Saturday, September 26, 2009

Great Read Award!

Amy of Sex, Chocolate and Red Lipstick gave me a blog award. I had intended to do this earlier on in the week but like I said, haven't felt like writing. So, I'm finally getting it done The award calls for a Top Ten List and then passing the award on to whomever you see fit. So, lets go.

For my Top Ten, I'm making a random list put together of my favorite suggestions from the readers and blog friends who made suggestions when I asked. I didn't pick just one idea, I picked 10 out of the 20-something ideas I got offered up to me. In example, some suggestion were "Top 10 Awesome Concerts You've Been To" & "Top 10 Favorite Childhood Toys You Still Love" so I look the themes and made them into one question. I got so many good suggestions, I couldn't decide. This way seemed fun. So woohoo. Thanks y'all. Onward.

My Random Top Ten

1. I Wish I Hadn't.

Paid so little attention in Spanish class. It would be helpful now if I could speak it. In my job searching, I get rather sick of seeing jobs I want to apply for and then seeing they want someone bilingual.

2. One Of The Worst Ways A Guy Has Tried To Pick Me Up.

My boyfriend and I were out at a bar. We had just gotten there and were waiting on friends. Boyfriend headed off to the boys room and I stayed standing around the front, doing something on my phone. I was making a call and a guy came up to me and flipped open his cell phone and stood next to me. When I got off the phone he says to me, "Were you trying to call me or was I trying to call you? Either way we need to exchange numbers so we can call each other sometime." No fucking joke. My boyfriend had been on his way back already and then he waited for the dude to finish his lines before walking around him to get to me. I forgot what I said to the guy but he got the hint (as if my laughing didn't give it away enough already) and went away.

3. Awesome concert.

So hard to pick just one since I've seen SO MANY great ones. I pick Incubus. It can be read about here. They're one of my absolute favorite bands. <3

4. Best Hockey Commercial.

I love the hockey commercials that come on Versus & the NHL channel during hockey season. They're hilarious. My favorite?

5. One Way "The Mood" Was Definitely Killed.

I was with a guy and we had gone to a movie. During the movie, we were fooling around a little here and there. After the movie, we fooled around in his car for a little bit. We decided it would be fun to go to a playground and fool around there. We went and started making out on the slide. He started going down on me and a car drove by and backfired. He thought it was a gunshot, freaked out and bit me so hard I started bleeding. Blood made him nauseous and the taste of blood in his mouth grossed him out so he had to turn away so he could throw up.

6. Actress That Everyone Finds Sexy That Don't Do It For Me.

Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba. I don't follow celeb bullshit news so I couldn't think of anyone other than those two and don't know who is hot right now. Don't care enough to go Google it either actually, lol.. Nothing against their skills and talent as actresses though. Nothing against them as people either since I don't know them. Just saying as far as looks go I don't find either of them appealing.

7. Favorite Childhood Toy That I Still Love.

LEGOS. Those are awesome.

8. Sexual Position I Could Happily Never Do Again.

Bended Knee or Pile Driver. Both are more trouble than they're worth.

9. Best Non-Physical Thing I Love About My Boyfriend.

He is a total sweetheart and does everything he can to make me happy. I could make a top 20 list on this topic but since I'm taking each list idea and keeping it to one thing, I'll go with that one. Actually, I did two things on a few here so I'll pick another. He makes me laugh. =o)

Odd Sexual Experience.

I was fooling around with a girl once. She was performing oral on me and then decided it would be fun to blindfold me. I went for it because we had fooled around many times and she was a friend of mine. I didn't think she would do anything to hurt me plus I had my hands free to pull off the blindfold if I got uncomfortable. Which I did after a few minutes because I felt a really odd sensation. I pulled off the blindfold and she was dragging a fork up and down my lips while she licked my clit. It was such a weird feeling. I told her to knock it off and she asked me if I would prefer a spoon or butter knife instead. I told her neither because silverware just didn't rock my socks off.

Now to pass on the Great Read Award! I know, my list was so long I bet some of y'all forgot there was an award given that needs some passing on. I read a lot of really kickass blogs so it's hard to only pick a few to give this to.

Panda Dementia
Sexie Sadie
Ms Bitchtits
13 Messages
Saucy Wildcat
Barefoot Dreamer
Weekends Off
Mina & Sylvanus

Of course, I won't mind if any or all of those fine people pass on doing a Top Ten List of their own. =o) Also, no surprise I went overboard in picking people to hand off the Great Read award too, lol. ;)

Happy Saturday!


Saucy Wildcat said...

Wow! Thanks hun. I'm honored. You really do rock! XOXO

Secretia Teller said...

Nice list of ten. Your sexual experiences are always good to read about. Blood on the slide sounds oddly familiar to me.

MinorityReport said...

That was a fun list. :) Congrats on your award.

Barefoot Dreamer said...

Hey, wow! thanks for thinking of me. What a surprise :)

I love random lists....

Anonymous said...

excellent answers!

Didn't someone else puke (drunk dood) while going down on you? Hmmmm I think I remember that, I'm tickled I never threw up on a chick!

I think silverware is so hot! I can't even open the drawer in the kitchen without getting turned on. We have to eat with plastic sporks cause of it. If I just see someone with the real stuff I have to excuse myself!

Angelina doesn't do it for me either. I didn't know the other chick, Brad needs to tell her to mix in some food. Damn she looks like a POW. Eat girl Eaaaaattttttttt

13messages said...

I love that hockey commercial. My little 4-year-old daughter is crazy about hockey for some reason.

A fork, huh? I've never thought about that. Whatever works for her I guess.

Have a great day. You made mine by including me on your list. Very cool.

rage said...

A fork, eh? Never heard of that one. I wish I had paid more attention in programming class. I guess maybe because I was too worried about getting out of class I just didn't pick up on the topic itself.

...and that is the worst pick up line I have ever heard in my entire life. That guy should be ashamed of himself.

Thanks for the award babes! xoxo

phairhead said...

that was a really cool way to interpret that idea

Anonymous said...

I am feeling such an embarrassing bout of wordlessness right now. Thanks for the pimpin', love. I'll be back.

Hubman said...

You deserve all the blog love you get! Great pick by Amy!

Never mind from the chicks position, how does a guy do the pile driver? My dick ain't ever pointin' straight down when it's hard!

nitebyrd said...

A fork? Seriously?

Okay, that "pile driver" is something someone in the circus invented. Yikes!

Congrats on your award, hun, you definitely deserve it.

Comment Whore said...

interesting list....but as predictable as I can be, I got all distracted by the sex positions link...ugh! lol

Anonymous said...

you love your hockey, huh? funny commercial

Emmy said...

Great list!
And thanks for sharing the love with me!! :)

Weekends Off said...

A fork? Seriously? Who looks at a fork and sees sex toy? Maybe I'm too old LOL!

Thanks for the blog award, I just saw your comment this morning!


dark snow said...

congrates on ur top ten!

Anonymous said...

I'd do missionary with you anytime (don't need anything fancy) and agree with you about Angelina Jolie not being sexy.

TUG said...

awww, out of all the blogs and readers you have you put me on your list? I'm a bit behind right now but I'll get back to ya :)