Monday, December 7, 2009

Ask me anything! Questions & Answers.

So it's time. For the answers to all the questions I received here.

NoZeFace asked:What was the ah ha I'm bi moment for you?
I grew up a total tomboy, didn't have hardly any girl friends and never thought boys were cute. I went through puberty at a very early ago. I started noticing that when watching movies and tv shows that I would notice that some of the women were pretty and then having a slight physical reaction to that. I didn't know what it was and I was too ashamed to ask or talk to anyone about it. I thought it was weird and wrong and I figured if I just ignored it, it would go away. Shortly after that started, I started getting attracted to guys too but the attraction to females stayed. I was angry at myself because I thought I was weird and wrong and I hated myself for being the way I was. I learned at 12 what "bisexual" was thanks to a book. Shortly there after, I had my "ah ha I'm bi" moment. That was the moment I realized what it was and why I felt the way I did and that no matter what people around me said, it wasn't weird and wasn't wrong and if that's the way I was, I couldn't change it. Which I didn't embrace for another couple years because I was still hurting and confused about a lot of things and didn't have anyone to reach out and talk to.

2.) If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?

Nope! I hate hot dogs. They're disgusting to me.

Cori Anne asked: 1.) Would you ever be in a D/s type relationship? Why or why not?
Nope, never. If that's what works for you and that's what you're in to, I'm fine and I'm comfortable with that. It doesn't bother me in the least. I know without a doubt that I have no interest in ever being in that type of relationship. It just isn't for me.

2.) If you had to eat lasagna without tomato sauce, what sauce would you put in place of the tomato sauce?
Probably alfredo. Mmmm.

Alisha and Brett asked: 1.) How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
3. Haven't you seen the commercials? ;) Actually, I counted once. I got to 33 before I lost interest in trying to figure it out.

2.) 2012, awesome movie or something to worry about?
Neither. I had no interest in the movie. If it's something that will happen, I have no control over it so I see no point in worrying about. I live life day by day, you never know if you'll have a tomorrow. Stressing about over things that are inevitable is pointless. It's like freaking out about getting old or death. It's going to happen, you can't stop it, so don't stress about it.

Comment Whore asked: 1.) What prompted you to start blogging?
I started blogging in 1999. I bounced around on Xanga, LiveJournal and Blogdrive. I got on Blogspot when I was 18 and made a "big kid" blog because all the people on the previous three places were immature drama kings and queens. I just wanted to write and interact, I didn't need all the catty bitches and obnoxious guys. I started blogging just to have an outlet. A creative outlet and a place to dump all my thoughts and feelings. I didn't trust people easily so I didn't open up to anyone or talk about much in real life. I was unhappy and miserable at that age for a lot of reasons and I felt like if I didn't have some way to get it out, I would just get worse and I didn't want that.

2.) Have you ever met anyone from blogland?
Nope. Not yet. That has more to do with distance, free time and money.

3.) Do you ever wish you had waited longer to begin having sex?
Nope. The only reasons I had for having sex were curiosity and being horny. I didn't hold any sentimental value to it and I wasn't like a lot of girls who want a special first time or want their first time to be with someone special. I just wanted to fuck and see how much better than masturbating it really was.

Temper of Rage asked: If Rage and I ended up in your town, would you be comfortable meeting us (or would you worry you'd end up in the trunk of a car somewhere)? :D
Y'all are quit trusting... assuming *I* would be the one ending up in the trunk of a car somewhere and not one or both of you. ;) I adore both of you and would love to meet up with you as long as time and obligations allowed. I'd totally call in sick to my hypothetical job to hang out with y'all though. ;)

Toygirl asked: 1.) You're pretty awesome. How did you get to be so awesome?
Thank you! I'd love to tell you the formula I have created for awesome. However, if I do, people will be re-creating it and possibly improving on it and we can't have that going on. Then the world will be full of even more people that are more awesome than me. ;) Though it has something to do with sex, spontaneity, blunt honesty, hockey, rum, rock music, midnight pomegranate body lotion, candy canes, a sense of humor, Jell-O shots and the hokey pokey. Among a few other things.

