Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hot pink pixie dust..

You know, there are a few things that will nicely perk up a normal boring Monday morning. One of those things is to open your front door to find someone delivering you a package and then opening the package to find a new sex toy inside. One just for you, waiting for you to release it from it's packaging and take it for it's first of hopefully many test rides.

Me personally, I'm not a morning person. I've worked since I was a young teenager and my jobs have always had me getting off work late at night. So for someone who is used to getting off work anywhere between midnight and three am combined with the fact that I'm a night owl by habit and lifestyle... I'm just not a big morning person. When I received the King of Victory vibrator early Monday morning courtesy of the awesome people at EdenFantasys, my mood improved considerably. Of course, it also caused me to delay my tasks for the morning but oh well. Some things in life can just be put on hold to have some fun. ;)

The King of Victory came packaged very nicely. It was in a lovely black box and even came with the 2AAA batteries needed to operate it. I've never even heard of this particular company but they definitely get points for the sleek and classy presentation. I hate tacky packaging.

I was also a little impressed with the fact that it came with an actual instruction booklet. Not that I really needed one but I liked seeing it. I was also impressed with the fact that the little booklet was in English and then 7 other languages. That was pretty cool. The instruction booklet also offers an e-mail address to email the company for any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

The toy comes with three interchangeable attachments. One is smooth, one is spiky and of course, the third is the cute looking crown. All three attachments are made of silicone. The end is also mostly silicone. The body of the toy is a hard plastic with a silicone coating to give it that smooth, soft feel that I love in silicone toys. You get the firm non pliable hardness of the plastic but instead of the cold, slick plastic feeling you get soft and smooth silicone. I liked that. My biggest issue with hard plastic toys is I hate how fake they feel. I don't like that slick feeling plastic toys get. I know I'm not getting "the real thing" when I'm using a vibrator but I don't want to feel like I'm shoving plastic in and out of my pussy either.

At the end of the toy, there is a little sunk in part and that is where you turn the toy on or off. Click, the toy is on. Another click, it's back off. Easy one push power. Now, it says it is a multi-speed toy but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how in the hell to change the speed. I tried every way I could think of and nothing. I sent an e-mail off to find out about that and I'll update the review when I get a response back about that. Something I like about the end, that sunk in notch is convenient for getting a good grip on the toy. Hold your thumb in there and voila, makes holding on a bit easier and gives better angle control.

I found for me personally, this was the best way to hold on and keep a good grip while using the toy. It helped give me the most control over the toy more so than any other angle I tried to grip it at. This toy id easy to hold on to and fits easily and comfortably in the hand. It's not too big, not too wide but not delicate and small either. It's easy to get a good hold on it. I did have an issue with the end silicone piece. It popped off while I was using it and I had to quickly grab the end of the toy and remove it to snap the silicone piece back into place. I pressed it very firmly in and then fussed with it a bit after that but didn't have an issue after that one time.

The King has a slight curve toward the head of the toy which allows for super easy g-spot stimulation. The vibrations are felt throughout the entire toy. It only has the one speed and that was a little bit of a bummer. Unless there is some magic way to make the multi-speeds come to life that I couldn't figure out, lol. Though I'm almost certain that was probably a misprint or something. Again, I'll let you know as soon as the company responds to my email. As far as the vibrations, while they do radiate through the whole toy, I would have liked a stronger vibration. It was a bit lacking for my preference but still, not bad. Just a little on the weak side for me personally.

The smooth head was my favorite. I used it for clitoral stimulation and it felt quite nice pressed against and working around the clit. For penetration it was nice as well. Rocking the toy back and forth inside my pussy was great. The curve towards the head plus the vibrations made for a very good time against my g-spot. Though I do wish the vibes would have been a little stronger or having multiple settings to switch through would have been nice.

The crown head felt good for clitoral stimulation. You can feel enough of the vibration in the crown and the tips of the crown feel very nice. For actual penetration, it was just annoying. I didn't like using it inside me at all and wouldn't use it for penetration again.

The spiked head wasn't pleasurable at all for me. It was actually a little painful at first. I don't normally mind a little bit of pain but honestly, there wasn't any pleasure at all in that head for me. It was a little painful at first and then just extremely annoying no matter where I used it at. The spikes are a bit too abrasive for my liking. Which was disappointing because I was hoping that one would be more fun. Maybe if the spikes were softer or something.

The attachments were a little of a pain in the ass to get off at first but after rotating through them a few times, they were a little easier to remove with a few firm tugs. Getting them on was easy from the get go. They go on much easier than they come off but that's a good thing in my opinion. If they came off extremely easy, I'd be a bit wary about using it for fear that they would come off inside of me.

