolie is Gone In 60 Seconds and Girl, Interrupted. Unless I forgot one, lol. I don't have an opinion about them as people, I don't know them.

Would you rather win an Oscar or a Nobel Prize?
Nobel Prize.

Where was the very last place you went besides your house?

What was ONE and only ONE of your favorite toys as a child?
Sit-N-Spin and Legos. That's right, I picked TWO, not ONE and only ONE but TWO. So there.

Do you eat cookie dough? Have you ever gotten sick or died from eating cookie dough?
Yeah I've eaten it before. I've never gotten sick from it but I have died. Luckily the Pils Doughboy knows how to jump start ones heart. He brought me back to life. Thank you Doughboy, you are my hero.

What’s so great about Chris Daughtry?
No clue? Maybe he gives good head. *shrug*

Imagine you’re at your wedding, will you cry walking down the aisle? (Guys, will you be sweating bullets as you're standing at the front waiting for things to begin? Married people, were you crying or did you sweat bullets?)
No. I'll probably be scared as fuck and trying not to have a panic attack.

Look up, do you see a mirror? Is it big enough to show your full reflection or is it a small mirror?
No. Damn. We just took down all the mirrors hanging from the ceiling in the living room. Drat!

Have you ever gone into a public bathroom and had to hold your nose to pee because the smell from someone recently pooping in there was so awful?
Yes! If it's too bad, I turn back around and find another restroom to use. I HATE using public bathrooms though so if I'm in there in the first place, I probably need to pee really damn bad.

Do you depend on other things to put you to sleep (sleeping pills, a fan, radio, etc)?
I need complete darkness and some music. Well, the music isn't a must, I can do without it, lol. I just prefer it. The darkness thing I need, I can't sleep when there are lights.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Yeah you've got a friend in me...

Still no new power cord for my laptop. Which sucks, lol. Hopefully it will be here by the end of the weekend. Of course, it's Friday now so maybe later today or some time tomorrow I'll get lucky and it will come. Not using my computer much doesn't really bother me though. Sure, I miss writing on my blog and definitely miss reading other blogs too but I'm not going crazy without it. I miss getting on my social networks, checking email, playing games and doing the other things I do online but I don't feel any loss without it, lol. I don't have much time to be online anyway because I work a lot. I also watch hockey and movies a lot, lol. So that I don't feel too annoyed or frustrated and that I'm not freaking out or feeling cut off is cool. It makes me super happy in a time when I know so many people who freak out going just hours without being connected and I've gone almost a week without it and I'm cool. There's more out there then life on line ya know? ;)

Wednesday I spent a big part of the day with my family on a day trip. We drove a couple hours to go to the mountains close by and play in the monstrous amounts of snow. As soon as I can get pictures on here, I'll post some. Including the awesome snow angel I made and the awesome mini snowman I made with Little Sister's help. It was a fun day off from work.

Thursday was a really pretty day. No rain, no cold weather. It was actually kind of warm out, compared to how it has been, lol. So we were busy as fuck at work. I actually had to go in early because they needed the help. It was crazy. Every time we tried to get clean and stocked, we had more customers just coming and coming. It rocked though because the time just flew by. The last hour we slowed down and didn't have many customers come which made cleaning and stocking much easier, lol. I had to go on my lunch break to buy new shoes because I wore my running shoes to work because my work shoes were soaking wet, lol. My running shoes were killing my feet. They might rock for running or jogging but for standing and moving around at work, they sucked. So I ran to get a pair of shoes since I needed new work ones anyway. So while searching for shoes in my size, I had a little boy come on the aisle I was on. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and then turned around to face him when he was almost next to me. He told me he had been trying to scare me and asked if he had. I said he hadn't. He laughed and said, "Aww man I wanted to scare you." I was thinking -ookay buddy- but the kid was maybe 11 or 12 so I didn't think much of it. Then he looked at the shoes I was looking at. "Are you gonna get those shoes?" he asked me. I said I was getting them. I grabbed the box and he grabbed them away from me. "Are you getting these? Are these what you want?" he asked. I said yeah and asked for them back since they were the only ones in my size. He grabbed a box and said he was gonna get some too. I was thinking, -oookay little weirdo- and then he looked at my work shirt and asked me if I worked at that place. I said no, lol. He asked if I had to go back to work now or not. I walked off to the register. The little boy and his grandmother ended up in line behind me and I turned around and he waved at me. His grandmother asked what he was doing and he said I worked at blahblahblah but said I didn't and yadda yadda yadda. The kid wasn't really obnoxious either. He wasn't taunting me or being a brat. He seemed serious enough in all his statements and questions.
Definitely was a little on the strange side, lol.