Dee Cuervo asked: 1.) What is your favorite movie theater snack and drink?
I don't eat during movies and don't really drink anything. I don't ever get up during movies because I don't want to miss anything. I'm not a fan of popcorn or hot dogs and most theaters don't have much beyond that stuff and candy. The soft pretzels tempt me but I can't eat without a drink so that bring me back to not wanting to miss anything in the movie because of a bathroom break, lol.

2.) Do you like having sex with guys or girls more?
Guys. Most of the time. I love making out and fooling around with girls but I still love cock more.

3.) How many sex toys do you own? How many did you actually pay for?
20+ I own. I paid for none of them. They're either from reviews, my boyfriend or other friends who have purchased them as gifts. The only thing I have in my toy drawer that I personally paid for is some lube, lol.

4.) If you got a free pass from your boyfriend and could get it on with any hockey player on the Dallas Stars, who would it be?
Oh hell. I don't even know. Probably Brad Richards. Though honestly, I'm not sure I'd do it with a free pass. I'd probably feel guilty.

Raven Quince asked: 1.) Toronto Maple Leafs or Montreal Canadiens?
Oooh no. I have to go with Toronto. I love Niklas Hagman, Vesa Toskala and Jonas Gustavsson. I can't think of anyone or anything I like about the Canadiens as a team. =p As far as Canada goes, I love the Vancouver Canucks.

2.) Now that Slim has seen your boobs, and you have a wee history with Sparrow, will the four of you get it on?
Much to Slim's dismay, never. That's not be being arrogant either. He's said more than once that if the boyfriend and I ever break up, he would try and hook up with me once the boyfriend was over it. He's also commented about how as far as couples go, we would be perfect for swapping. But... I have zero attraction to Slim and the thought of sleeping with him makes me cringe slightly.

3.) If you won $1 million, what would you do with it?
College, buy a new car, finish my dental work, buy a house, give some to family, give some to charity and save/invest the rest.

Alexa asked: 1.) How much should I be prepared to pay you for an hour of your sexual services? :p
It depends on what sexual services you wanted. ;) I'd charge *you* $300 because you're a woman and I wouldn't charge as much just because of that. Yes, unfair, blah blah blah. If you wanted to anally fuck me with a strap while chained to the bed and pouring hot wax on my back, I'm charging a bit more for that kind of kinky stuff. ;)

Sam asked: 1.) What turns you on about HNT (doing them yourself and/or other's HNTs)?
HNT doesn't turn me on to be quite honest. I like the pictures that tell a story, the ones that are done artistically, the ones that show emotion. I don't care much for the standard, "here's a picture of my cock" or "here's my ass in a thong" shots. I don't look at them as one would look at porn. I look at them and prefer the pictures that are like erotic art. Taking them, I just like to show off but showing off on the internet doesn't turn me on. I just enjoy the feedback.

2.) What's your favorite color?
Red. Black. Dark Purple. Orange.

Just Some Dude asked: 1.) What was your first real concert that you've gone to?
I honestly don't remember. It was either a country show or a boy band show.

2.) This one is harder, what was your favorite?
Incubus or TOOL. I can't decide between those two but they were both two of the most amazing shows ever.

Hayley O'malleykins asked: 1.) What is your boyfriend's sexiest feature? And you can't say his penis!
His lips. Or his broad shoulders. Mmm.

2.) What is your boyfriend's astrological sign?

3.) Which fruit do you find to be more sensuous: A cherry, bananas or strawberries?
Strawberries, definitely. Bananas are kinky, slutty things. A cherry is innocent at first but after that it's naughty.

4.) Are you a fan of Lady GaGa's music?
Not at all.

Pretty Punk asked: 1.) What is it like to taste another girl? Do you really like it and why/why not? Is there anything about diet or grooming you think makes the experience more pleasurable/less pleasurable?
It's a wonderful thing. Girls are so soft and warm and mmm. Having your face between a girls thighs, feeling her get progressively wetter, feeling her muscles tighten and clench... it's really wonderful. And sexy. Yes... I really like it. Obviously. ;) On the diet? I think it plays a part, yes. I've read articles before on certain foods that react with chemicals in your body that cause foul odors. Or that eating a lot of meat and junk food doesn't bode well with more than just weight and overall health in terms of your body. So I think diet does play a part in the taste of ones secretions.

