Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random rambles...

Thank you to everyone who sent in a picture or several pictures. It's
going to be a great post; image heavy with lots of variety. Don't know
what I'm talking about? Check out yesterday's post for the details.
Then, if you want, email me something! ;)

Yesterday, Boyfriend grilled flat iron steaks. His mama supplied them.
He grilled. I made potatoes & stuff to go with them. It was such a
yummy dinner. We can't afford steak right now & it's not something we
eat often anyway, lol. It was so good though. Nom nom nom.

I love Special K Vanilla Almond cereal. I wish it had more almonds in
it though. I love almonds. Cereal is one of my favorite things to eat.
I always have a hard time when buying cereal because I like *almost*
every kind of cereal they have at the store. Makes picking some cereal
difficult, lol.

I love my bullet vibe. It's fucking awesome. Used alone or with some
help; either way rocks.

Mosquitos apparently love me. I fucking hate the greedy little blood
thirsty bitches.

Happy Tuesday!!


Another Suburban Mom said...

I am glad you had such an awesome day. You should just buy a bag of sliced almonds and put it in the cereal.

The Peach Tart said...

Steak and potatoes good. Bullet better. Glad you enjoyed your day.

mina said...

I eat Special K's fruit and yogurt. It's some yummy stuff.

Emmy said...

I hate mosquitos too....and am happy I live where there aren't any.

Special K rocks! I like their chocolate kind the best.

Glad you found and had fun with your bullet vibe! :)

Anonymous said...

Yogurt and granola girl here...

Nice that your baby cooks for you on occasion, he sounds like a keeper!!

Weekends Off said...

I stand in the cereal isle staring at the boxes while K shops. It takes me nearly 30 minutes to decide which I want because I like so many. He on the other hand will only eat 2 kinds. Raisin Bran and Cin. Toast Crunch. How boring!

rage said...

Mmmmm, flat iron steaks. Haven't had those in a long time. Yummy!