Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If You Only Knew

My blog is only 19 16 unique visitors away from hitting a lovely 95,000 visitors in just over a year since changing my blog over to this web address. Thanks y'all! That fucking rocks. I appreciate everyone who comes here to read my daily rants, raves, nonsense and etc and appreciate all those who comment and reach out as well. I've gotten to know some pretty wicked people. Thanks!

Here is the second addition of random text messages and strange conversations taken out of my cell phone between my friends and I. Did you miss the first batch of text messages? ;) I type these out as they sit in my phone. No editing other than name changing to protect anonymity when needed.
Though for this one, I decided to put the conversation as opposed to putting several random ones. His texts in bold and my responses are in red. Well, not the whole conversation because I didn't include the first five and last four messages but here we go.

1."If I found an egg like in Eragon and it turned out to be a dragon I would keep it as a pet and name it Sir Spyro VanGoh Wario."

(I replied: What if the dragon is a girl like the one in the movie is?)

1b. "I guess I didn't think that far. Spyra Lisa Simpson? LOL"

(I replied: Good thing dragons aren't real, you don't have to hassle with naming one. ;))

1c. "Yeah, wait... what? No dragons???? :'( :'( Breaking my heart and crushing my dreams!"

(I replied: Oops. Sorry! Well... You know about The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy right?")

1d. "Yeah yeah, theyre not real. That what you were gonna tell me?"

(I replied: No. Actually, I was going to tell you they are real but The Tooth Fairy and The Easter Bunny are dating. No only that but they're swingers too!)

1e. "Thats ridiculous! Who would they swap with?"

(I replied: He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good.... and he's married to that kinky bitch Mrs. Clause.)

1f. "That... I... You are a disturbed girl!! Yet Im feeling strangely compelled to go rent a Santa Costume now...."

(I replied: Yeah, I'M the disturbed one yet you're the one that wants to rent the Santa get up so you can have sex with the Mrs., The Easter Bunny & The Tooth Fairy.)

1g. "Since The Bunny is in on it does that make it bestiality? Im not down with that."

(I replied: I think it falls under the plushy fetish thing since it's a bunny costume and not a real bunny.)

1h. "Im cool with that LOL"

(I replied: Freak!)

1i. "Says the freak who thought the twisted scenario up! I think a few days inside your head would freak me out more than any psych thriller movie would LOL I mean that in the best way too LOL"

I only like surprises if I don't know about them. If someone tells me they have a surprise for me, then I have to wait for them, I get too anxious about it and my mind won't stop wondering about it until I find out what it is.

It's after 5 AM now and I've been awake for just over 33 straight. I'm still not that tired. I haven't had hardly any caffeine or sugar. As long as my mind stays active, I can stay awake and be fine. I'll probably only sleep 4 or 5 hours when I do crash. I don't need a lot of sleep and I actually feel better when I get less. If I do sleep a lot, I end up tired all day. I'd rather be awake and doing as much as I can in a day than wasting it sleeping an obscene amount when I don't personally need to.

I love baseball but I also love movies about baseball. Especially Major League 1 & 2 and A League Of Their Own; among others. Though, I don't care for most of the actresses in A League Of Their Own, it's still one of my favorite movies. I think Geena Davis is quite pretty.

Mystery, Alaska is one of my favorite hockey movies. Though, I'd much rather watch a hockey game. By the way, is it fucking hockey season yet? Y'all will get tired of seeing that from me, lol.

Lady GaGa's music annoys the fuck out of me. Nothing against her just her songs, I can't stand them. I don't listen to them but when I'm out somewhere and one of them comes on, I cringe.

I also don't get the hype over the True Blood show. This is mostly because I would rather read a series over watching it on TV since I'm not a big TV fan. Books don't transcend into television series and even sometimes movies right for me. I feel like too mush gets lost in translation for my to accurately enjoy it. I've been a fan of vampires ever since I was a little kid though and first discovered what they were by watching a horror movie my mom had told me not to watch.

Ghost Busters was the first movie to really freak me out. Ghosts scared me more than vampires, zombies and the bogeyman because ghosts seemed like they had a better chance of being around and causing trouble. Ghosts didn't scare me for too long though because I loved GB. My brother 22 and I used to "play" Ghost Busters and even had some snazzy toy versions of their gear. I recently got the GB game for my Nintendo DS and I love it.


Joker_SATX said...

Congrats on the blog hits! That's awesome.

All the movies you mentioned are classic. Love them all. Believe it or not I am still trying to get that version of Wild Thing on Itunes. Its Joan Jett right?

Alisha and Brett said...

Love the random facts and I love the "lights"... Please, go into the lgihts... lol

Kara and Jessica said...

Awesome entry. Love all the text's and random fact's. Kara is more of a sports person than me so she can relate with you on that. Though since moving to Boston people make it seem like a sin if your not a Red Sox fan. Whenever there's a game all the bars just fill right up and people go crazy. I with you on Lady Gaga LOL. I am obsessed with True Blood though. I've read some of the books and watch the show. I actually enjoy the show better. The show is more mature. I would rather see my favorite book as a show though. If the first book of True Blood was a movie it would only be two hours, as a show you get 12 hours. That's a lot more you can take from a book. That's one of the things I enjoyed when Stephen King turned some of his books into TV mini-series. He wrote a lot of them, didn't have to cut much out and they were very similar to the book. Though I didn't like that last Salem's Lot mini. It did change a lot from the book. Thanks for the enjoyable post.


Emmy said...

Hilarious text message exchange! I love that "that kinky bitch Mrs Claus!" Lol!

With you on the baseball movies. You didn't include one of my favs though - Bull Durham.

True Blood the show is okay. The book series is MUCH better. Read them - don't watch the show.

the eternal list said...

can i just say that you are absolutely beautiful in this pic here

i'm a goth at heart, in spirit, i may not dress up and put on the makeup...that's really 'cause i'm broke more than anything!

happy tuesday, babe

Jormengrund said...

Oh.. My.. GOD.

My brother and best friend were moving a pool table a couple of weeks ago, and his DVD player was on while we were following the moving van.. Ghostbusters was in the player..

Sad but true: The three of us were able to basically speak the lines from the entire movie without watching the screen!

My favorite line?

Venkman: "Come in Ray"

Spengler: "Go ahead Venkman"

Venkman: "He's here, Ray."

Spengler: "Ugly little spud, isn't he?"

Venkman: "I think he can hear you Ray!"

Classic line!

Nolens Volens said...

Love how your mind works with the whole swinging scenario. ;) As for baseball movies, have you ever seen "Bull Durham"? That one hit it out of the ballpark on realism. ;)

Hubman said...

Took me a minute, but I found the hidden picture :-)

Your text exchanges are much more interesting than mine! Most of the time...

TUG said...

Great conversation!

I like The Rookie. It's a nice feel good baseball movie. But League of Their Own is pretty fun.

GB used to freak me out. I think it was all the ooze :)

TUG said...

I cursored all over and can't find it!!!

Comment Whore said...

Awesome about the blog hits!
Very curious random facts...I could agree more about Lady Gaga and True Blood, even though I do like True Blood I don't think it warrants all the praise it does receive.

Happy Blogging!