Sunday, November 8, 2009

And the winner is....

Are you one of the people who took a guess at yesterday's post?

I got 158 unique visitors yesterday and only 12 people made a guess. Which honestly, is more than I expected, lol.

Someone did guess correctly! More so, two someones guessed correctly.

The winners?

Purple_Foxglove and Mina!

I was rinsing with Listerine in the picture.

Though, I did enjoy seeing all the guesses. Curvaceous Dee made me chuckle the most with her guess. Thanks to all who played along with me and took a guess! I might do this again sometime soon. It's fun and I enjoy seeing the things people come up with. Next time, I'll make it a little more difficult. ;)

Review to come soon! I can't get the pictures off my damn phone right now and that is all I'm waiting for. I've sent them, they just haven't shown up in my e-mail yet. I could take pictures off a website but I'd rather use my own. So, hurry up AT&T/Gmail. Which ever of the two is to blame for the delay in my pictures! Heh. =o)


Anonymous said...

You looked so serious in the mirror, I didn't know what it was!

mina said...

wheee! yay for mouth wash! lol

TUG said...

awww...I missed the contest! I was going to guess staring at one of those 3D pictures with the hidden stuff in it. I hate those.

ZigZagMan said...

just stopping by to share some love girl........:)

purple_foxglove said...

Haha, I thought that expression looked familiar! ^-^