Today is payday! WOOHOO! ;)

Well I must run. My borrowed time is up, lol. Saturday Survey is set to post tomorrow. ;)

Happy Friday y'all!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm not holding my tongue for you anymore...

My power to my laptop has been taken away!

Seriously. My laptop is fine. Dandy. Blah blah blah.

My power cord? Not so much. It winked out on me last night. Fucking bastard! Never fear, I have a new one on the way and it should arrive in a few days. Of course, that's a few days given USPS doesn't mess anything up. I have the worst luck with shit not getting to me here, lol. Ah well. So until my power arrives, I've got limited access to the web-er-net. Yeah, webernet. Like internet but you know, web instead of int. I'm lame, I know this.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Remember, there's more to this holiday other than green beer and getting drunk. Read up on it if you're unfamiliar and care to know that it's more than just a day to get drunk. ;)

I'm working tonight. I volunteered since tons requested the night off to party. I was hoping I might be able to pick up the extra hours. Instead, I just got my day off switched to Monday and get to work tonight when I'm normally off on Tuesdays. Ah well, I tried. I've got some nifty little things to wear so my annoying co-workers don't try pinching me. I actually DO have a green shirt if any of you can believe that. Not just one but two actually. Green isn't really my color though. And okay yeah, one green shirt is a Heineken shirt and the other is a Dallas Stars shirt. Still, they're fucking green. I have no clue where the Heineken shirt is actually. I know exactly where the green Stars shirt is though. Of course.

Which also reminds me. The Stars play tonight! They're killing me with this falling in and out and in and out of the playoff race. It's nerve wracking you know. ;) Hopefully they get a win tonight. GO STARS!!

Now I must be off.

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's gonna rain, it's gonna pour, dance in the rain, don't be such a bore...

Brought to you by: Amorous Rocker

Are you datin​g or in a romantic relationship with the person you text most?
Eh, depends on what day it is. Sometimes Boyfriend is the person I text the most, sometimes one of my closest friends is the person I text the most.

Do you eat candy​ daily​?​
No, I don't like candy that much.

Do your socks​ match​ right​ now?
They pretty much always do.

How many contacts do you have in your cell phone under the letter J?

Uh.... 9.

What is something you are excited for?

April! Seeing Boyfriend for 9 days and 8 nights. Woohoo.

How did you spend your last birthday?
Happy. With family and my boyfriend. Then with friends and my boyfriend. Drunk. Lol.

What's your favorite pizza place?

This local joint here. It beats all other pizza chains anywhere, even my favorite local joint in Texas. It's the best fucking pizza, mmm.

Are you happy with where you live?
Nope. I can deal with it for a few more months though.

What's your favorite board game?
Hmm.. depends on my mood. I actually can't remember the name of the one I really enjoy at this moment. Wtf...

When was the last time you played a board game and with who?
January. For Youngest Bro's birthday. He wanted to have a board game night so we did.

Have you ever done your makeup in class?
I didn't wear make-up when I was in school.

Last person who shared food with you?
Dude from work. He used various ingredients to make something we don't have on the menu and was so happy with how it turned out he wanted everyone to try some of it, lol. It was damn good too.

What was the last clothing article you purchased?

Ever kissed someone with blond hair?

Yeah once. I'm not usually attracted to blonds though.

Ever kissed someone with blue eyes?
Yes indeed.

Ever made out with someone and not known their last name?
Uh, yeah. I've slept with a couple people and not known their last names.

Was the last person you flipped off someone you knew?
Probably a co-worker. Jokingly of course. I don't use my finger when I seriously want to tell someone to fuck off, that's what my mouth is for.

Is there a television ON in the room you're in right now?

Yes. I keep telling it to shut up but it's ignoring me. Bastard.

What were you doing before this survey?
Plotting evil... Reading a book.

Have you ever had to have stitches?
Yeah. Staples too.

Do you like a lot of sauce on your pizza?

I don't like a whole lot but I like enough to know it's there. I don't want it drowning in it but I don't want so little that I'm sure if there's any there or not.

What's your opinion on Vegans?
As long as they don't rant and rave at me about what I eat, I have no problems with them.

Do you know anyone who has been in jail? Who and why?
Yeah. A few of my close friends, family members, friends of friends, family of friends, an ex. For doing stupid shit and being stupid enough to get caught.

