Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TMI Tuesday #198

I haven't done one of these in forever. Mainly because a lot of the time the questions just don't appeal to me so I skip it as opposed to having boring one word answers, lol.

This week was simple and seemed kind of fun. So I went for it. Hooray! I'll have a toy review up after this so hopefully people find their way down here after the review to see my answers, lol.

TMI Tuesday #198
Questions by: frenchies

1. Family is very important to me, even if we drive each other fucking nuts at times we still always have each others' backs.

2. Friends are for laughing with, for sharing things with, shoulders to lean on, your drinking buddies, your sounding board, there for the good times and the bad, for driving you insane some moments and keeping you sane when you need it most.

3. Exes are good lessons learned. I learned something about myself, people and relationships from every guy and girl that I had something with.

4. Strangers are potential friends, potential foes, potential acquaintances or forever nothing more than a stranger passing by.

5. Relationships are hard work but so worth it when you're both willing to love and accept each other, flaws and all. Especially when there's that *click* and that amazing chemistry where you both just *KNOW* there's something special about the other.

*Bonus* Tell us about your first love: Music was my first real love. I love it more and more every single passing day. It's love, passion, an emotional outlet, raw, inspiration and so much more. It's complex and beautiful. It means more to me and plays a bigger part in my life than the guy who was my "first love" ever did honestly. I learned a lot about myself and relationships from being with him though and that counts for something. I might be a different person if I hadn't had those experiences to learn and grow from. ;)

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DeSades Disciple said...

Great answers. Glad you commented on mine as that led me here, and it looks like I'm gonna enjoy it here :)

Another Suburban Mom said...

Great answers. Love the one about strangers.

Bri said...

Ohhhhhh excellent choice "Music" being your first love... and an everlasting one too :) Great answers and happy TMI!!!!

rage said...

I liked the answer to your bonus question because you gave an answer that none of us were expecting. I think most of us were expecting an answer about a person...but you gave us an answer regarding music.

Well done and Happy TMI sweetie.