Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An update, half naked news & a giveaway to come.

There's nothing much here to see right now but....

Later tonight, around 10 PM Central time, there will be a snazzy update on The Blogger Toy Fundraiser and a special holiday HNT. ;)

Thanks to the wonderful people who have donated money for the fundraiser. I appreciate your help very much.
Whether it's $3, $5, $10 or more than that, any amount is enough to help buy a toy so a kid will have something to open on Christmas morning. If you want to donate, please do! I edited The Blogger Fundraiser post with more information on Genesis Women's Shelter so please check that out! I promise, next year if (when!) I do this again, I'll start much sooner. ;)

Also, the Boyfriend & I decided that after the fundraiser is over, we're going to give a little back and do my very first blog giveaway. We'll be giving away a gift card and possibly a few extra little goodies as well. You don't have to have made a donation to enter the giveaway but there will be something you have to do so we can pick a winner. ;) More d
etails for that will be coming soon though.

Also.... y'all head over to see Essin' Em and tell that lovely lady HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy Wednesday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

The giveaway sounds awesome! I love the work that you are doing!

Anonymous said...

You rock AR!!!

nitebyrd said...

Giveaways are so much fun! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's HNT!

phairhead said...

oh boy! surprises :D

Anonymous said...

Very hot and I love all the click thru's!