What is something you dislike about your best friends?
Phily- Complains too much but never does anything to fix the things that he's bitching about.
RoRo- Lets people take advantage of how nice and kindhearted she is all the freaking time.
SS- She can be a little... conceited.
CM- Irrational.
Fangs- Sometimes flaky.
The Artist- Creates too much drama in her life and then complains about all that is going wrong when she almost always starts it all and could avoid it all by not starting shit in the first place.
Sassy- Too trusting of everyone.
Green- Lets guys walk all over her.
Loud Girl- She's too fucking loud sometimes, lol.
Boyfriend- Loses track of time waaay too easily.

If you were a rainbow, what kind of prize would you have at the end of you?
The pot of gold isn't good enough? I'd have a briefcase full off money. I bet you'd be pissed to chase a rainbow, get to the end, find a briefcase full of money and then find out it's all $100 bills... in Monopoly money, bwahaha.

If you were a planet, which would you be and why?
Planet? Psh. I'd be my own galaxy.

Have you ever made a pen explode?

What's your favorite color to wear?
PINK! Not. I don't wear pink ever. Black is my favorite.

Did you ever fail physical education class in school?

How do you fail that? Well, if you'd rather skip it and go smoke weed somewhere or if you just never go, I can see how you'd get a fat F for FAILURE. That's the easiest class ever though, c'mon.

Do you watch Full House?
I have. I liked that show when I was a little rocker. Now, if I catch I rerun late at night, I just shake my head and laugh at it.

Do you like to read?
I love to read!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I won't play the fool to you, not this time or ever again...

I went and got some new books from Barnes & Noble on Wednesday. I had set out to just get one. "Deathwish" by Rob Thurman. It's the fourth book in the series. I loved the first three so hopefully this one is just as good as the others.

While browsing the science fiction/fantasy section after picking up the Thurman book, I remembered something I wanted to look for. I found it too. "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman. I got this because a friend of mine who lives across the pond told me about her enjoyment of the television series when she watched it. I Googled it of course to learn more about it and learned there were books. I finally remembered to look and found it. I thumbed through and it seemed interesting. Plus, if it sucks, it's only 6 bucks wasted.

The third one I got pretty much on a whim. "The Meaning Of Night. A Confession" by Michael Cox. I didn't know a thing about this one. I was walking by slowly, in the fiction and literature section, not really looking for anything at all. Just perusing to eat up time while I waited. I saw the cover of this one and it caught my attention.

I picked it up and read the description. "So begins the story of Edward Glyver, booklover, scholar and murderer." Of course, that line alone interested me enough to flip open the book and check it out. Though the way it was worded annoyed me a little but oh well. =) So I opened it up and the first line in the book is, "After killing the red-haired man, I took myself off to Quinn's for an oyster supper." I smiled and kept going. I read the first several pages then flipped ahead about a hundred pages and picked a random point to begin reading again. I read another couple pages and flipped ahead. I read a few paragraphs and decided that I wanted to get it. I'll probably read this one first. I have a book to finish but I should be done with that one rather quickly. =)

So, I'm curious. How do you pick out the books you buy to read for leisure? Do you have set authors you only stick to? Are you part of a book club? Do you have a book buddy who you take recommendations from? Do you spend long amounts of time browsing the aisles, skimming books until you find one that piques your interest? For me, it's a combination of things. I have the authors that I always love to read. Stephen King, Alex Kava, Laurell K. Hamilton, just to name a few off the decent sized list of my favorites. Then I have a few good friends who have similar tastes in books and we discuss new books we buy or new books recommended by others. I also just browse and pick books up at random, hoping they hold my interest. Usually, I pick pretty well too. I rarely make a book purchase I want to kick my ass for later. =)

Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend y'all!
psst, Saturday Survey will be up tomorrow. ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby, write this down, take a little note, to remind you in case you didn't know....

I was surprised (happily) at the response I got from yesterday's post. =) I was expecting maybe 5 or 6 people to go along with it, maybe 10 at the most. I was happy that over 20 went along with my lazy inventive little post. It was fun to read all the comments actually. Thanks to everyone who left one! Of course, if you want to join in and say a little something, click the link or scroll on down and feel free to leave a comment. I wouldn't mind at all. *grin*

I was taking a shower Wednesday and found myself singing a variety of songs. Yes, I sing in the shower. I started with Blondie and then went to Matchbox 20. Then to Def Leopard. Next was Joan Jett. On to George Strait. Followed by Shinedown. On to Boston. Next was Frank Sinatra. Finishing up with Rob Zombie. I wasn't singing entire songs mind you. Just bits and pieces. I usually stick with one or two songs but my brain just kept rolling along with bits and pieces to various songs by the artists I listed.

