Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Storm front coming....

I opened up my latest box from Tabu Toys and was surprised at the size of the box it came in. Seriously. I took a picture of it next to YB's big box of Fruit Loops and yeah, the cereal box is barely taller. The size of the Couture box made me anxious to see the prize waiting inside the box though.

The Couture Collection Tsunami is pretty sweet looking. It's a pretty blue color and as soon as I pulled it out of the box, I grinned at the feel of the smooth, soft Silicone material. It feels so soft it almost feels a bit... elegant.

The battery case was a little difficult. The back did not want to come off so I could get the batteries in to it. I thought that might be just something that happened because it's never been opened before but I accidentally put in batteries that hadn't been charged yet and getting them out wasn't the easiest task in the world, lol. It definitely won't ever accidentally pop off or slide out of place during use though. The battery pack gets the batteries locked in there once you slide that plastic shut.

I like looking my toys over before I get them on and going. I could just do a little once over but I like to look them over thoroughly before I get it on. (Hehehe) So, here is me showing off some things about the toy. No, you don't get a demonstration but you get to hear me talk. Cool deal, eh? Not really but watch it anyway, thanks, lol.

I got my water-based lube out and smoothed some over the toy. I swear, a fraction of my solo fun is just getting ready to play. Maybe I'm a total freak but I love how lube feels gliding over so soft Silicone. It makes me tingle slightly with excitement because I know what's going to come when I get the toy inside me.

The controls on it are very easy to work. You turn on the tiny power button and then a luminous red light shines on the bigger button, which controls the vibrations. The box boasts about a "feather touch controller" and that's fairly accurate. I HATE when I'm using a toy with controls that are so hard I have to out effort into smashing the button or moving a stubborn dial. This button needs only a light touch to switch between functions. The downside to that could be if you're stuck on a function you really like that is flat doing it for but you accidentally hit the button, the function is going to switch on you more than likely because it's sensitive enough that you don't actually need to firmly press it. Though when I was using it, I did accidentally let my hands move and I did hit the button a few times unexpectedly changing the setting and let me tell you, that was a rather pleasant accident.

The shaft is 7 inches long and it's pliable. Which is pretty cool. Something I worry about with toys is getting a bit too rough with them and either hurting myself or hurting the toy. I get into it, lose myself a bit and I just go at it without much thinking involved and it has resulted in a few toys causing a little more pain than I like because they weren't flexible when that definitely would have been helpful. This one bends and moves easily. Definite plus in my book.

The head is a bit thinner than the rest of the toy and has a nice little curve to it. In the right position, this toy was hitting my G-spot and making me one very happy girl.

The toy has seven functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation. The first setting is a little dull. It makes me want to just go slow and lazy to get things warmed up. Playing through the settings is fun. I don't dig the pulsation function but then again, I rarely dig pulsating functions in any toy. The escalating one is pretty rockin' though. It's nice and strong and I love feeling the change in intensity as it cycles through. The other settings are just simple vibration but the intensity and power just get better. This toy, even on the lowest setting, has good vibrations. The higher ones are awesome though. I love strong vibrations and this toy has definitely got some going on. If you're not big on powerful vibes rocking your insides, no worries, the lower settings are just fine. It works well for whatever ones preference is in my opinion.

The noise level of the vibrations isn't bad either. On the first setting, I could not hear it at all and I have stellar hearing. The second and third settings, you can tell it's on. The rest of the settings are a little louder but if you want the power of strong vibes, you have to take a little noise. Nothing a little background noise or muffling with a blanket won't cure though.

The toy has nifty little ridges on them in two different areas going in two different directions. I didn't think they were going to make a difference. The lower settings actually got me more feeling out of the ridges than the higher settings did. They do feel nice on the more powerful settings but on the lower settings, I noticed the ridges more. Either way you go, the ridges are pretty subtle but they still felt very nice.

Oh and one more thing I forgot to mention is the toy is waterproof. Kind of fitting for the Tsunami to work in water, don't you think? ;)

The only thing that would have made me like it more would have been if the ridges on it were a little less subtle and a little more pronounced. Other than that, I really dig this toy and will happily add it into my collection.

Thank you to Tabu Toys for letting me try out another great toy.

Happy Wednesday!


An Artist Exposed said...

It was cool to hear you. Sounds like you really enjoyed the toy :-)

phairhead said...

don't you find that g-spot stimulation can be more intense than clitoral stim?

Anonymous said...

it's rare and exciting to hear a blog author's voice or video of the author, i don't think i'll ever be that "brave"

hey amorous, i love your followers box, it's a work of art i hope someday to achieve. are you leading the way when it comes to followers, do you have the most thus far? i know, it's not a competition, right? wink wink

Barney said...

thnks for the reviews...

Ive been looking for some new toys I hate going out and spending the money on something that blows..

Keep up the goodness!!!

Sheen V said...

Oh, oh, can I have the Star Trek light? Please!!

Bella Dreamer said...

It was great to hear you again!!!!

I LOOOOVEEEE toys w good g spot stimu! MMMM!!!

'I like this one. Good review!! I'm super happy that you like started doing them bc I totally trust ur opinion on stuff. :D

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

I adore your accent! Too cute.

Mizz Minx Thing said...

1: I like that you did a photograph slide show.

2: I like the video clip. Your accent is ADORABLE.

3: I think the review is all around great! I love that you go into detail without making it an erotica piece. I hate when I'm reading a toy review and it turns into a porn story!

Great job! Also love the blog, keep up the good work!

vanimp said...

Oooo I am thinking I might just like this wee toy. Nice review hun! x

Jealous Aurora said...

Hrm I think I would like this one :D :D Bendy + waterproof + good vibes = good selling points for this grrl.

Fabu review hunny!!! :D :D

Amorous Rocker said...


phairhead: Yes, yes I do. Sometimes. =)

the eternal list:
I've worked up to the audio stuff but mostly just for these reviews, lol. I don't think I'll ever do more. Then again, who knows.
Not even close. I read several blogs with 200+ and 300+ followers and one with over 500. I can't believe I have as many as I don honestly, lol.

Thank you!
That toy is definitely worth the money. =)

Sheen V:
That cracked me up, seriously. =D

Bella D:
Thank you.
I love toys that stimulate the G-spot as well. Rockin'.

Heh, thanks!

Mizz Minx:
Well thank you, on all accounts! I appreciate the feedback and glad you enjoy the blog.

Thank you! It's a really good one. Much fun and worth the money.

Those are good selling points for me as well. ;) Thank you!

Eliot said...

Good review, sugar. I like to give toys a good look before I use them, too. I usually handle them for a time, look for any defects, and check out the vibrations. And then the fun begins (hopefully).

Amorous Rocker said...

I do the same pretty much. =)
Thank you darlin!

Rickstar said...

the good toys are more expensive, but well worth the money :)