Friday, September 25, 2009


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And shit, since moving my blog here in June 0f '08 my blog has reached 100,000 hits in just over a year. More aptly, it's at 100,395 right now but I totally haven't been paying attention to it lately. That kind of amazes me since 95,000 was only 24 days ago. Thanks to everyone who comes here to read my garbage, rants, ramblings, plays along with my interactive posts/schemes and everything else. XoXo!

Wednesday night I went to see Pink at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Yeah, I love Pink! She's not my normal cup of tea because I pretty much don't like that kind of music very much. Pink, I adore and have for years. I relate so well to her lyrics and I think she's fucking badass.

Anyway, we're broke ass people right now so how did we get money for tickets to go see Pink? Not only did we see Pink, we were on the floor, standing not so far away from the stage. By the way, if you think people at rock and metal shows are rough about pushing to the front... these people were NUTS. Anyway, we didn't pay for the tickets. I got a very awesome opportunity presented to me and I couldn't pass it by. A very awesome lady by the name of Pretty Princess G had purchased two tickets to go see Pink the day they went on sale several months ago. Recently though the poor lady has been sick and hasn't kicked it yet. Due to her being sick, she wasn't going to be able to make the Pink show she had tickets for. She was trying to find someone to give them away to. She said she was waiting to find out if her sister could take them and go to the show. Then she said if her sister couldn't, I could have them if wanted them.

Um, fuck yes. So I wait around anxiously and then a while later she tells me the tickets are mine, we just have to go see her in Dallas and pick them up. My boyfriend being the awesome boyfriend and all around great guy that he is drove out to where she was and picked them up. Though she didn't tell me the tickets were badass and on the floor. I didn't find out that until Boyfriend told me after he picked up the tickets.

Despite the initial nutty, pushy people and one really loud, drunk, smelly, obnoxious bitch; it was a damn good show. Pink puts on an amazing show actually. It's visually stunning, the pictures I posted don't do the stage setup much justice. It was gorgeous though. The second the curtain dropped, I was enamored with the set. It was one of the coolest fucking things I have ever seen. The tour is called the "Funhouse Tour" and the stage is set up like a funhouse. The costumes/make-up that Pink, her dancers and her bad wore matched the theme as well. As did the props they used during the show. It was so fun to just watch that. In rock/metal shows I actually hate a big fancy glamorous stage show. I just want to see them play and a little glitz and lights goes a long way at those kinds of shows. I digress...

Pink really sang. I was going to be disappointed if she was a lip syncing bitch. I don't like most music like that anyway and she's pretty much the only poppy artist I like. As far as female singers, I don't care for most of them. The ones I do like are usually in rock/metal bands. Such as Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf, Epica, Nightwish, Sirenia and a few others. Totally nothing like Pink but that's what I prefer. Pink didn't fake it though, she was really singing and she really has a great sounding voice. I was totally happy. She interacted fine with the crowd and had a good sense of humor about a couple mishaps during the show. Though the mishaps weren't by any fault of hers, like the microphone that cut out and went dead on her in the middle of singing. The show was amazing and the music was great. Her lead guitarist guy was better than some of the dudes I've seen in rock/metal bands too. That dude was awesome and I enjoyed the couple guitar solos he did. I also totally enjoyed the girly rude bimbos near me who couldn't handle the badass totally rock guitar solos he did. Watching them cover their ears and look disgusted made me giggle. Pink and company did a Led Zep song along with a Queen song. Didn't do a bad job of it either. I usually hate when people cover Queen but they did it pretty well and it was fun.

I had a really great time and I'm so happy I got to go. Especially since I've been having a hard time emotionally lately and have just felt down and crappy because of things . Getting to go to that show was amazing and put me in a little bit of a better head space. I would have never been able to go had it not been for Pretty Princess G hooking me up with her tickets. It wasn't something I could afford at all so I wouldn't have gone. I was so happy when we got there, got our wristbands and made it down to the floor. At first, I couldn't believe I was really there. I almost felt like crying because I felt so happy and for the last almost 2 weeks my emotions have been much more negative and down more often than not. It felt good to forget things and just have a good time. A really good time. Thank you so much to Pretty Princess G for being such a cool lady and letting me have her tickets. I appreciate it so much.

Now, pictures anyone? I admit, they're not that good because they were taken with my camera phone. I don't know where the hell my digital camera cord is and my boyfriend needs to replace his. So, all we've got to use are camera phones for now, lol. Also, I didn't care to play with the light settings on my phone too much. I was more interested in the show. Though Boyfriend took all the pictures. He rocks like that.

To see the slide show on a larger scale, click here.

To see the Pink photo set, click here.

Happy Friday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

I love Pink! You are so lucky getting to see her in concert.

The Peach Tart said...

Pretty Princess G rocks. I love Pink and would love to see her. Glad you enjoyed it.

Sercretia Teller said...

Pink is excellent.

BTExpress said...

When you said you seeing Pink, it kind of shocked me, because I thought you were into something little more goth like. I'm glad you had a great time, because you deserve something good for a change.

Gray said...

I'm so happy for you!! That is such an awesome thing. :)

Isabella Snow said...

Yay, you!! That's awesome!

MinorityReport said...

Awesome. Glad you had fun. :)

TUG said...

That is so cool! Glad you had a great time!

A request...don't use yellow...I can't read it on the white background of my reader :)

autumn said...

Pretty Princess G is fucking awesome! Pink is my very favourite female artist for many of the same reasons as you. she rocks and it's sooooo cool that you got to go. *sigh* these pics are about as close as i'll get so thanks for showing us Boyfriend's kickass pics! ;)

rage said...

That was really nice of Princess G to hook you up with those tix.

I appreciate Pink because she has that "I don't give a shit attitude."

Gotta appreciate that.

nitebyrd said...

Pretty Princess G is a really nice princess! Going to a concert always perks me right up. Never seen "Pink" but I'll bet she can rock the house. Lucky you!