The packaging said it could be used for anal play and I did think about using it in that manner. It's 5 1/4" insertable length, 4" circumference and 1 1/4" in diameter so the size wasn't intimidating
but after thinking on it, I did not try this toy for anal play. I'll be honest, I was a bit worried about the heads coming off. They didn't slip one bit inside me but it was just something I was worried about and didn't want to chance. Call it an irrational fear perhaps but I'm not comfortable using a toy with small interchangeable heads for anal pleasure. Definitely not something I want to go to the ER for, lol. Also, even though I didn't have any trouble out of the end silicone piece popping off after the first time, I didn't want to chance that it would happen during anal play. A tighter space with more pressure being applied and meh, it could have happened and that wouldn't have been pleasant. Call me paranoid but I definitely didn't want to risk the toy taking a rectal vacation, lol.

I also found the toy to be a little on the noisy side. This short video was taken while I was using the toy. This is the sounds of it while I had the toy inside me. Given the noise it made, I was expecting stronger vibrations than what it had to offer.

I like silicone because it's nonporous and super easy to clean but the seams of this toy make it a little difficult to fully clean and sterilize. The attachment heads were the easiest parts to clean since they're solely silicone.

All in all, I don't think I'll use it much honestly. I really would have liked if it had the multiple speeds it advertised having. The smooth head attachment is the only one I completely enjoyed in every way I used it. The crown one was fun for clitoral stimulation and for teasing my nipples but wasn't fun for penetration.

I did like using it just for the sole use of teasing my clitoral area. While it does nice at hitting the g-spot and the vibes aren't bad, just not as strong as I would like.

The noise also turns me off a bit. I don't expect to not hear any kind of noise at all but I like something a little more quiet. I don't live alone and don't want people walking by and wondering if I've got a mini power tool in there with me. I also don't want it to be so loud that I'm distracted by the noise in any way.

I don't think it's a shitty toy though. The silicone feels wonderful and I think the toy is good quality. I would definitely be willing to get another toy from this company and try it to see if I have a better experience. I even browsed their products and saw a few I wanted to try. I can think of a number of people I think would greatly enjoy this toy and I wouldn't warn people off from buying it but for me, I wasn't doing any victory dances after using it.

Thanks to the awesome people at EdenFantasys for letting me put the King to the test. =o)

Happy Thursday! ;)


Another Suburban Mom said...

I totally agree on the hard plastic dislike. I was averse to dildos for a looong time because of that. That and the impersonal feel of using one.

KariAnne said...

BOOBS! Yum yum. I found them merely on accident too! Who knew an accidental spasm of the mouse would turn out so rewarding?

I think I would be interested in this toy. Good review. I have a question I'll just email you to ask it because it is personal in nature.

Love your blog BTW.

Barefoot Dreamer said...

good to know as I am still on the search. Especially about the noise level....

The Peach Tart said...

They are supposed to be sending me one soon too. I wonder if it's going to be the same one.

Anonymous said...

Excellent review...detailed and interesting. I too do not know how I would feel about the hard plastic.

wallycrawler said...

So what is it fer anyhoo?

lecram said...

Dang, that thing is loud, huh?


Osbasso said...

Nice that you could get HNT and a review taken care of at the same time!

Lilly said...

Awesome review and a great HNT, too!!

Anonymous said...

that short vid made my day, amorous, have a blessed HNT!

Nolens Volens said...

Clever way to use your photos! I definitely liked that. HHNT!

phairhead said...

yeah it's definately a turn off when the toy is a hard piece of buzzing plastic. if you can't have the real thing, a reasonable facsimile should do. the noise factor always makes me feel more inhibited.

The Kinky Pixie said...

YAY! hot pink pixie dust always makes this girl excited! Great review / HNT ~ Thanks!

Hubman said...

Sneaky girl, making us work to see your boobs!

Happy HNT!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

so very cool...i can't wait to hear about your next toy. :)

more video...woo. Um...let me know if you need a camera/director/script writer gal.

later sweets.

Bruce said...

Interesting reveiw....makes me glad that all I really need for a go time by myself is some lubricant and my right wait, left hand....or it is right...I forgot.

vanimp said...

Great review, nice HNT and dang that is a loud toy lol x

callie said...

There was a review?!? I musta forgot about it as soon as I saw boobs!! ;) Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

I love all toys! and boobage!

mina said...

wow that is loud! Thanks for taking one for the team ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't like slick, plastic-y feeling toys, either. I prefer the toys that have that fleshy feeling -- you know, the ones that they package in boxes with little holes and samples for consumers to feel for themselves before purchasing -- but I can agree that those can be difficult to clean.

I agree that new toys are fun to try out, but I usually have a favorite and stick to it. And toys that are too noisy have a way of finding themselves relegated to the bottom of my lingerie drawer.

rage said...

That's loud sob!

Dante d'Amore said...

I definitely could find some interesting uses for that beast but, then again, I can find interest uses for a piece of paper so I guess that really ain't sayin' much. ;)