Happy Thursday y'all!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

With a little bit of talk, baby, oh, we could change some things....

Hi there!

Yes, hello to you there, sitting in front of your computer screen.

I apologize if you came here today in hopes of reading something amusing, insightful, strange, funny, witty, bitchy, kinky, rambling, ranting or sexy.

Today, I just want two things.

One, to say hello to all the people who stop by and read here daily. One has been done. ;)

Two, to ask how your morning, afternoon, evening or whatever is going.

Y'all come here and read about me all the time. You read about my bitching and ranting due to work and my ridiculous, moronic awesome co-workers. My random bitching and rantings from day to day things. Movies and music I like. Things that happen that amuse me. Plans I have for the day. Interests I have. And on and on and on.

Today, I want to read a little something from all of you. Any of you who want to take a minute or two or three and leave a comment, telling me a little something about your day, week, life, a random fact, a joke you dig, whatever. Even if you blog and I can read about you there, who cares? Leave a little something or just say hello if you want.


How you doin'? ;)

Monday, March 9, 2009

We tore down the walls I built around myself...

All is well at work again. Well, in the sense that what the electrical fire fucked up is all well again. (Thanks for the comments & emails on that by the way y'all!) Working fine and dandy and blah blah blah. I wanted to put some bitches through a window last night during my shift but mercifully, I was only surrounded by those idiots for a short 5 hour shift. I'm talking about some co-workers here. Oy.

One girl has such a major attitude problem. She thinks she's a super badass. She's that girl who goes off on anyone who pisses her off. "Bitch, I'll kick your ass! C'mon, lets fucking go!" She's also the crazy little pill popper who only really goes off like that when she's out of pills to pop. She didn't have any last night. She was going crazy on three of the guys.

Two other girls are the types of people who adapt their personalities to whomever they are around. They were both glued to the first girl most of the night and adapted her "I'm a fucking badass" personality. They were also all, "Oh you wanna see me get hostile, lets fucking go assholes, I'll get hostile!"

SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Especially since not a one of those 3 has ever been in a real fight before. It reminds me of a chihuahua. Lots of yip and bark but you could end it all with one good kick. I wouldn't kick a chihuahua mind you. Or any other animal. That's fucked up. My point there is if you were to punt one like a football, it would run off injured, licking it's wounds and glaring at you. Those girls would get their asses handed to them if they ever actually tried to put their hostile little words into actions.

So they were giving the guys hell. Mainly mad that the guys from the kitchen wouldn't do their jobs and do stuff for their girls. Make them food, do some of their work too, etc etc. One of the guys in particular (whom I adore) is a smart ass little shithead (whom I adore I tell you!) and wasn't having any of their bullshit. He went off one the ring leader bitch. Another one of the guys began to back him up. The other two follower girls proceeded to jump all in it and it was a verbal smack down. The guys won. The girls had nothing. They were being stupid, lazy little bitches. They had nothing going for them. "Oh boohoo, you actually have to come to work and do more than stand in the corner talking and giggling together." Yeah. I feel so sorry for you. Not.

I'll NEVER in my life understand people like them. I cannot imagine going into my job, clocking in and then getting pissed off when I actually had customers to handle and things to do. I can't imagine being outraged because someone else wouldn't do their work plus some of my work while I stood around giggling, talking and sending text messages. I just can't fathom where people like this get off thinking the way they do. It's fucking work. You're there to *GASP* do some WORK. Not stand in the corner and socialize giggling your butt off. Not snack all night long. Not text and talk on your cell phone all night. Not expect your co-workers to do your work for you.

I get it, in a sense. I get what they're doing. I get these girls in particular are lazy and spoiled and want the world handed to them. I get that. I just don't get it. Which makes me want to smack them in their big dumb faces.

Though I don't ignore them. No sir. One of the girls asked one of the guys in the kitchen to get her some ice for the drink station. It's not a daunting task. Full, the ice bucket probably weighs a whopping 10 pounds. Woohoo. So she asked him to get it, while he's grabbing a handful of dirty things to go wash. He says no. She gives him puppy dog eyes and asks again. He just stares at her, grabbing another pan to wash and says no again.

"Fine, fuck you, you asshole," she spits out as she stomps off to do her job for herself.

"Yeah, what an asshole, not wanting to do your job for you so you can sit and do nothing. What a dick." My snazzy little comment.

Follower Girl 1 asked me what I said. She heard me, I know she did. "I said I can see how he's being an asshole, not wanting to do y'alls work and do his own at the same time, what a dick that makes him."

