Monday, August 31, 2009

Robocop, The Terminator, Captain Kirk, and Darth Vader....

I've been sick the last few days but I started feeling better last night around 1 AM. I wasn't sleepy just yet because I'd been sleeping so much the last few days. Instead of getting on Twitter, DeviantArt, MySpace or some other amusing yet time wasting website; I decided to get online and do some job applying. I've been unemployed for what, 6 weeks now? It feels MUCH longer and it's driving me nuts. I hate being unemployed. I hate not having cash coming in and more importantly, I hate the unproductive feelings of just being at home all the time.

Anyway, I go through the listings and write down several bars and restaurants that have ads up looking for help, making sure I get the phone numbers and the email address to send a resume to. I clicked around some more and found some other listings that looked promising and saved those too. I can't do any calling at 2 AM but I wanted to have them for Monday morning/afternoon.

Then I did a few where they had online applying. I did one that was easy as hell and I applied online in 10 minutes. I made sure I had the business phone number so I could call and check at a later date. Then I browsed for two minutes and found another appealing one, which I could only apply online for. It was a waitress job but they had listed that they only did online apps now as a way to rule out paper apps and become more environmentally friendly. Whatever, I breezed through it in 15 minutes and I was on to looking for more.

I then found another company I wouldn't mind working for and three of their local stores each had openings in their stores for something. The way they have it set up, you can apply at 3 different locations and apply for 3 positions doing one application. I'm thinking, 'hell yeah, I wouldn't mind working here and they start with decent pay plus I can apply for 3 different locations at once so right on!'. Not only was I able to apply at three locations at once, I got to pick 3 open positions I was interested in for each location. So, I was applying for 9 positions in one application. Cool stuff right there.

So, I started the application and filled in all my basics which took about 10 minutes. Then I had to read through a few agreements about background check, drug testing and stuff like that and agree to the terms. Sounds good, that took about 15 minutes. After I confirmed all that, it informed me the rest of the app would take about 45 minutes to get through 4 more sections. I get through most it in about 30 minutes then I get to the 3rd section, verify everything there which only took an additional 5 or 6 minutes. Then I go to the last page of the the 3rd section where it asks if I need to go back and change anything. I'm excited now because I know I'm almost done. I'm sick of reading and clicking, clicking and typing, trying to remember dates and etc etc etc. I grin and click "no change" and then happily hit the "next section" icon to get to the 4th and final section. It starts processing and then BAM, what do I get?


There's no way to save the application. Some online things (like for Target) offer where you can save an online app session up to 48 hours so you can complete it in more than one shot if you need to. When I have the option to do that when applying online, I usually do it. Not because I think I won't have time but just in case something happens (laptop dies, loss of internet connection, website goes down, etc) that way I can go back to it without having to start completely over. It takes a bit more time saving it every few steps but it has come in handy several times. This is one of those times that function would have come in handy.

This one though, while it had the awesome capability to apply to many of the company locations that were located near me, didn't have the feature to save my progress. No such luck there. Now, I'll need to start all over with this one later. And I probably will because it's a place I tend to go to on a regular basis and I would benefit from getting hired there for more than just a paycheck. Plus, they start at a nice rate of pay that would make up for me not working a tipped job and unlike my tipped job, they offer benefits after 3 months. So, it's worth applying for again. Just this time, it'll be in the afternoon, lol.

I had been half ass listening to the television when it was on last night while I was reading and on Twitter. On whatever show it was, the guy spoke English with no accent or speech impediments whatsoever. He said "Fact or Fiction" but I misheard it as "Backdoor Fiction" some how. I know he said "Fact or Fiction" because he said it again moments later after the question had been answered already. Ah, fact versus fiction is always interesting. However, my way sounds more interesting in a dirty fun way. ;)

You have to watch this video and listen to the song. It's absolutely ridiculous but I love it. It's been a favorite song of mine for several years now. I even have a ringtone I got my boyfriend to make me a year or so ago of the chorus of this song, lol. Of course that I find it so amusing says a little something about the kind of sense of humor I have.

Just because the first one is ridiculous (but awesome) Musical Monday... Just because I love/adore Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. His current side project is Dead By Sunrise and this is a song by them.


~d said...

Hiya Angel! What a PLEASANT surprise to 'see' you in my email this AM.
I have had more than my fair share of (bs) stuff going on! Give me a day or two to read what YOU have been up to!

~d said...

P.S. six weeks? My God! How are you 'making' it??!

Emmy said...

Let me let me geek show a bit in my comment - WTF was that company doing scheduling an outage, but not saying anything until you get through the application!! They should have put a note at the start letting you know this so you wouldn't waste your time.

Hope you hear from some place soon!

And I can totally see how you got "backdoor fiction" from that. :)

phairhead said...

good luck. i'm sure you'll find sumpin soon. i think you could also find work at sex shops too!

Kara and Jessica said...

That sucks about the job website. I would call up the store and bitch them out.

I enjoyed the Lemon Demon video too. Not generally my type of music, but it had a funny video with a catchy tune. Thanks for sharing.


BlueEyes69 said...

Glad you're feeling better physically, and wishing you success and confidence in your job search. I know what you're talking about; my bf was laid off and he's been looking for nearly 2 months, and it's wearing on him, too.

All of our best!!!!!

Gray said...

That would irritate me to no end when taking that long to apply online! Should have the warning on the front page. Shesh! Good luck though with the rest of the apps!!

Glad to see you are feeling better.

Red said...

It's amazing that as we advance in one way or another, there is just more ways for things to get screwed up. I always love applications what come with a questionnaire to psycho-analyse you. Good luck in your search.

TUG said...

If you get to do an interview with that company you should tell them it would be nice to have that message up at the beginning of the process!

If you're interested in a different field I know you can start as a bank teller with your experience. Most include benefits and the pay is ok. Plus, there is room for advancement. But, you have to wear at least business casual stuff :( Most banks don't advertise, you just have to apply.

Hubman said...

I hope one of the jobs you applied for works out for you! Too bad about that one crap-tacular website not telling you it was down for maintenance until you put in a chunk of time.

And that video was a freakin' riot!

Vixen said...

That SUCKS about the website. I have had a similar thing happen to me before.

Good luck with the job search!

Chris said...

Yay Ultimate Showdown!! Your coolness points increased dramatically when I saw the title of this entry. I love that video.

Nice to see you're feeling better!