2.) I can't decide which are more plump, voluptuous and delectable-looking, your lips or your breasts. Do you have an answer? Which do you most like to have bitten?
I like my breasts are more plump and voluptuous definitely. Though I think my lips are my best feature honestly. I love having both bitten but I honestly like having my lower lip bitten more than I like having my breasts bitten. I like the boobie biting but bite and then pull on my lower lip while still biting and OMG.

Bruce asked: 1.) I you had a super power, what would it be.......and how what would you most often use it for?
Teleportation. I would use it to get to where ever I needed to go. No more worrying about car repairs, gas prices, insane amount of traffic, idiot drivers and all that stuff.

Ms. Cranberry asked: 1.) Would you ever do a sports related role play? (IE your man is the buff football player and you're the pretty cheerleader, etc)
I'd never do a roleplay where I was a cheerleader. That's not me and not something I find sexy. Boyfriend isn't in to cheerleaders either. I do want to do some sports roleplaying that involve hockey and baseball though.

2.) Would you rather give up eating ice cream or cookies?
Cookies. Ice cream is my favorite sweet thing.

3.) How much do you tip when you go out to a restaurant?
Depends on how server and how good they are. I've left $10 on a $25 ticket before because our waitress was very nice and extremely attentive without being pushy. I usually don't tip less than 20% though. I know how shitty working food service is and people often don't tip enough. That's what we're working for people!

4.) When was the last time you gave a homeless person food or money?
Two weeks ago. A woman came up to me at the gas station and asked me if she could have $3 because she wanted a double cheeseburger from McDonalds next door and a 40 from the gas station. I gave her $5, she walked over to McDonalds and was on her way back with Mickey D's bag in hand to get the beer when I left the gas station. Yeah, I know a lot of people refuse to give homeless people money but I don't give a shit. "They're just spending it on booze." Yep and if they're honest and tell me that's what they want it for, I'm giving it to them because I appreciate the honesty. Besides, I'd probably just spend it on booze myself so no big deal.

Autumn asked: 1.) Hmmm...have you ever had an orgasm that made you "squirt" to date?
Actually, if I have a really intense orgasm, I squirt. Or if I'm really turned on, I squirt. I get ridiculously wet when I'm turned on as it is. When I have intense orgasms (which happens a lot) I squirt. I don't find it gross at all. Though the first time I did it years ago, I freaked out because I didn't know what squirting was when I was a teenager. I was freaked out and confused because I didn't know my vaginas could do that then, lol. Once I learned of it, I didn't freak out when it happened anymore.

Secretia asked: 1.) What is the most romantic thing in the world for you?
Honestly, I'm not romantic. I never think, "Oh, how romantic!" Most things that others find "romantic" I tend to find cheesy, boring and cliche. I'm not into flowers, candy, jewelry, candle light dinners, dancing under the stars, breakfast in bed type, long walks on the beach, cuddling in front of the fire, rose petals on the bed, candle lit bubble bath or anything like that. Even with less cliche stuff, I still don't ever think "Oh, romantic!" My perfect nights involve hockey games or loud ass rock shows. Both involve a lot of other people, a lot of noise and me screaming my head off and possibly cussing a little too much. I'm more of a "lets have fun" type over a "I want to do something" romantic type.

Amanda the Pickle Pan-Duh asked: 1.) If a squirrel and a rhino mate, what is it called?
That is one burly, badass, insane squirrel if it successfully mates with a rhino! Fuuuck. It would be a Squirhinoel. Squir-hi-no-L.

2.) Would you rather give or receive oral sex with a woman and why?
Give. Receiving is nice but it's not very high up on things that really get me going.

3.) Would you rather have a wrestling match in mud, Jell-O or baby oil and why?
Baby oil. Mud gets too cold too quick. The only thing Jell-O is good for is to be mixed with booze to make shots. They should do wet sand wrestling. That would be a challenge.

Phairhead asked: 1.) Did you ever discuss your bisexuality with your parents?
Not really. My mom knows and proclaims not to care. It's not something we discuss. My dad, I don't talk about things that personal with him.