She eyes me and said, "Gee, I detect some sarcasm there."

I laughed. "Me? Sarcastic? Nah."

"Yeah. Rii-ight."

I'm being sarcastic and serious at the same time. She gets it. She glares at me. Ring Leader goes back by with her ice and eyes me but doesn't say anything.

Things go on in this similar fashion. Those 3 girls go on with their whining, complaining and bitching at people. They're being obnoxiously loud. Two of the guys continue not backing down from these 3 girls when the girls talk shit to them or jump their case for some reason. I only made two other patronizing sarcastic remarks at points when I had really had enough of hearing them and their bullshit.

The other thing that gets me, pisses me off really. Our assistant manager was around when everything was happening. One of the times with ring leader girl and her followers actually got very loud with the sarcastic guy. He refused to do something for them. They wanted him to deliver food for them while they all stood in a corner carrying on a conversation. He said no and went back on to the kitchen to make more food. This outraged them. Ring leader was very loud, obnoxious and threatening to kick his ass. I'm sure he wasn't scared one bit. He said as much.

"You don't wanna fuck with me. I'll kick your ass. I'll show you a bitch! You don't wanna see a bitch."

He laughed. "You're here, I've seen a bitch all night."

Then she flipped out.

Personally, had I been the one in charge, I wouldn't have let it go on until that point. I wouldn't let those girls act the way they acted all night. I wouldn't have let the hostility and confrontations go on like they did. Some fuckers would have been clocking out and going home if they didn't get their act together and do what they were there getting paid to do.

No, my pothead manager was pissed off and not in a good mood. He was tired. He didn't wanna be at work. He was worn out. He was ready for Monday to be here to start his 2 day off rest period after working monstrous 9 to 10 hour shifts 5 days in a row. So he ignored it all and didn't say shit to anyone. He sucks, by the way. It's laughable. He wonders why people don't take him seriously. I won't even get into talking about him that much. He would be his own post and be longer than this one already is. I just don't get how he could even ignore all of that. I mean I get how he ignored it all. Block it out, great. Seriously though. I'm sure some customers heard some of the shit that was being yelled said and that's not good for business. It's not good for the other employees to be around because it's annoying or stressful to them, depending on how they react. It's also not good to let employees think they can act that way and get away with it.

Of course, that's all just my opinion. ;) On to a happier subject though eh?

Saturday night after work, I was on the phone with my boyfriend. We were working online together trying to take over the world find the cheapest and best possible airfare. Mmm yes. I'm going to get to see him in about a month, for 9 days! OMG. I'm so happy and excited. He is as well, of course. So in about a month, I will have him for 9 days and 8 nights. By the end of summer, we should be back in the same state and living together again. Funny, one of the things I was so anxious about (living with him) is now something I seriously am looking forward to again. I was weird about it at first but we just work so well together. We have our rough patches and some bad times but thus far, even with the distance recently, we always make it through. He gets me so well, it's a little scary sometimes but it's great also. I've never had someone understand me the way he does. Awww. =)

Time for the musical part of all Monday's. ;)

"Lifeline" by Papa Roach

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh here it comes boy.....

Last night at work, we had to close early. Technically, we didn't make it to close in the conventional, normal, routine way we do every night. We had an electrical fire in the back by the kitchen, freezers and all that stuff which caused a massive meltdown in our computer system. Most of our monitors (where we read the orders) flipped out and shut down. Our system we punch in at wasn't working. The credit card terminals weren't working. The whole system we have in which we input orders and process everything wasn't working. Nothing we actually need was working. The assistant manager was saying he thinks our system is fried. I hope he's wrong.

At first, there was a popping noise and then smoke in a front area where we have the clock in and credit card terminals. There's a sink by there and smoke was dwindling out from up there first. The smell hit and we figured it was something electrical.

Our GM was called 7 times and didn't respond or call back. We had to call the big boss (my dad, lol) and wake him up to see what he thought might be going on since the AM was a little freaked and didn't know what to do. So I called my dad on his cell, got no answer. I called my mom, quickly tried to explain and asked her to go wake ol' dad up. She did, he called me, I explained and had him call AM. My dad instructed him on something to do. Then one of the cooks got our attention and told us there was a shit load of smoke coming up from the back. We looked and the back walkway where the breakers all are was loaded with smoke. And there were sparks and flames. Plus the much stronger smell that comes with an electrical fire. I yelled at AM to get off the phone with my dad and call the fire department. I think he was just frazzled because the first thing he said was, "I can't hang up on him, he's the supervisor." He told him something and quickly got off the line. Then he asked, "What's the number for the fire department?" I told him to call 911. He did. Then asked a minute later what the address was because the dispatcher was asking for it, lol. Then myself and the other girl working with me yelled at him to get out. We grabbed our shit from the lockers, I turned off some of the machines, we hauled outside and we waited. Not for long though. Cops came first. One made a joke by asking me if we had been trying to a new way to cook or something. I replied back, "Yeah, guess it didn't work out so well huh?" He just grinned at me and kept walking.

