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The most recent toy the super awesome people at Eden Fantasys sent to me was another one that looks rather odd. Like I've said before, I love trying out the toys that don't look like all of the rest. The unique ones catch my eye. So when I saw the Bonsai Joy by Erotic Embrace, it looked like something I would totally be down to try. Check it out.

Weird looking little thing isn't it?

The Bonsai Joy is made out of Phthalate free Elastomer. It has a similar feel to a jelly toy but it's softer and there isn't any funky smell to it. From what I understand, the material is supposedly safer and all around better than jelly and I would agree that it definitely feels better than jelly. Then again, I'm not a fan of jelly at all but I digress. It's a g-spot vibe that also offers clitoral and perineum stimulation. The toy is 6" in length but you can only insert 3 1/4" of the toy. The shaft is curved and formed mostly of three balls with little ticklers all over them. There is also one little nub on the bottom ball and two little nubs on the second ball for added stimulation. The nubs also have ticklers attached there as well. The shaft is pliable yet also rather firm. The shaft is rather slim for my liking as the center ball is 1 1/4" in diameter and is the largest ball of the three. It's easy to get in though and the unique design of the curved shaft formed of tickler covered balls is definitely nice over your average simple curved toy.

A large bullet attached to a battery powered control pack takes care of the multi-speed vibrations. There are four settings for the vibrations. The first three are continuous vibrations like most toys and range from what I'll call low, medium and high. The fourth setting is a pulsating vibration. The controls are simple. The button to the right turns the toy on or off and the button on the left cycles through your four levels of vibrations. The bullet is also removable and comes out with no problem. It's also easy to put back in.

The battery pack runs off two AA batteries. The battery compartment lid slides down easily but doesn't come off all of the way. You slide down and then flip it up to insert or remove the batteries. I liked that the lid doesn't come off all of the way because you never have to worry about losing it. I also had no problem with it slipping at all during use of the pack so yay.

I always clean my toys when I get them out of the package. I know they've never been used before. In this toy, there was no chemical smell or no smell at all honestly. Still, I clean them before the first use, after every use and sometimes if they've been sitting for a while... yep, I clean them again before using them. No one can ever say my naughty toys are dirty. In a literal sense anyway. ;)

I really love the way the shaft feels. It isn't the biggest and even though it's a g-spot toy, it doesn't really reach the g-spot that well. It reaches enough that the vibrations of the toy provide some stimulation to the g-spot but it's not enough. If the insertable length for half an inch or an inch longer, it would be heaven for your g-spot. The design of the toy is what I like. The top and bottom balls are the same size I believe but the center one is larger. You can really feel the size of the balls as you slide the toy in and out. I got a lot of stimulation from the curve and the ball shapes. It really feels great. The ticklers also provide more added sensation but only slightly for me. The nubs that I mentioned on the center ball and the one nub on the bottom ball weren't noticeable for me. I didn't feel any added sensation from them and only vaguely noticed their presence once inserted.

The base of the toy in the front has more ticklers and that is supposed to be a clitoral stimulator. It didn't reach my clitoris though which was disappointing. That part of the toy is pretty much useless because it doesn't do what it's supposed to do. If your clit is maybe an inch or less from your vagina, you'll have great luck with this. Mine doesn't happen to be that close so I didn't get any stimulation from the front. If it were a bit longer then it would have offered great clitoral stimulation I assume. I could feel the vibrations from it greatly since the base is sitting right on top of the bullet. It would have been nice if it would have been long enough to actually reach my clit. Though, I don't mind much because while I do LOVE clitoral stimulation, I don't need it to get off. It's just like sprinkles on a cupcake for me; not necessary but definitely a nice little extra I'll never complain about.

The base of the toy in the back has a larger size nub. I figured that was probably there to massage the perineum because it's not going much farther than that honestly, lol. If that's not what it's for then I'm going to say it's just for decoration because seriously, even if it could reach something else, it's not big enough to do any kind of good. I could feel the vibrations gently in that area so it did add a small amount of added sensation.

The actual vibrations aren't bad. The low setting is gentle and didn't do much for me. The second vibration setting was a bit stronger and the third vibration setting was fairly nice. It wasn't really strong but a good moderate vibration that got me going really well. The pulsating vibration was only so-so. It was somewhere between the gentle low setting and the second setting for the vibrations. You could feel it but there wasn't a lot of oomph behind it.