2.) How do you stay sober from hard drugs?
It's hard. I have a friend I'm really close with that I've stopped hanging out with because he has a cocaine addiction and it just became too much for me. He quit for a few years but started up again a few months ago. He always had it on him and I admit, I was tempted because I remembered how good it always made me feel. I didn't do it and told him I couldn't hang out with him anymore while he was coked out every damn day. I get tempted with weed and ecstasy too but I pass them by too. I always remember how good I felt and the fun I had but I don't want to do that stuff anymore. I only did those drugs then because I was miserable and I was looking for something to fill me and make me happy. Sure, it worked while I was high but when I came down I felt even worse. Which is what lead to me constantly being high. I'm not an unhappy person anymore and I don't need that shit to make me happy, mellow me out, relax me or help me avoid reality for any amount of time. I'm a better and stronger person for not doing them and being able to stay off of them. Also, my boyfriend would kick my ass. ;) Not literally of course.

3.) Oatmeal raisin vs. chocolate chip?
Chocolate chip. I hate raisins.

Southerngirl asked: 1.)You seem to be a very open person, thus I wondered if most people IRL know your blog?
Most people in my real life know I have a blog. My family all know about it and know where to read it. Though that isn't from me sharing that with them, lol. Though now I don't care that they know about it anymore and don't care that a couple of them read from time to time. My boyfriend reads. Several of my best friends all read. They all know that I post a wide variety of things on here and if they see or read something they could have gone on happily without knowing... well, that's the risk they take by coming here, lol. =)

2.) What irritates you the most about blogging?
People forming expectations of youand thinking just because it's the internet and they're hiding behind their computer screen they can bitch. Thinking that just because you post something once or twice that you should do it all the time and then complaining because you don't. Thinking you should post every day and then getting whiney/bitchy when you miss a few days for whatever reasons. I post what I want, when I want. I blog for me and on my own terms. There's no sense being an asshole about it because that's not going to make me bend, lol.

Also, I hate how people get such massive e-balls just because they're sitting behind a computer screen and don't have to physically say some of the bullshit they spew. You know so many of the douchebags who leave asshole comments wouldn't say shit if they had to walk in front of you and say it. I hate e-courage, e-balls, etc.

Another Suburban Mom asked: 1.) Do you eat oreos by opening them up and licking out the cream, or do you just bite into them?
I just bite into them. The cookie is my favorite part. I also always eat them dipped in milk.

2.) Did you quit smoking?
Yes! =)

Chris SDC asked: 1.) When you did drugs, did you ever have a bad trip during sex?

2.) What is your least favorite place to get food from?
Chuck E. Cheese. I hate going there and I'm so happy I rarely find myself there. The only time we go is for a kiddos birthday party or a special treat for a kiddo. That happens only a couple times a year. So yay.

Curvaceous Dee asked: 1.) What's the oddest thing you've ever fantastised about?
Hmmm... Possibly the mechanic thing. Being in a mechanic shop, dirty oil stained floors with shiny muscle cars all around. Getting fucked with tools. Nothing with sharp or jagged points or edges though. Getting oil smears all over my skin from hands splattered by motor oil. Fucking on the concrete floor and in and on all the cars. I've masturbated with several tools before and after you get passed the cold of the metal, it's nice.

Also.. blood turns me on. Not just in theory either. I was into vampires years before that lady wrote that craptastic Twilight series and made them popular. I remember when it was "creepy" and "weird" and I was a "freak" because of my vampire "obsession".. I used to fantasize about sex with a vampires and let me tell ya, mine didn't sparkle. There was also fervent lust, biting and blood.

One time and only one time, I fantasized about getting it on, under the sea, with a gothic looking mermaid. I think that was because I was high and the goth girl I had been playing around with was watching Little Mermaid when I was passed out.

Sparkling Laura asked: 1.) You mentioned in your blog before that your boyfriend is 6'8" tall and wears a size 15 shoe. You posted a pic once of his hand that totally completely covers yor face so we know he has big hands. Now tell us what we're all (all the women anyway!) really wondering, does he have a big dick and what size is it?
Yeah he does. It's a size XL. Makes buying condoms a bitch.

