Monday, September 14, 2009

At night, I feel like a vampire...

I have ALL of the pictures that have been sent to me for the big picture post uploaded and ready to be shown off. There are OVER 100 pictures.

Only problem is, I'm still waiting for a few people to get back to me on how I need to credit them and link them for their pictures that they so nicely shared with me for my little project. So if you're reading this and you have an e-mail from me wanting to know how to credit/link you... get back to me! I am so excited that I got that many pictures! It's such an interesting mix as well! Some are even NSFW. ;) I'm so anxious to post this. So, get back to me people! Please & thank you.

Also, while I'm waiting on the people I need to hear from to e-mail me, if you want to send me something to add to it, go ahead! If you do send me picture(s) for it PLEASE REMEMBER to let me know how to credit you for your pictures and where to link them to. Blog, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. I don't know where you want to be linked, what name to post them under or anything else so if you send something in today, remember those details please & thank you.

I'm anxious! I didn't expect to get over 100 pictures when I started out with this idea for a post. I didn't have over 100 people participate. Almost everyone sent more than one picture but I did get a lot of participants. I was expecting something like 10 to 15 people and maybe 30 or 40 pictures at the most. I've been quite pleasantly surprised! Though, y'all might be wondering how I'm going to post over 100 pictures without killing my blog and killing some of y'all trying to look at it. I figured something out and hopefully none of the people who contributed pictures will have an issue with the way I've done it. You'll just have to wait and see once I can get it up though.

Yesterday I did something I'm SO excited about. I can cook pretty well. Baking has always been a different story. I'm the girl who can mess up the prepacked cookie dough that you just have to put in the oven and cook. I'm the girl who tries to make brownies or a cake and it doesn't work out. Well, last night I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. I'm not talking prepackaged either. I'm talking sugar, chocolate chips, flour, mixer and the whole deal. I got my mom to e-mail me a recipe and some instructions, printed them out and went to the kitchen. Got all my ingredients ready and got to work. This is what they looked like:

They taste good too! I was so happy and proud of myself, lol. This was the first time I have successfully baked something. Apparently, I fail at the easy stuff that's just add water or just tear apart and bake. Doing homemade I can handle though. At least this one time, lol.

Something else I'm less excited about that happened yesterday? We went with our friends Slim and Sparrow to go to Chuck E. Cheese for their daughter's birthday. MSS (their daughter) turned 3 and like a lot of other 3 years old, happens to just love going to CEC. Me? I haven't been there in 6 years since the last time I went with YB and I was fine with that number. I was hoping to never step foot in CEC ever again. Oh well, lol. If you find one of the two hidden pictures in this post, you'll see how thrilled I was hanging out at CEC. ;) MSS had a blast though. Boyfriend, Slim & I played games to win tickets for MSS. Sparrow mostly had MSS with her so she played games along with her. MSS is so cute though. She makes the goofiest little growl face when she eats pizza. She looks like she's tearing in to it like a barbaric little girl but then she chews so politely once she gets her bite done. The rest of the little heathen spawn in there weren't as cute. It always amazes me how some people let their kids run around doing whatever they want in places like that.

Happy Monday!


Hubman said...

Nice click-thrus ;-)

You know you can use the picts I sent and just link to my blog, right?

Glad you survived Chuck E Cheese!

Cande said...

Fun fun. I love hidden pictures! They're both lovely. Chuck E Cheese. I've never been. Is that sacrilege?

phairhead said...

yr hair looked really great in yr clicky clicky

Anonymous said...

Yum! Homemade cookies :-) There is nothing better than a fresh batch of chocolate chips cookies sending heavenly aromas throughout the house. You go girl!

Jormengrund said...

Nice hidden pics!

CEC is the devil's playground.. I absolutely shudder each and every time one of my kids asks to go there. Congrats on surviving!

Emmy said...

I did enjoy your Twitter pictorial that resulted from your trip to CEC!

The cookies look great!

Like the click-thurs too! Very nice!!

MinorityReport said...

Congrats on the cookies. :)

Mistress L said...

Mmmm cookies =) They look edible!

Coffee M said...

hhhmmmnnn... The cookies look so delicious. I tempted to eat them while drinking coffee.