Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random ramblings & a prize give away.

I've seen a lot of people doing Wish Lists for the holidays. So rather than doing one on my blog where I list everything I want, I'll just post a link to my Wish List on Amazon if anyone out there feels like buying me anything off there say I have a decent sized list on Amazon with plenty of stuff I actually need on there. If you want the link to view my Amazon Wish List, just tell me via comment or email and I'll send you the link. =)

Also, gift cards (Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble) are always great. As are hockey tickets to Dallas Stars games. Hockey tickets for Christmas equals totally amazing. Yep yep. Even though my Stars fucking lost to the Canes last night. *cringe* Though at least the Canes were playing oddly well last night so it wasn't too bad but still. My Stars play the Thrashers tonight and hopefully we fair better against them. And yes, I have to put Stars in green coloring every time the word is said in reference to my hockey team.

If you haven't seen the Toys for Tots pictures of all the toys that were acquired through the fundraiser that I did, check here and here. It was a great success in my opinion and again I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped me promote the cause and THANK YOU again to everyone who donated money. Y'all rock. The 19th or the 20th at the latest will be your last chance to donate to the Genesis Women's Shelter Toy Drop.

My boyfriend is amusing and weird sometimes. I'm usually the one who comes up with off the wall things out of no where but sometimes he does it too. Which is more amusing because it doesn't happen often. So when he says things like "Mosquitoes don't eat cherry flavored Jell-O because it's too sweet for them. Plus, the frogs told them not to anyway." it makes me laugh more so because he's usually not so odd and random. That's probably not funny to you but given the conversation we were having, it was fucking hilarious. Also, ridiculous as hell. Fun times, I say.

I mentioned doing a blog give away a while ago and now here I come with the details. That wonderful boyfriend of mine gets the majority of the credit here as it was his idea to do this and he will be the one supplying the gift card. The prize is going to be a gift card to a store of your choosing from a list of stores we have locally. You get to pick the place you want it coming from. Target, Best Buy, Bath & Body Works, Borders, Starbucks, Ulta, etc, whatever. Also there may be an extra little something or two tossed in there as well, just for fun. Perhaps a sample packet of my new favorite lube, maybe a travel size soy wax candle for wax play, some homemade treat or something else. Who knows? ;)

All you have to do to enter the contest give away is show me your Christmas decorations, indoors and outdoors. I like decorating the house inside and out for holidays. I also LOVE to see what other people do for decorations. So, all you have to do to enter the contest is snap some pictures to show off how you decorated. Of course, like any other contest, there are a few rules.

*You have to have a blog.

*You have to take no less than 3 pictures of your decorations.

*You can do outdoor only, indoor only or show off both ;).

*If you don't want to post the pictures in a blog post, you can email them to amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com. Please include a link to your blog anyway if you do send them by email.

*If you do post the pictures in a blog post, please comment back or email me the link to the post so I know and can come check your pictures out.

*You have until December 24th to submit your entry for the contest.

The winner will be picked by myself and my boyfriend. I will make another post announcing the winner after the 24th. Don't skip entering just because you think you might not have decorated enough either! Bigger isn't *always* better you know. Sometimes less really is more. ;)

Happy Thursday!


Sexy Sixty said...

Sweet HNT!! I can imagine other long hard objects in that cleavage!

Ms. Lily said...

Looks delicious, wish I liked candy canes ;)
Happy Holidays & HNT, sweetness <3

ShellSpann said...

Sweet HNT! :)

Vixen said...

I love love love that 2nd click!

The dark hair suits you. :)


Osbasso said...

Don't think we've seen enough of the lighter hair to make an informed opinion. I do like the current length of it though!

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Great idea.
Candy canes are de-lish!

Love the fundraiser as well.
The true spirit of the season.


Emmy said...

Lucky candy cane! :)
I will have to say, seeing the dark hair, I really liked the way it looked on you. That would be my vote, I think.

The Panserbjørne said...

I know I sound like a broken record, but DAMN, those lips and that amazing cleavage....good lord, you're hot. Thanks for sharing your candycane self with us. :) Happy HNT!

-- PB

phairhead said...

i like the red hair but i think i'm in the minority.

you totally broke that candy cane w/ yr heaving breasts, didn't you? ; )

Nolens Volens said...

Nothing like Golden Globes time. ;)

Anonymous said...

HOT DAMN, sexy mamacita!

that dark hair looks radiant on you, but i'm just a guy, what do i know?


THAT candy cane

Anonymous said...

Aren't you just a delicious Christmas treat!

---Amy xxxx

mina said...

mmm now I want a lick.

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

I love the second click-through.

I want to enter your contest but we don't decorate :(

Anonymous said...

Luckiest candy cane ever!

Love all the pics!

rage said...

I love your dark hair too. I actually miss wearing black hair myself.

There's not a damn thing wrong w-using recycled pictures either.


nitebyrd said...

I like you with lighter hair. Yummy HNT!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

darker hair. not saying you stole our stars... but ya did. sigh

love the pics -Sage's comment made me giggle

viemoira said...

I like your new hair color but I must admit I *love* the dark on you!