Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Tantus virgin no more!

I have never tried a toy made by Tantus but I have wanted to for a few years now. The price tended to be what stopped me. So when I found out Tabu Toys would be sending me the Tantus Pink Pearl G-Spot dildo, I got really excited. I couldn't wait to see if a Tantus product would live up to all the hype. When it came, I eagerly tore it out of the package.

I rolled the dildo around in my hands, examining it like I always do with new toys. It's made of my favorite thing, Silicone. It's non-porous, hypo-allergenic and had no chemical smell to it or any smell at all actually. It's smooth texture felt wonderful in my hands and I could only imagine how great it would feel else where.
The toy is a pretty, shiny pink color with shimmering spirals throughout the length. While the colors are pretty, the size of the toy is also worth mentioning too. It's insertable length is 6 3/4" which isn't too bad at all. The diameter is 1 5/8". Last but not least, the circumference is 5" baby. It has a large rounded head (the head is slightly larger than the shaft of the dildo) that is nicely curved so as to achieve G-Spot stimulation. There's a curved ridge in the center of the shaft and the flared base of the toy is nice and wide which makes it easy to get a good grip and hold on. The base also houses the vibrating bullet that comes with the toy. The bullet works with a simple push of a button.

After I got done looking over the toy, I quickly cleaned it with my favorite toy cleaner and then got to the fun part. I forgot to lube the bullet up before I put it into the base the first time so I had a hell of a time getting it out. Don't make that mistake! You will kick your ass for it later, promise. Take a little of whatever water-based product you fancy and lube the bullet up. It'll slide into place easily and you won't have to spend 10 minutes trying to get it, hoping all the while you don't tear the toy up in the process, lol. Remember, don't use a silicone based lube since the dildo is made of silicone and you don't want to damage this wonderful toy.

I put some lube on myself, laid on my back and positioned the toy against my opening holding it firmly at the base of the dildo. I began working it in and it wasn't that easy. The head is rather large and after a little difficulty due to the size, I used my fingers to open myself up a little bit. I'm a rather tight fit but I just love toys with a big girth, even when they're almost more than I can initially handle. I put the head of the toy back at my opening and pushed it in. Once I got it in, it was well worth my efforts and the shaft didn't pose the same problem that the head did. The toy is thick and felt like it was trying to fill any and all empty space I had inside me. It felt wonderful. Not just the size of the toy but the soft, smoothness of it felt divine as well.

This toy ROCKS for G-Spot stimulation. As you slide the toy out, the firm curved head rubs over the G-spot very nice and causes some VERY pleasurable sensations. I was ready to come after five minutes of fucking myself with this toy. So, I came and kept going since five minutes really isn't long enough to fairly test drive the toy. ;)

The curvy ridge on the toy provided a little extra stimulation and I never mind that. I could actually feel the ridge as I worked the toy in and out and that was a very pleasant sensation.

At this point, I did have the bullet in the toy but hadn't turned it on yet. I stopped for a moment with the toy all the way inside me, enjoying the fullness and then pressed the button so the vibrations would begin. The vibrations aren't strong but they're noticeable and quite nice. You can feel the vibrations throughout the whole toy. The G-spot stimulation rocks as it is but add in the light vibrations the bullet causes and it feels amazing.

I got into a different position with the toy. I got on the bed on my knees, laid down so my stomach and breasts were touching the bed and then slid my hand down in between my legs. Almost like the "doggy style" position but I kept my legs mostly together and laid myself down on the bed. I got a good firm grip on the dildo and worked it in and out of me in this new position. The G-spot stimulation was even better in the angle for me. I also found I could give my hand a break by moving my hips up and down, essentially riding the toy. It felt amazing.

No matter what position or angle I got myself in, the G-spot stimulation was always kick ass and the sensations from the curvy ridge in the shaft was tantalizing.

A separate time when I was playing with this dildo, I left the bullet out and used the hole that the bullet calls home as another way to help grip the toy. I slid my thumb inside the hole and held the base firmly with my fingers. That gave me stellar control over the toy and even though the vibes are a nice addition, they weren't necessary to achieve an orgasm. Or three.

Back to the bullet. I HATE noisy toys. I expect some noise but I hate when something is so loud that it's an annoyance and a distraction. The bullet makes a little bit of noise but it's not that loud at all. I find it to be rather quiet honestly. So, to show off how quiet this toy is, I made two videos for y'all to listen to. ;)


Click here for the other video to see how much noise it makes while in use. If you don't hear anything other than perhaps background noise thanks to the AC, don't worry your hearing is fine. ;)

This dildo is also harness compatible. I haven't got to use it in a harness yet but I suspect when I do, there will be a little follow up review so I can tell y'all how much fun I had with it in the harness. ;)

The dildo is waterproof, the bullet is not. Take the dildo in the shower and you can have some fun. It's also super easy to clean. Just pop the bullet out and you can clean this dildo in the dishwasher, boil it for up to three minutes, clean it with your favorite toy cleaner, use a 10% bleach solution and then rinse very thoroughly or just clean it off with warm soap and water. Whatever floats your boat. I used a toy cleaner and soft cloth to clean the bullet off due to the lubrication I used to get the bullet into the base for easy insertion and removal.

I have used this toy several times. I really can't wait to get to play with it in a harness. I also can't wait until my boyfriend gets to use it on me. That's always fun. This toy rocks and it's definitely going to keep a healthy spot going in my toy rotation.

Happy Tuesday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

Great review. Thanks! This is going on my naughty wish list.

The Peach Tart said...

I'm going to have to get a Tantus

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

Yay! I just bought my first Tantus product, too, and I'm in love!

phairhead said...

not to be weird or anything but i dreamt about you last night. yr apartment was flooding and there were sex toys everywhere!

rage said...

I think one of the biggest turn offs about dildos and sex toys in general are the chemical smells on them....

Sometimes the smell seems to never go away...great review!

Slyde said...

sounds like a real winner... i might have to look into getting one for the wife..

Southern Sage said...

I'm glad that for your readers you thoroughly examine the toys!!!!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

you'e going to make me buy everything...fab review. It sounds and looks like it's one I'm really buying.

um...I think I came too.

okay...i really did but didn't want to admit it.

*shy smile*

I have a craving for a cigarette.

later baby. *wink*

Hubman said...

" I'm a rather tight fit but I just love toys with a big girth, even when they're almost more than I can initially handle. I put the head of the toy back at my opening and pushed it in. Once I got it in, it was well worth my efforts and the shaft didn't pose the same problem that the head did. The toy is thick and felt like it was trying to fill any and all empty space I had inside me."


And don't think I didn't notice that this is on my wife's naughty wish list!