Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Purple polish stains the white floor...

I watched Death To Smoochy last night for the first time in a long time. I love that movie. I love the Irish Mafia characters, especially Tommy, she cracks me up. It's a pretty ridiculous movie and a little odd but I just love it. 

My boyfriend and I took YB to see Ice Age 3 last week. I liked it. YB liked it. Boyfriend liked it. I love the Ice Age movies though. I dig most of the characters and seriously, the baby dinosaurs that Sid tried to take over in this movie? They're too freaking adorable. I know, they're just cleverly animated cute little things but still, adorable as fuck. And the character Buck? Rocks. Just sayin'. 

My boyfriend heads back to Texas this weekend. So sad. I wish he didn't have to go but alas he must. It's been great getting to spend time with him. I think it's only going to be a couple months before we see each other again. Here's hoping for that anyway. A couple months feels so much longer being 2,000 miles away from each other. Hopefully that won't be the case much longer though. *fingers crossed* 

I've been playing Sims on my DS too much. It's so fun though. So is LEGO Batman. And Guitar Hero. I love my DS. 

I've been playing my DS too much though because I've been slightly neglecting the new Laurell K. Hamilton book I've had for a while now. I'm only 85 pages in but the book came out in early June so yeah, lol.  Normally, I would have probably been halfway through the book. So far, I'm liking it though. I can't believe it's book 17 in the Anita Blake series though. Fucking hell, I didn't realize I had read so many of those damn things. 

My laptop battery is about to die and I'm not going to plug it up. I've been up almost 22 hours now so I'm going to take my ass to bed and get some sleep.

Happy Tuesday!


phairhead said...

Rhythm Heaven for the DS is killer!!!!

Nolens Volens said...

Never seen Death to Smoochy...I stayed away because I thought it wouldn't be a good waste of my time. Know what I mean? Since I am on first-name basis with everyone at the library, I'll request it. ;)

Eliot said...

I love Laurell's Blake series and her Gentry series as well. I had owned every book in both series up until I recently sold them. Well, all except Skin Trade.

I heard Death to Smoochy was horrible, so I stayed away from it. But now you've got my curiosity piqued.

Sexy PTA Mom said...

Never saw Death to Smoochy, but now I want to. I loved Snatch! One of only two Brad Pitt characters I really like. Loved Fight Club too.

Organic Meatbag said...

My Wife is a big Sims fan too...hahaha!