Bucking Bill
asked: 1.) So if there is a duck in a dungeon what don't you do?
I don't just leave him there! I storm the dungeon, save the duck and ride away on my flying magic carpet to return the duck to a safer place.

2.) Where is your favovite place to have sex?
In my vagina.

3.) If you had two pickles, some string, a potato, five sticks from a tree, and a snowball what would you do?
I would use the string to pull it all together and make a weird center piece for the dinner table. Then sell it on Ebay with a disclaimer about how I can't be held responsible if the snowball melts before they get their center piece.

Mama Mia asked: 1.) Why don't you want kids?
Read this blog post. It explains exactly why I don't want kids.

Steak Chop Suey asked: 1.) Would you ever work for a phone sex hotline?
Probably not. Only if I got really, really desperate for money and had no other options.

M asked: 1.) How do you decide what's good for you and what you really want?
I listen to my instincts and gut feelings. Sometimes, I agonize over things for days over thinking them to death. Then I usually go with the thing that was my first impulse.

Fang asked: 1.) If money were no object, where would you pick to retire?
Europe or somewhere on an island. I don't have it that narrowed down yet, lol.

2.) If my boyfriend and I got married, would you be my best man and rock whatever pimping suit I want my crew to wear?
Hell yes! Just don't expect me to downplay the tits buddy.

3.) If my dick suddenly fell off, would you walk around in public to take up a collection to buy me a new one and honestly tell people what you were collecting for?
You know I would. That's how much love I have for you. Plus, I think it would be amusing to explain that story to people, bwa ha ha.

Southern Sage asked: 1.) If you were elected Grand Poobah where your commands were irreversible and unchallengeable what 3 laws would you enact for the US?
I'd change some things.
1- There would be harsher laws and greater consequences against sex offenders.
2- There would be harsher laws and greater consequences against ever drunk driver idiot.
3- I'd make it illegal to play/work on a laptop/netbook, Twitter, read a book, update social network statuses, read documents, draw and everything else that requires you take your eyes off the road while driving. And yes, I've seen people doing all of the above and more while driving. It's ridiculous. You can wait to get where you're going to Twitter about how bad traffic was or to bitch on Facebook about the weather.

2.) What was your fave subject in school? Least Fave?
Favorite was a tie between history and art. Least favorite was Spanish class.

3.) What job, or job title do you hope to have in 5 years?
Badass Motherfucker.
Kidding. I'd like to own my own business at that time and be able to keep up with more charity work. I also better have a piano by then so I can practice my skills and become a successful piano bar singer/musician.

4.) How is it that Peter Piper can pick pickled peppers when I have to pick the peppers then pickle them?
Obviously he uses magic or some kind of weird dark agricultural art form.

5.) Do you have any idea where I can get a plant that grows the peppers already pickled?
No. Peter Piper might. Or he might try to bespell you. Your call on if you want to take that risk or not.

6.) I might need to steal this post cause it'll give me something to write about, you mind?
Go for it! I'd love to read it. With your readers coming up with the questions and you answering them, I can see one hell of an amusing post right there.

7a.) If you could give all men one specific piece of advice about how to treat their woman or women what would it be? (one sentence, cause you like me will babble for 3 paragraphs ;-) be specific)
Be respectful, don't be afraid to communicate, take mental notes of the little things she likes, be honest, make her laugh, don't have everything your way but don't let her walk over over you, don't skimp on the affection, don't stop having fun, compromise, listen, and never tell her you love her unless you fucking mean it.

7b.) The same question for women?
Be respectful, don't be afraid to communicate, men are not mind readers so TELL them what you mean instead of giving some bullshit response then being hurt because they didn't know, be honest, drop the mind games be straight forward, make him laugh, don't have everything your way but don't let him walk over over you, have fun, don't skimp on the affection, don't try to change him into what you want him to be because if you don't love him as is you might not love him at all. You know Sagey, if I use commas it can be one sentence and turn into a paragraph. Bwahahaha! Of course you know I have more but I stopped. ;)

8.) What is the one physical feature a guy will have for you to find him attractive? A girl? (I realize there might not be a deal breaker trait but what if your absolute fave)
On a guy, he has to be taller than me. That's the biggest thing, must be taller. Boyfriend is 6'8" so I think I'm good there, lol.
On a girl, she has to have curves, even if it's only a little.

