Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yank it like a monkey in a mango tree!

Saturday Survey #6969
Brought to you by: Amorous Rocker ;)

What do you think of people who fuck a lot of different people and never have serious relationships?
As long as they're being safe, not cheating on anyone, lying/mind-fucking to get it and they're happy doing it; whatever. =o)

What do you look for in a significant other physically and character trait wise?
Intelligent, tall, dark hair, nice lips, broad shoulders, sense of humor, honest, into sports, into cars, big cock, has their own car, has a job, open-minded, adventurous, good communicator, fun loving, loyal and some other stuff.

What are some lyrics to the song you're listening to/last song you heard?
"Swimming through the ashes of another life, no real reason to accept the way things have changed, staring down the barrel of a .45" I fucking love Shinedown.

Lets get nosy, what do your three most recent text messages say?
Luckily my cell phone is in my lap so I won't skip this one, lol.

1. "What selfish stupid moron did what?"
2. "I had a lot of fun tonight. Lets do it again soon, k?"
3. "Hey wanna go to Sat night and see some titties? Titties and ass! Smack that ass! OOOOH TIT-IES!! LOL IM DRUNK!"

Has an ex ever wanted you back after they broke up with you?
I've never been broken up with. I had one want me back after I broke up with him though.

Do you fall for "players" ever?
Nope. I always see through that shit.

Has the last person you texted ever seen you totally naked before?
HELL NO. Last person I sent a text to was like five minutes ago to Little Sister.

Would you cry if your ex boyfriend died ?
I wouldn't know if he died since we don't keep in touch and don't have mutual friends anymore. I doubt I would anyway honestly.

Name a person that you instantly smile when you see they're calling?
A few honestly. People I love make me smile.

Have you ever been a gymnast or a cheerleader?
Lol! No. I played hockey, softball, basketball, track/field & volleyball.

What's the last thing to make you laugh?
Two and a Half Men.

What's on your mind right now?

Want something you can't have?
World domination. ;)

Something that happened in your past that you hate talking about?
A few things. I don't like talking about them so why would I post them here? =)

What color is your shower curtain?
No shower curtain.

Do you find the naughty school girl outfit hot?
Depends on the personality of the girl wearing it. Usually it's pretty hot though. =)

Have you ever put peanut butter on an Oreo cookie before?
Yes. LS loves that shit and got me try it one time. Wasn't terrible.

Between you and your current significant other, who is more adventurous and spontaneous?
Definitely me.

Between you and your current significant other, who is more willing to try new things?

Between you and your current significant other, who is more impulsive?
Me, no contest, lol. Boyfriend isn't impulsive at all. Which balances out some of my impulsiveness since he can talk sense into me from time to time.

Between you and your current significant other, who is more loud and talkative?
I am!

Between you and your current significant other, who is more stubborn?
Oooh... I think we're pretty even on that, lol.

Between you and your current significant other, who initiates sex more often?
I do. =)

Does your current significant other snore?
Not often.

Have you ever gotten a mosquito bite on your face?
Yeah, hate that.

What size shoe do you wear?
9 or 10, depends on the brand.

Do you have hardwood floor, carpet or something else as flooring in your bedroom?
Hardwood floor.

What are your three favorite things to do when hanging out at home with your significant other?
1. Fuck.
2. Watch movies.
3. Sit and talk while drinking, listening to music or sitting outside soaking up the night air.

Do you like clothes shopping or grocery shopping better?
Grocery shopping. I hate clothes shopping.

What was the last thing you were annoyed about?
Oh that's too a long, long, LONG story. =/

Are any of your friends taller than you?
Most of the guys are, most of the girls aren't.

Do you crack your knuckles?

Spell your name without an L:
There's no L in Amorous Rocker ;)

When was the last time you were told you were cute?
A few hours ago. My boyfriend tells me I'm cute, pretty, beautiful and what not daily.

What usually wakes you up in the morning?
An alarm clock or a need to urinate.

Would you rather go to the movies or go bowling?
Depends on my mood.

Has anything happened in the past month that made you really mad?
Uh yeah. Things have happened in the last 24 hours that have pissed me off. I so want to punch a bitch in her selfish, stupid face but I won't. Though, I REALLY want to.

Do you prefer pie or cake?


rage said...

I love your 3rd text. Lmfao!!

Oh, and I hate players. They are the suck.

Happy Saturday AR!

phairhead said...

no shower curtain? doesn't the water go everywhere?

Anonymous said...

Really great answers. We could share shoes, plus I hate clothes shopping as well...

Enjoy the weekend :-)

Alisha and Brett said...

That is so awesome you play(ed) hockey, we are big hockey fans too!

Lil Bit said...

Funnnnny texts! lol

... been awhile since I've popped over here, but I saw this survey via my reader and posted it too, since I was bored.

Hope you're having a great w/e! =)

Kara and Jessica said...

Loved the survey. We'll try to do it also and post it Monday. Just a few days off :) Kara & Jess XOXO

ChocDrop said...

I plan on doing the survey monday

Another Suburban Mom said...

Great answers! I am stealing this and I think PB on oreos is wrong.