Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Never gonna let me in....

Boyfriend and I were sitting around last night after work chatting about a lot of nothing.A book he was reading was sitting on the kitchen table and I picked up the business card that he's used as a bookmark for several years. It's got his name on it though he hasn't worked for the company it's from in a couple years. I laughed, a little surprised, mentioning how I couldn't believe he still used that thing as a bookmark. He just laughed and said some how it's the only thing he's been able to hold on to and not lose in terms of "bookmarks" which made me think... I have a problem with losing bookmarks. I've made several using construction paper or even notebook paper all doodled up. I've purchased many bookmarks over the years too. I have none. I always always always manage to lose them some how. I haven't purchased one in about a year now because after I managed to lose the last one I got, I said fuck it. Now I just use random papers to save my place and it's not ever the same random paper for very long.

Today is 22's birthday. Maybe I should change his blog nickname to 23 since he's now 23? Lol. Probably not. ;) Which means today is the 9th and my birthday is only 6 DAYS AWAY now. I'll be 24. Yeah, my brother 22 and I aren't even a full year apart in age. Don't say anything about the amount of time between are births, please and thank you in advance. Think all you want but just don't say anything, lol.

I had the strangest dream the other night. Like, weird even by my standards and trust me, I have some crazy weird fucking dreams. Check out the "dreams" link in my label cloud if you're new to the blog and want to see for yourself. This dream I won't be posting here though. I did write it out in Microsoft Word and saved it away though. I might be using it in a writing project I've started so hey, maybe you'll read about it one of these days anyway. If you so choose to do so. ;)

Happy Tuesday!


Hubman said...

I have a cool bookmark that has an elastic strap you use to wrap around the book once the bookmark is between the pages- keeps the book closed and the bookmark from falling out. Especially helpful with young kids around...

I don't know, I expected more enticing answers from you ;-)

Happy Tuesday!

phairhead said...

i use bacon as a bookmark

Big Kahuna said...

Thanks for stopping by last week AR.

I agree that these questions, although not bad ones, were tough for us to make exciting - luckily we had other exciting news to include.

Have a great TMI Tuesday!!

Emmy said...

I just remember the page I'm on when I go to close the book. I gave up on bookmarks years ago. I was constantly setting them down and losing them. Plus, it gets me around the kid factor.

Happy Tuesday!

Nolens Volens said...

I don't bother with bookmarks anymore - people kept taking them out so I simply memorized the page number I was on. LOL

Sexie Sadie~ said...

I have a problem with bookmarks too. So therefore a lot of my books have broken spines from opening them up and splaying them out. Oooh, I like that, Opening and Splaying ;)

Happy Tues-ems, sexy,

Nicey said...

Your just a nipper ....

Love your answers, you seem like a good girl ;)


Newbo said...

I've never used bookmarks, i always buy them but end up not using them. I fold the corner of the page i'm on instead. A lot of my fellow book-readers see this as a punishable crime, but if it's my book, i dont really care as long as i enjoy it!

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

i have had so many awesomely kuwl bookmarks and they've all bitten dust as well! maybe it's because i don't chain read or maybe the universe has a sinister plot against bookmarks. . . :P i want the bookmarker hubman describes though!

i've been thinking of starting a second blog to record my dreams in; as of now they're scattered between word and the "audio note" feature on my cell phone. i really want to do it but it's so much work to blog in general sometimes and i'm very anal when writing out my dreams. i suppose i could try not to be. . . if i ever get any sleep! :P

your tmi answer to question 3 made me giggle and wink at the screen a bit. . . hehe

oh, HAPPY EARLY BIRFFDAY!!! :D what are your plans, gorgeous?! ^_^

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hello Gemini. hehehe. My birthday is on the 13th...yep this Saturday.

It's just a small get together that we will have...family and friends.

I have ton of book markers...I lose them and buy one then I find them...hehehe

have a fab day sweetie.

Insults said...

I do love a questionairre!

rage said...

I am not much of a reader in the first place, so I guess I don't see a need to keep buying bookmarks when you can just use anything-especially if you are one to lose them frequently.

I would love to hear about your dream!

autumn said...

funny about the bookmarks thing. i use random scraps of paper as well. i have bought bookmarks that have vanished as well. must be the elves that take things while we sleep. :)

your birthday is coming? YAY! i fucking love birthdays. i'm sure you've got something fun planned for on or around your day. hmmm?

loves autumn