It happened around 11:25 PM. We close at midnight during the week. We couldn't go back in until around 12:30 AM to put things away, turn everything off and get everything clean. The smell in there was horrible. I was getting light headed and a little queasy. The first fifteen minutes or so we were cleaning by very little light and the help of flashlights since they had everything turned off. I got out of there around 2:10 AM. Normal week nights, the latest I'm ever there is 12:20 AM at the latest.

It's 4:00 AM now and my dad and the assistant manager who was working the shift last night are both still there. Trying to get what they can taken care of so we can hopefully open up on schedule later today. Or at least open up at some point today. We have to have something flown in from Oklahoma though so I dunno. Plus, the fire chief told us we had to have a licensed electrician in there to do the transformer, which is obvious to me. You would want a licensed electrician to fix things after a electrical fire. One would think anyway. ;) Of course, I know he had to say that and was just doing his job so I can appreciate that. They were all really nice.

As much as I might like a Friday night free from work, I really need the hours so I'm hoping everything works out. Oh and no one was hurt or anything. We only had two customers there at the time and they were gone before the big show in the back happened. We had only the assistant manager and four employees (including me) working until close. We had three more customers come while we were waiting on the fire department but I told them all what was going on, apologized and sent them on their way. One group of guys thought I was bullshitting them but oh well. We had a few more cars pull up while all the cops and fire vehicles were there but no one stopped. Then we had two people come after we had all the outside lights off. One of the firefighters went and told one of the customers we were closed. It always makes me laugh when customers come after close, all the lights are off and we look closed. Then they come anyway and ask if we're closed. It's like hello, the lights are all off for a reason. Ah well.

So I'm tired as hell now. I need to pass out but I have a massive headache. I think it's from the fumes still. Nothing like a boring work night turned exciting. Though I could have done without that kind of excitement. ;)

Happy Friday Y'all!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell....

My Stars play e San Jose Sharks tonight. We really, really need a fucking win. The last few games for us... we haven't been doing so hot. Our last game against the Sharks... We outplayed them in every fucking way except one. We didn't score against them like we should. Stars lost that one. Like I said, we really really really need the win tonight. The points race is so fucking close in our conference. I opted to pick up an extra shit and work tonight. I LOVE my hockey. Y'all know this. I need money more than I need to sit at home on my ass watching a game though. I really had a hard time deciding if I'd pick the shift up or not though since Tuesday is my day off. I get Wednesday off too though so I figured what the hell, I need the extra hours. I'll be wearing one of my Stars tees under my work shirt though. GO STARS!

I was seriously amused by an email I got from someone. The song I posted here is apparently "devil music" and I'm "white trailer trash" who is "spreading the word of evil Satan through the blogging community" by "posting the evil garbage" that I "think qualifies as music" on my blog. Also, I need "to go to a CHURCH asap" to "save" myself "before it's too late" because I'm well on my way to becoming "Satan's Spawn" so apparently some one's fucking the devil and trying to pawn me off as their kid or something. Oh and the email wasn't meant as insulting. The person was "just trying to help move" me "in the right and proper direction" since I'm going the wrong way. I thought about replying and asking if it was a prank or if whoever this person is was for real. Then I decided it was funny either way. One way would just be more funny than the other. So, I don't care. I do find it amusing when do good religious folks resort to name calling ( white trailer trash, Satan's Spawn!) and then think that they're doing good by being judgmental pricks. Not saying that all religious folks are like that because I'm not so closed minded to believe that and I just know better anyway. The ones who are like that? They can go suck something large and phallus shaped right after they shove their name calling and judgments up their asses. That is if they can get anything up there with their heads in the way. ;) Oh and really... out of all the stuff I've posted and some of the other songs I've pimped out on here, that was the worst? Tickled, that I am. ;)

Hey don't forget to go play Wednesday Weirdness tomorrow! I'm in charge of thinking up the questions. I'll have them posted today, shortly. You know, for those who wanna jump the gun and do the questions early or just get things set up for tomorrow. ;)

My friend VanillaCoke and I were chatting on Yahoo! IM late Monday night. Technically, it was Tuesday morning since it was at 12:30 AM but whatever. If I haven't gone to bed yet, it's still night for me. I don't care if the sun is about to come up. I digress. She was up late "working on a paper" for a class and I had just gotten home from work shortly before I had signed on. She was telling me that she's contemplating deleting her MySpace and Facebook accounts. I inquired as to why she would do that. She said because they both cause too much drama in her life. That social networking sites are only good for causing drama. I disagree. I have other friends who say the same thing. Hell, I have family members who say that same thing. Not to mention the handful of people I work with who all say MySpace, Facebook and other social networking websites are just full of drama. Again, I disagree.