9.) What did you want to be when you grew up when you were younger, say 10 years old?
A lot. A rock star, a ninja, a doctor, a professional volunteer (lol), an athlete, a vampire who went around slaying evil people, a doctor, a fire fighter.

10.) Which musician is the absolute best at their instrument? Not per instrument, which one is the best overall. Who plays their instrument better than anyone else plays their own instrument. In your opinion.
George Gershwin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Dimebag Darrell.
If you prefer someone living, Neil fucking Peart. I admire the hell out of him.
Of course, Synyster Gates, Alexi Laiho,
Peter Lindgren and Jon Schaffer get honorable mentions.
I suck at picking just one. Y'all know this.

11.) If I wasn't beautiful would you still answer my questions?
Of course! Probably.

12.) Do you ever say/type something that tickles you?
Oh yes. =) I do amuse myself at times and at times, I'm the only one amused by me. Which still counts.

13.) Have you ever dipped snuff or chewed tobacco? how'd you like it?
My grandpa let me dip his snuff when I was maybe 8 just so I'd leave him alone about doing it. It was sooo gross. I stuck to chewing Nesquick chocolate milk powder after that when I wanted to copy him, lol. Never tried it again and don't want to. I tried chewing tobacco once when I was young too. Then I realized just what you do with it, spit it out and never touched it again. Bleeeech.

14.) Do you intend to breed ever? If so how many kids do you want?
Hell no. No kids for me, thanks.

That's all folks. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted questions for me to answer! If I some how missed someone, please let me know so I can come back and edit the post to add your question/s.

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Happy Monday!


Curvaceous Dee said...

Okay, these were great! I read them all, and especially loved a) your answer to my question, and b) your answer to your favourite place to have sex. That made me laugh so hard I had a coughing fit :)

xx Dee

The Not-So-Eligible Bachelor said...

You know... Dallas is not that far from Houston.

You and I could both be each other's first blogland rendezvous.

Just another one of my great ideas.

Another Suburban Mom said...

I LOVED your questions and answers! And I am so proud of you since you quit smoking! You go girl!

I might have to steal this idea one of these days!

phairhead said...

Yr really sharp insightful gal :D

go habs!!!

Alexa said...

If you wanted to anally fuck me with a strap while chained to the bed and pouring hot wax on my back,

Coincidentally, that's *exactly* what I had in mind.

Your rates are reasonable. I'll have my people get in touch with your people and work something out. :p

Bruce said...

"What is your favorite place to have sex?"....."My Vagina".

This made me laugh.......

just some dude said...

Great post and great answers. You kick ass!

Comment Whore said...

Thanks for answering my umm next time I go to j/k...

Anonymous said...

thats absolutely the longest post I ever read. Excellent answers. I am gonna do it prolly tomorrow, I got drunk last night and mis timed my today post so I ain't sure yet when I'll post it.

I think for the most part you are me asa chick!

Just some things you answered, I prefer ur lips/eyes over your boobs, though they are awesome of course. I knew Goliath was 6'8 big Mofo!

The tools masturbation turned me on, a lot.

the blood thing turned me off, not a lot.

I would never have guessed you had never met anyone, I havent either. I'll come and letcha pour me a cool pop, at wherever you work if you are for it in the middle of Jan.

I hope you get to own your own bar/club (I think I read that way back yonder somewhere).

I had no idea you could sing. You should do a voice thing on your blog of you singing that would soooooooooooooo rock.

You didn't pick any of the musicians I woulda but SRV was pretty fuckin good.

The fucking with the strap on turned me on, a lotttttttttttttttt a lottttttttttttttt a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

your vagina was the best answer over all.

Once on the Newlywed game the question was "where is the weirdest place you ever had sex" the girl said "my butt" they had to shut the show down. Evidently butt sex in the 70's wasn't that popular.

ok thats all I got. If I do it I expect some Q's!

you rock. Good luck on the donations too.