Thursday, July 2, 2009

They call you Mr. Glitter....

Thanks for the comments and emails I got on my most recent sex toy review. I might just have a follow up post of sorts to come here one of these days soon. ;)

Also, thanks to everyone who wished my guy a happy birthday at the start of this week. *grin* Comments, emails, tweets and even the one who left a comment on my tagboard. Y'all rock and we both appreciate it.

I haven't had the chance to respond to a lot of emails and haven't been updating regularly or getting to read blogs regularly because.... my internet service is still sucking. It doesn't work pretty much from midnight until whenever in the early AM. I don't get home from work until after midnight from work almost every night. It's usually between 1 AM and 3 AM when I'm getting home from work. Getting up by 7 or 8 AM isn't on my to do list either. So I'll just be posting in the afternoon from now on until the stupid fucking company my internet is provided by gets their shit fixed. No, I don't live out in the sticks and yes, they have been notified about the problem. They're aware. It's not just me but everyone in this area who gets the interwebz from this company that's having issues. Grr to them. So anyway. Who do all of you get your internet service provided by and how happy are you with them?

I was sitting outside with my boyfriend at around 2 AM last night/this morning (depending on how you want to look at it.) I wasn't asleep so despite it technically being morning, it was still dark and my day had yet to end so it was night to me, lol. The complex sprinkler system started up and got to wetting the grass like it normally does about that time. It was still really damn warm outside and I was hot. So, I had the idea to go take a small walk through the grass and get sprayed by the sprinklers. The water coming out of those things is always cold. I'm a little impulsive and my only thought into things like this is generally, "Why not?" Upon the idea and the "Why not?" I had pop into my head, I pretty much had no reason for not doing it. So I got up without saying anything and started walking towards the grass to the chilly water misting out from the little sprinkler system. My boyfriend didn't say anything, just sat forward a but and gave me a look that was part perplexed, part intrigue and part "What the fuck is my crazy girlfriend doing now?" I'm used to that look so it doesn't phase me one bit. The water started hitting me and damn was it cold water. Damn did it ever feel good against my very warm skin. Then after about a minute, when my jeans were soaked and I was sliding in my flip flops, I potential reason why not to go play in the sprinklers at 2 AM popped into my head. I was fully dressed. Then I shrugged that off because really, that wasn't a good enough reason to stop me. Especially since I had already started and was already plenty wet. I was walking around and acting a little goofy in the grass and then a thought occurred to me. I thought about how odd it might be for a neighbor to look out their window at 2 AM and see a fully dressed chick walking and twirling around in the sprinklers. Which made me giggle to myself. After a few more minutes, I was substantially wet and much cooler than I had been. I went inside to shake out of the wet clothes, dry off and get into comfy dry stuff.

A lot of the times, I get happy about the simplest things. That six or seven minutes spent being a goofball in the sprinklers put me in a better mood. I cooled down and had fun. Sure if people had seen me they would have probably thought I was odd or a little crazy. If I cared much at all about what people thought about me, I wouldn't do or say half (or more) of the things I do and say.

Another thing is, I may be impulsive but I have fun and I don't ever regret not doing something I wish I had. Mostly because I do what I want as soon as I can feasibly do it. I've had several things happen that I could have and possibly should have died and that gave me a healthy appreciation for the here and now and the fact that you're not guaranteed any amount of time. People always think, "Oh I can do that tomorrow or next week." Tomorrow isn't a given. Hell, the rest of the day isn't even a given. I don't abandon all responsibilities and do whatever I want whenever I want. I just don't put things off all the time just because I think I can do it later. I know a lot of people who think I'm reckless, immature, childish, foolish, afraid to grow up, stupid, mental, unrealistic and a lot of other things just because I am a bit impulsive, spontaneous and adventurous. I don't just think about things, I like to do them. I'm only here a limited amount of time and I don't know when that time will end. Those several things I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph (almost drowning in a lake, having a gun held to my head and another pointed at my face during a robbery, to name two of those) weren't clearly planned or expected at all. Things just happened and people can't control a lot of what goes on in their own life. If wanting to enjoy life and not sit around watching it pass me by, thinking of the fun things I could be doing, even when they are just little simple things (going to get ice cream just because I feel like it, walking in the rain, dancing in the sprinklers at 2 AM, unplanned road trips, etc) makes me immature, irresponsible, foolish and all the like; then I don't want to be the opposite of any of those things anyway. I also happen to think I'm quite responsible and mature despite my antics so there. =p

Hooray for the Dallas Stars FINALLY picking up a defensemen. About fucking time. We need some help on our defense. We have plenty of guys who can skate fast and score goals on offense. We need some defense and we need a GOOD back-up goalie. Then in the draft they just picked up O-man after O-man and let plenty of promising D-men slip on by getting picked up by other teams. *sigh* We need to get some big d-men so we can handle all the huge ass power forwards other teams have. Our defense is built with a bunch of averaged size guys who get slammed and knocked down a lot by those big, impressively agile power forwards other teams have. When you've got some beefy guy who's built like a truck and stands at 6'5" on his skates charging two dudes who are both 6" even on their skates and have to partially combine their weights to reach what this big guy coming at them weighs... well, if he runs into one of them, they're probably going down. Which happened a lot last season. Our d-men are fast as fuck but if they're getting charged into by some big ass boys, their speed isn't helping them out too much. See? Even when hockey season is over, I'm still ranting about hockey, lol.

That's all for me today. I have to back away from the laptop and get some stuff done before I have to work tonight.

Happy Thursday afternoon & evening!


Laken said...

Running through sprinklers sounds like the best idea ever right now.

Ms Undecided said...

At my very first apartment of my own, I used to have a small balcony. I used to love going out there and laying down on it in the rain (usually naked). It was awesome and I miss being able to do that.

Sandi said...

Absolutely run through those sprinklers girl. You know, I probably wouldn't...not because I wouldn't be daring enough and certainly not because I think it's crazy, but because I'm a wuss and hate being cold. LOL But you know, it was hot so perhaps it wasn't so bad. I think though you are right about getting out there and doing things because you aren't guaranteed even the next minute. I certainly didn't expect to get cancer (and beat it) but you know, shit happens. You have to make sure you live now. While you still can...if that means running through a sprinkler at 2 a.m. then go for it. :) haha

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

My new URL is

Plz to update sidebars and such!

Athena said...

You keep on running thru sprinklers at 2 a.m. fully clothed, you'll do fine in life ;-)

LOVE your review of the glass dildo -- can anyone sign up for that job?!?!?!

rage said...

Running through the sprinklers..that's one of those fun childhood memories I have...and need I say haven't done since childhood. Dammit, I think it's time I do it again.

I thought for sure that you were going to run through them nekkid!

You had me tricked! Loved this read!

phairhead said...

awww yr post brought back so many memories.

next summer at the casa of me and El Sexybeast, i'm getting some fucking sprinklers!