I use MySpace. I'm on there damn near every day. I've moved a lot. To the tune of 20+ times. I don't know. I lose count and I forget. I wasn't even old enough to remember some of the moves but I count them since my baby butt was part of them. I've made a lot of friends and have them scattered out all over the place. I've had other friends move away for school, to move back to where they were originally from, move for jobs, move for a significant other, etc. I use that social networking website to help keep in touch with those friends in a fun way. I have 300+ friends and acquaintances on there and it's never caused me an ounce of drama personally. It's not the website that causes the drama. It's the people using it who cause the drama.

I used to have a lot of drama and a lot of controversy going on in my life. Most of it wasn't mine. Some of it was but not the majority. Most of it was drama my friends were dealing with that I was present for and always got roped in to. Even when I said, "Leave me out of it!" it didn't always end up working that way. These days, I stay the fuck away from people who thrive on drama. I don't mess with the shit much anymore. I don't mind a little now and again but I don't want it filling my days. Fuck that.

So VanillaCoke asked me why I disagreed with her theory on social networking websites being only good for drama. I explained how very little of a dramatic effect it has on my life. I explained my point that I can't seem to stress enough. The website doesn't cause the drama, the people do. The website gives them a venue to do it but it's only a means to an end. If people are going to stir shit up, they're going to stir shit up. Those websites are just another location for it to happen in. Another place to enable them to do it. Truth be told, it's probably easier too for the people. It's online and you don't have to be ballsy enough to say the shit you're saying to someone's face. You can post a comment, send a message, post a bulletin for all to see. You can say what you want. Whatever your Internet Balls allow you to say as you type away on your keyboard hidden behind your big bad monitor as you sit snugly in your house. Things that you wouldn't dare have the balls to say to that person's face. Sure, it's easier and lots of people are more compelled to sack up and spew shit online because they don't have to immediately face any confrontation or consequence. Still, it's the people and not the website.

You don't want to deal with the drama anymore? Don't delete something you enjoy because you think it will erase the drama. If you keep those people in your life, it's going to surface somewhere else. The he said she said and the she said that she said that she said shit will happen. It might take you longer to hear it but that bullshit is still going to happen. Deleting a venue for it isn't going to remove it from your life if you're keeping the people around who are the cause, the source, the root of the issue. You don't even really have to remove a person from your life to get rid of the drama. Tell them to keep their bullshit to themselves. Ignore it if it doesn't involve you. There are lots of ways around dealing with it. Don't make a social networking website, a blog, a chatroom or any other online venue to be the bad guy though. Make the person flailing their fingers across the keys the one accountable for their actions.

At the end of the conversation with VanillaCoke, we still didn't see eye to eye on things but that's cool. I don't need her to think that my way is the right way and she doesn't need me to think her way is the right way. Maybe her way of deleting her social networking website accounts and removing her instant messaging software from her computer will work out the way she hopes it will.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A train is crashing through the wall around my heart....

So, last year I did a post where I asked my boyfriend to answer 50 questions. I had it posted on my blog before I moved it and I know a good number of you have seen it, even though you probably don't remember most of the questions and answers. ;) So I decided to re-post it here. It was pretty neat and it gives you a glimpse of me through the eyes of someone close to me. Two of my best friends, The Artist and Fangs also did this same thing but with some different questions. I was going to use some trickery to get one of my friends to answer this thing each month but I forgot. I'll try to find someone to do one for March though.

The first 10 questions are random things about him. Just so y'all get to know a little more about him. Since I don't write about him enough on here as it is, lol.

I did add a couple little comments to his answers and they appear this way.

1. Hi, my name is: AR's Boyfriend.

2. My favorite sport is: Hockey! Go Stars.

3. My favorite things to do in my free time are: Anything involving my cars, play on the computer a lot (yes I'm a nerd), go to bars and other nightspots with AR.

4. My most embarrassing moment was when: My friends found a picture of my dick on my computer and then showed other friends. I still haven't lived that one down.

