Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gonna take you for a ride...

I love when I come home and see a box from the awesome people at Eden Fantasys waiting for me. I know something fun is waiting for me inside that box and I open it as soon as I get back into the bedroom. I opened my most recent box and found Couples Vacation Pleasure Kit staring up at me.

The kit includes a multi-speed vibrator, a multi-speed egg with remote control, duo weighted vaginal balls, two stretchy silicone cock rings and a pretty matching pink velvet storage bag to hold each of the toys. I pulled everything out and gave it my usual once over. The vibrator is a hard plastic coated with TPR Silicone which gives it a delicious smooth feeling. Just rolling it around in my hands felt lovely. I cleaned everything and then got set up in the bedroom to play. I checked the toys out and found that the remote control for the bullet runs on AA's. No problem, I have PLENTY of AA batteries in the nightstand.
The vibe on the other hand runs on 2 C batteries. I had to run to the store and buy batteries for it since I don't keep C's on hand for anything. Then back home, loaded the batters and then I got out my favorite water based lube and got down to business.

The vibrator is a nice size at 8" in length, 1 1/4" in diameter and 4 1/4" in circumference with a long smooth shaft that ends in a pointed tip. It's hard and not pliable at all. You control the speed of the vibrations with the dial base. I put some lube on the toy and myself and slowly worked it into my pussy. I didn't turn it on yet, just used the toy to get my pussy opened up. At first, the pointed tip annoyed me a little bit. It felt a little too pointy and was a little uncomfortable for the first couple minutes. I'm not sure how but after a few more minutes of use, the point stopped being uncomfortable and started feeling quite nice. I twisted the dial base to start the vibrations and left it on a lower setting. The toy was quiet and the low vibrations felt nice. I like a strong vibration so I turned it about halfway and played for a couple minutes. Still rather quiet and the vibrations felt very nice and evenly distributed through the whole toy. I turned it up to full speed and wow, it felt fabulous. Nice strong vibrations and still not that noisy. It was a little loud but pulling the blanket on the bed over my lap muffled the noise enough that I could barely hear it. I turned on the TV at a low volume and then I couldn't hear it any more at all. Though I could definitely still feel it. ;)

The egg is also plastic coated with TPR Silicone. It's 2 1/2" in length and is connected to a multi-speed control pack by a pretty lengthy cord. It has 4 speeds and you control the speeds by the two arrow buttons on the control pack. Each level lights up with a red light. The egg is quite smooth and I decided to pull the vibe out and tried the bullet on it's own. I inserted the bullet to where it would vibrate against my clit and then clicked on the first speed setting. It was a nice gentle vibration that felt very good. At this point, my boyfriend finally came into the bedroom to see what I was up to. He grinned and I handed him the bullet remote. He cycled up to the second speed as soon as he had it in his hand. A little stronger, I would rate it as a 4 on a vibration scale of 1 to 10. He watched me squirm for a minute before switching it to the third setting. Holy fuck, those were good vibrations. Those were the perfect vibrations for me. I almost couldn't take them but they were just on that edge of amazing and too much. He switched up to the fourth and final setting and those were intense. I couldn't handle them directly on my clit or even around my clit honestly. It was too much power for me. We switched back down to the third setting and I relaxed back down from the intensity of the last setting. The egg is insanely quiet, even on the fourth and highest setting. You don't need any background noise to muffle the sound, it's quiet enough on its own.

The two silicone cock rings are 3/4" in diameter and the product description says they stretch to fit 1 1/2". The description also boasts about them being super stretchy and having the ability to accommodate most sizes. Both rings have a unique
textured surface. The one to the left is a spiked/tentacle like texture. The one on the right has the four little knob like features.

I will agree that they are definitely both super stretchy. However, I can't attest to how well they work. I checked the size of the cock rings and thought they would fit. We have several and one of them is a similar size to the two in this kit. The cock ring with the spikes was the one I was more interested in trying. Sadly, my boyfriend couldn't fit that one or the other one. Both were too tight for him and caused him massive discomfort and were removed immediately once they became painful. They do look like fun and they are stretchy. We got the rings on his cock and he was able to get an erection, just couldn't leave them on because once he was hard, he was in pain. We also couldn't get his balls in them at all so this discomfort was just from being around his cock. I won't give out numbers but trust me when I say he has a bigger girth than the average male does. I'm pretty sure these would work well for most guys. I'm a little sad we couldn't have fun with them though.

