Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Don't forget to scroll down to the next post and check out the COOLEST fucking sex blogger contest ever, courtesy of the lovely and wonderful Bad Bad Girl.

I was going to post the "How Important Is Sex Or Lack Of To You In A Serious Relationship" post today BUT... I was doing that post with another person. We collaborated on it together, it was rather long and our responses and thoughts were intermixed. She e-mailed me about an hour ago and told me she had changed her mind and did not want me publishing the post after all. She politely asked me to take the post down (if I saw her e-mail after it had auto-posted) and remove everything she had added to the post.

So, now I have to pretty much do the post all over again. I did delete her paragraphs and her comments to my paragraphs but there were a few points she made that I expounded on and made examples with. She requested that I remove those as well. So, I have to re-write the damn post. She did apologize for chickening out on me and luckily for her, I was up and got the e-mail in time to cancel the scheduled post.

The post took us two hours to write together. Now I had to edit and re-write it over again. Which won't be happening right now. Which honestly bums me out, it was going to be a pretty damn good post and I was excited to have a guest writing with me on the subject. Now it has to be re-done, which I will do. I really like what I had but yeah, no time to spend on it now. Also, I have to change the angle a bit and talk to my boyfriend. To change it, I'll be using him as the angle and I need to make sure he's okay with sharing some personal stories about him. He reads my blog so I don't want him reading it and finding out I posted some shit he might not have wanted me posting. Best to make sure he's cool with it first before I do it and hopefully he's cool with me sharing the information I want to share now that I don't have my guest sharing.

So, I apologize to those who came here today looking for that post. I had it done but meh, not my fault really. My guest did apologize literally 15 different times for backing out on such short notice so I extend that apology to anyone who came here looking for that post today. Which I know based on some of the e-mails I got inquiring, several of you were looking forward to that. Don't worry, I'll fix it and get it done! =o)

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Shit happens, right? Hope you have a great day!!!

The Peach Tart said...

OK. Not your fault. I'll be waiting with baited breath.

Amorous Rocker said...

Indeed. Thanks!


TUG said...

awww, she could've stayed anon. Look forward to your version.