5. My worst habit is that I: Smoke.

6. My favorite foods are: Italian, Mexican and meat.

7. I get complimented most on my: Height, hair. AR loves my lips and says I'm so cute (even though I'm not.) ---Seriously, don't listen to him, he's cute as fuck. ;)

8. The best thing about me is: That I am smart and very easy to get along with.

9. People say that I have a great: Personality.

10. I never leave the house without my: Phone, wallet, keys and ciggs.

11. My relationship with Amorous Rocker is best explained as: Very awesome. We rock together.

12. I have known AR for this long: 3 years as of April. ---That was April of 2008. April of 2009, it will be 4 years that we've known one another. Then May of this year it will be 3 years that we've actually been together.

13. The first time I saw AR in the flesh, my first thought was: That she was hot.

14. AR's worst habit is: Biting her lips.

15. The thing I love about AR's personality is: Everything. She is so awesome and easy to get along with.

16. I envy AR's: Common sense (seeing as how I tend to lack that sometimes.)

17. I pick on AR about: How cute she is.

18. Something weird about AR is: A lot, I cant narrow it down to one thing.

19. I admire AR's: Drive and ambition.

20. One of AR's favorite things to eat is: Italian and ice cream.

21. AR gets a major sweet tooth for: Ice cream and sugar cookies. Here lately it has been chocolate covered pretzels.

22. Five words that best describe AR are: Awesome. Beautiful. Nympho. Intelligent. Tough.

23. AR's singing sounds like: Beautiful is all I can say. Damn it's awesome.

24. AR's dancing looks like: Dancing. She can dance. I cannot however.

25. Something AR is insanely skilled at is: Cooking, writing, singing, drawing, and so much more, but cooking is first.

26. People may be surprised to know that AR: Has big boobs. Haha Just Kidding. Umm, that she can beat me up.

27. AR's cooking is: Fucking amaazing!

28. The meanest thing AR has ever done to me is: I cant think of anything right now actually. She steals my food sometimes, or hits me too hard when playing around, or teases me during sex.

29. AR has a lot of pride when it comes to: Herself in general. She is very proud of just about everything she does.

30. The most confusing thing about AR is: Sometimes I have no idea what is going on in her head. As well as her trust issues.

31. The biggest misconception about AR is: That she is a bitch. She totally is not, but she can be if she needs to be. I never call her one because even when she is being really mean, she's still not a bitch.

32. AR is the first person I would go to if I needed to: Have some hot crazy sex.

33. I won't ever forget the time that AR: First talked to me. We connected that night and still get along and talk that much just the way we did then.

34. The game I enjoy playing with AR most is: Not Monopoly. She gets mean with that game. Umm... I dunno. Poker I guess.

35. I love to watch AR when she's: Doing anything.

36. AR gets really pissed when: I get really quiet during an argument.

37. AR's most annoying friend is: I can't really complain but I'd have to say Hawaiian Punch even though I've never met him; but there is some back story there.

38. AR's best physical feature is: Her boobs, her ass or her hair. God she has amazing hair.

39. AR spends too much money on: Strippers! Haha Just kidding. Probably Cd's or DVD's.

40. I really like it when AR: Does anything sexual to me. Good God can that woman please me. I also love when she cooks for me.

41. The thing AR is hardest on herself about is: Failing.

42. People may think AR is an asshole because: She can't stand certain types of people and she can be rather mean and she's very blunt and honest.

43. AR's driving is like: It's good.

44. AR's temper is like: A package of C4 if you do something to make her mad. Mostly it's just a stick of dynamite.

45. AR's favorite place to shop is: Best Buy.

46. The craziest thing I have ever done with AR is: Have sex on top of my car in a park in the middle of the night.

47. Five things AR cannot go without are: Her phone. Good God, she has to have that thing. Her wallet, a necklace, some sort of eyeliner and lip balm.

48. AR likes it when I: Surprise her with little stupid things that make me think of her. And also the sex stuff. She loves that too.

49. When AR gets drunk, she: Gets crazier. It's awesome.

50. AR is addicted to: Sex. Music. Plain and simple.

I'm working on a cast list. Partly so I can remember what the fuck I nickname people and to help y'all out a little bit. More so to help me when I'm writing though since I won't use anyone's real name. I'm going to backdate it but I'll put a link up on my sidebar for it... once I get it done, lol.

"When Two Become One" by Atreyu

-The video isn't done by the band. It's just something one of the YouTube-ites of the world put together. I didn't wanna play any of the covers of the song though. So try not to let the anime distract you too much. ;)

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Happy Monday!