My only complaint vibrations wise is that I didn't feel that the top ball (that has the most ticklers on it by the way) of the curved shaft got enough vibration. The base sits on top of the bullet so it was buzzing away nicely. The bottom and middle balls of the curved shaft were fine too but the top ball seemed to be missing out because even on the highest setting, it didn't feel like it was getting enough of the power distributed up to it. With that being the part that was actually toying with my g-spot, I would have liked some of the oomph from the base to make it up to the top. Still, it felt good though. A lot of what I enjoy about that toy is really the shape and curve of the shaft. It's just delicious as it's being worked in and out of you.

I did try to use the shaft of the toy to stimulate my clitoris. It got there fine and the ticklers felt interesting in a very good way against my clit. The lack of power reaching that top ball wasn't a problem when using it on and around my clitoris. That felt awesome.

I also removed the bullet and played with it on it's own. I used to to tease and stimulate my clitoris, nipples and slid it up and down the lips of my vagina. Fun times I say. Since it's removable, y
ou can also use a different bullet in the sleeve if you have one similar in size. That way if you want more powerful vibrations, more tame vibrations, a different combination of things or whatever; you can just remove the one it comes with and use your own.

Noise wise, it isn't too bad. I also have incredibly sensitive hearing. Seriously, don't whisper if you're going to sit next to me because there's about a 90% chance I'm going to hear what you say. I have freakishly good hearing. I digress. It's a little noisy but nothing that can't be handled. If you shut the bedroom door and have on some background noise such as the TV or some music playing at a moderate level, you can faintly hear the noise of the bullet mixed in with the background noise. That's if you're standing right outside the door. Standing about two feet away from the closed door, I didn't hear anything but the music I had on.

Cleaning the toy is easy. The bullet comes out quite easily so you don't have to worry about getting the large bullet or the cord wet. The end of the toy is left open though, leaving the bottom of the bullet and the cord exposed. That part of the toy doesn't come in contact with the body though. Inside the shaft, there is a tube that prevents the shaft from being floppy. The tube can come out but it is extremely difficult to get the tube out and equally as difficult getting it back in since it wasn't made to come out, lol. I don't think it's very likely you're going to need to clean the inside of the toy since you shouldn't be able to get much, if anything, in there. If you do, luckily the insides don't come in direct contact with flesh. I get extremely wet during play and sex and I didn't have a problem. I was also careful in cleaning not to get any soap and water up in the shaft area. Getting that tube out and back in twice was so not something I wanted to do, lol. You could always use a condom over the toy as well. The only downfall to that is you don't get the soft feeling of the elastomer and the condom also keeps you from feeling the ticklers that are all over the shaft. If you're going to share the toy, using the condom would be good anyway since you can't totally sanitize the toy.

You can use this toy anally but I haven't done that. Yet. I will and my follow up commentary talking about my anal experience will be added on Eden Fantasys. So you'll have to check there in a week or so and see what I think about this toy when used for anal. I also need to use it with my boyfriend and see what he has to say about it. I love throwing in the male perspective on these things. Though he did help with something in the review. You'll notice in some of the pictures there is a large hand holding the toy in a few of the shots. I had my boyfriend hold it while I took pictures. He's such a good sport. ;)

I do like this toy though and I've used it several times now. I think if the shaft were slightly longer, if the top ball got all the vibrations the base does and if the clitoral stimulator could actually reach my clit.... then I would love this toy. Just a little fine tuning is all it needs and it would rock my fucking socks off.

product picture
G-spot and clitoral vibrator by Erotic Embrace
Material: Elastomer


~*Jobthingy*~ said...

omg its so cute!

i need to get in the toy trying business *giggles*

Richard, Shhh... said...

Amorous, GREAT review! Thanks! I really liked all the detail you put into this evaluation! I used to be an engineer on the F-16 in Dallas & know really-good evals of products need to be so detailed. I will forward this (like others) to some special girls in my life. Thanks for sharing so intimately cuz U gave us relevant information that way! HHNT XOXOX

ShellSpann said...

I am really jealous that you get to try out all these new toys! :)

That looks like something I would buy for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

it looks like z cactus!

Looks like znd sounds like good fun though!

phairhead said...

they look like anime characters :D

Slyde said...

holy crow! that looks like a gay cactus!

Anonymous said...

That is the most comprehensive review of an adult product I ever read. You are an expert!

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