The weighted duo balls are 4 ¼" around and have a retrieval cord. I wasn't sure how sturdy the retrieval cord was even though the packaging talked it up. I pulled and jerked the cord around and it seemed more sturdy than I had thought.

I've been curious about balls like these but have yet to try them. They can be used to exercising your pelvic muscles or for fun times. Kegel exercises while getting pleasure? I was skeptical. I lubed up and carefully inserted the balls into my pussy. I found it was much easier to get them in standing up versus sitting or laying down. I'll admit, the first thing I did after I got them in was to squeeze
my PC muscles and then jump up and down, lol. As I jumped up and down, I felt the weights in the balls roll around. It felt pretty good too. I was amazed at the unique feeling, at first. I walked back and forth, did some jumping jacks, did the electric slide, tried a few yoga poses and did a few ballerina style twirls. With every move I made, the weights in the balls rolled around causing gentle vibrations. I left them in for about thirty minutes. I felt uncomfortable sitting down with them inserted. Laying down wasn't uncomfortable though.

I also used the duo balls during play. The product description said you could use the balls vaginally or anally. I do enjoy anal play but I wasn't honestly interested in inserting these balls up my butt. I inserted the balls into my pussy and laid down on the bed. We out the bullet against my clit while having the balls inserted. I squeezed and worked my PC muscles as the bullet vibed around my clit. The gentle vibrations from the duo balls paired with the buzzing of the bullet felt wonderful. As I was getting close to climaxing, my boyfriend gently removed the balls out of my vagina. The first slid out as I reached climax and the second slid out as I was in mid-climax. It was a great, great orgasm.

We inserted the egg into my pussy and cycled through the settings again. I could handle the fourth setting inside my pussy and didn't find it near as intense there. Though it was still a very pleasant feeling.

We also used the egg anally. I could handle all levels of vibration there too and it felt nice. The bullet is big enough that it feels snug in the anus but it's not big enough to be any kind of uncomfortable at all.

We also placed the bullet under Boyfriend's testicles while I played with his cock. He enjoyed the sensations of his testicles vibrating while my hands and mouth worked over his cock.

We went through several toy combinations as well. The egg in my ass, the vibrator teasing my clit, the duo balls inside my pussy. I didn't like using the vibrator teasing my clit because of the pointed tip. It just didn't feel good there.

The egg teasing my clit, the vibrator in my pussy; my boyfriend in control of the strength of the vibrations and the thrusting of the vibrator. I love that because I have no control over the speed, the intensity or anything really. Of course, I trust my boyfriend not to do anything to cause me pain which is why I relinquish control to him. The vibrator at it's highest level of vibration and the egg teasing my clit was insanely delicious. I came in a little less than two minutes.

The egg in my ass, the vibrator filling my pussy. Double penetration is one of my biggest fantasies. The small size of the bullet and the fact that it just sits there and doesn't thrust doesn't quite match the fantasy BUT having both holes filled and vibrating was intense. In a very good way.

The vibrator in my ass, the balls in my pussy and the egg alternating between teasing against my clit and buzzing against my hard nipples. I didn't like the vibrator in my ass. I decided to try it anyway but I don't like having hard non-pliable toys in my ass. I prefer something with more bend.

IF you do try to use the vibrator anally, do it carefully. There is no flared base so it could easily end up going too far up and that's not a place you want to lose something. Make sure to keep a good grip on the base of the toy.

The only place I really enjoyed the vibrator was in my pussy. I did enjoy using it on my boyfriend to tease him and massage sensitive areas. It did feel good teasing the tip along my outer lips and against my nipples as well.

My favorite thing in this kit by far was the remote control bullet. I love how quiet it is and I love the vibrations. I can use it to tease, tantalize, arouse and give pleasure to myself and my boyfriend in a wide variety of ways. We've also used it during sex. He can feel me vibrating as he thrusts inside of me and has fun teasing me by changing the level of vibrations whenever he feels like it.

Everything in the kit is waterproof which is helpful for cleaning. The vibrator can be taken into the shower for shower time fun or into the hot tub to make things more interesting. The egg is waterproof but the power pack is not so be mindful of that when cleaning. I used warm water and soap cleaning the toys thoroughly and then dried them off with a soft cloth.

The velvety pouch fits all the items snugly inside and closes by drawstrings. Makes it very convenient for travel. It also helps for discreetly storing the toys at home. If you have a small container of lube (2.5 ounces or smaller) it will also fit in the bag with all of the toys.

After using the duo weighted balls every day for just over a week, we both noticed a slight difference. I will keep on using them and if my muscles continue to improve, I've update the review with a follow up on Eden Fantasys on my partner profile.

The only bummer was the cock rings not working out but that's not at any fault of the rings themselves. The vibrator had great vibrations and is only slightly loud at it's maximum setting. The egg has wonderful vibrations and is super quiet. The duo weighted balls are interesting and I'll have fun with them. Now I have a basis to go on when I look for new ones. Based on these simple ones, I definitely want to get a better set of weighted balls to play and exercise with.

We had fun with this kit and will definitely be having fun with it more in the future. It's also rather inexpensive considering everything you get in it. Great for beginners or people who just want to have some fun together. The battery operated toys are also fun as hell for solo use as well. ;)

product picture
Vibrator kit by Nasstoys
Material: Plastic / TPR Silicone


Another Suburban Mom said...

The balls sound interesting. After having two kids I am always interested in perking up the pc muscles.

I was thinking that the vibrator looked kind of old school with the pointy tip and lack of pliability.

Sounds like you and boyfriend had fun though.

phairhead said...

i hate it when vibrators don't have alot of give at the tip.

be careful w/ the cock rings, too much lube they could get stuck inside of you. personal experience ; )

Amorous Rocker said...

As soon as I have money, I intend to buy a better set. I've enjoyed these balls quite a bit. Nothing ever wrong with perking up any muscles. ;)
It's a very basic style. After using so many oddly shaped and textured ones, it was strangely refreshing to use such a simple style vibe.
We did. =o)

Those cock rings aren't an issue. As I said in the review, they don't fit, lol. As for our own cock rings, they comfortably but very snugly and don't come off easily when he's pulling them off. Thanks for the tip though. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Goliath on the cock rings. I wondered of they felt to everyone like they were squeezing the life out of their unit.

I never liked the toys with cords, I was always tangled in em and such.

lol@ jumping up and down, you shoulda videoed that!

Gray said...

What an awesome review! Definitely sounds like a fun time for you guys. Though I am with ASM on the old school look of the vibrator. *laughs*

Thank you for your comment on my TMI post!:)

Emmy said...

Good review! I'll throw in my thoughts that the vibrator is very old-school in looks. Too pointy.

Still intrigued by the balls. Might just have to get a set and try them out. ;-)

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

Most kits I've seen like this tend to have a pretty low quality of toy included. Nice to hear that these were made of TPR silicone, but what did you think of the quality?

You said the 4th setting on the bullet was too high for you. I've played with bullets with similar remotes and found them not quite strong enough. How would you describe the amount of vibration that you can comfortably take clitorally?

Also, didn't you tweet that the vibe takes C batteries? If so, you may want to mention that. I'm pleasantly surprised it wasn't loud if it did take C batteries. Usually vibes that take C batteries sound like a lawnmower.

Great review, doll :)

Sexy PTA Mom said...

You are a lucky girl! I want to see you do the electric slide!!

Hubman said...

I'm surprised that ASM didn't mention that we have basically the same bullet vibe. It's a lot of fun. When she puts it in her pussy while I'm in her ass, all she has to do is put it on high and the vibrations drive me right over the edge!

I've never been one for cock rings. Tried a few sets, I've never been happy with any of them. Either cheaply made or not just the right size. Oh well..

Alisha and Brett said...

Awesome review and write up!

BTExpress said...

We like the remote control egg, not the one connected by a wire. It's fun when we're out. Once our waitress (and good friend) asked me what the red light was in my shirt pocket. I said "Oh, nothing." and we both just smiled.

autumn said...

i love this review and all i can say is...fabulous! i have the balls *older though, not with silicone* and the eggs. had the same trouble with cockrings with my ex bf. the vibe looks very smooth. hmmm

when i win the lotto, i will get one of everything.

loves autumn

stove said...

I love the post! This really tells you what you need!