Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking at you through the glass...

I’ve never used a glass sex toy before. They’ve intrigued me from the moment I first saw a glass dildo with pretty red spirals across the shaft in a sex shop a couple years ago. The only thing stopping me was spending the money and then being too afraid to use it. I read any and all information I could stumble upon. I even talked to people in the stores when I went in for other things. I received all kinds of information that should have assured me I’d be fine and that shards of glass weren’t going to break off into my vagina. I was still freaked out about it though so there for put off purchasing one despite badly wanting to try one out. Then sex toy reviewers started popping up with glass toy reviews. I e-mailed a few people personally with questions and they happily filled me in with more details that should have assured me even more. More companies were coming out with glass toys and there was more information about them and the durability and strength of Pyrex glass. I read about how Pyrex is more resistant to physical or thermal shock and unless I’m going to throw it around, I’m probably not going to break it. I, however, was still apprehensive about sliding glass inside of such a tender area. Mainly, I didn’t want one breaking inside me and having to go to an emergency room with glass stuck in my pussy. I do not get embarrassed easily at all but something tells me that scenario might embarrass me just a wee bit.

I put Savanna’s spiral wrapped G-spot wonder down as a sex toy I was interested in doing a review on for EdenFantasys as an after thought. I had browsed through their selection of glass toys and that one was one of the least expensive ones that appealed to me. The curve for G-spot stimulation and the baby blue and white spiral wrapping around the toy caught my eye and I decided, “Why not?” Time to get over the hang up about the toy breaking. It wasn’t very likely and I could be missing out on something. What a shame that would be eh? ;)

My boyfriend sent me a text to let me know the toy arrived while I was at work and I spent the rest of my shift going between excited and nervous about the new toy I had waiting for me at home. By the time I got home though, I was ready to have some fun with it.

I got the dildo out and did my usual examination. I looked at it from every angle and then took pictures from different angles. I was checking out the size of the shaft, the head and the double ball end (7” in length, 3 ¾” in circumference and 1 ½” wide) and ended up almost dropping it. Thanks to my Ninja-like quick reflexes, I was able to grab it without it falling to the ground. I really wasn’t ready to test out the strength of the Pyrex glass that soon. The glass felt nice and cool and I felt a little apprehension as I got the lube out and got ready to give it a whirl.

Since glass is nonporous, you don’t need to use all that much lube with the toy. A little bit goes a long way here. I only use a small amount to lube the dildo up and then I took a deep breath and rubbed the head against the outer lips of my vagina. It felt cool and slick (from the lube) but it felt good. Very different than any feeling I’ve had from rubbing other sex toys against myself. Some of that apprehension slid away as I wondered how it would feel inside me. I pushed gently to part my lips and slid the glass head inside me slowly, enjoying the smooth surface against my skin. I slid just the head of the dildo in and out for a couple minutes, just enjoying the sensations.

I slid it in further and felt the spiral wrapping texture as it moved inside me. I really enjoyed the texture and it was really easy to actually feel the spirals. Any apprehension I was still holding on to melted away as I slid the toy in fully. I held still a moment, letting it fill me and trying to decide whether I liked the way it felt or not. It was different and a little odd, probably because it was new to me. I worked the toy in and out of my pussy several times before deciding though a little odd feeling, it was also good. Very good. The toy is curved for G-spot stimulation and it did a nice job of reaching that sweet spot nicely. I angled it so the spiral wrapping would touch my clit as I fucked myself with the dildo and was totally happy about the sensations that brought about.

The double ball end of the toy makes it easy to keep a good grip on the toy while you’re using it and also makes it easy to stay in control of the toy. The end isn’t much larger than the rest of the toy so it isn’t like a lot of toys that have big bulky ends to hold on to. It isn’t so small that it keeps slipping out of your hands either. I did accidentally get lube on the end at first and didn’t (some how) notice it until I was having trouble keeping a good grip on the toy. I cleaned off the end and didn’t have any trouble after that, lol.

A day later, I was curious about using the toy at a different temperature. I like the sensations that come with temperature play and decided to seek out some advice on the best way to heat and cool down the glass dildo. Though given that it’s been so damn hot lately (it stayed between 112 and 114 yesterday for way too long) I was way more interested in getting the dildo cold and having some fun. To cool it down, I set it in some cool water and then added some ice cubes. I let the toy sit in the ice water for about 25 minutes (I started playing video games and lost track of time, yes I’m a nerd) and then retrieved it. It was nicely chilled and I was eager to play with my freshly cooled friend. I pressed it against my hot skin and felt chills break out automatically. I started thinking naughty thoughts and pushed the slightly lubed toy inside my pussy. The chill I felt from the glass being cold sent shivers down my thighs but damn it felt wonderful. Sitting there hot from the summer heat and then sliding something cold that gives so much pleasure into such an extremely warm area is amazing. And the glass toy feels about a hundred times better than a sticky Popsicle. Also, it’s not as messy as said Popsicle because it stays cool and doesn’t start melting syrup all over you and/or your partner. ;)

I haven’t tried heating it up yet and don’t see me doing that anytime soon unless I’m some how stricken to do so. It’s so hot here in the summer though so I’m more often looking for ways to cool down. I’m all for cooling down and having more fun in the process. ;)

A couple days later, I got curious about something else. No, not anal play. I haven’t worked myself up to that yet. It took me a couple years to get one to put in my pussy, it might take some more time still to convince me it’ll be okay to use anally, lol. Or maybe I just need to privacy with the boyfriend to use it. Or.. Who knows? ;) Anyway, what I was referring to was something else. I don’t know about anyone else but I really, really enjoying being tit fucked. So, I got my boyfriend alone and asked him if he wanted to tit fuck me with the toy. Not because the idea of it really got my undies soaked but more because I was curious about how it would feel. It was interesting. Not near as fun as having a warm cock sliding between ones tits but still, not bad. The raised wrapping made for an interesting sensation there as well. I don’t think I’ll do that again but like I said, that was more for curiosity sake more than anything.

Being glass and nonporous makes it insanely easy to clean. No batteries to mess with. No high maintenance materials. Warm water with some soap and some gentle scrubbing and I had it all nice and clean. It also comes with a nice storage pouch that has some lace trim around it with a pull cord to keep the bag closed.

So what did I dislike about the dildo?

Nothing honestly.

It’s pretty. The design is simple and the blue and white raised spiral wrapping makes it more aesthetically appealing.

I love the G-spot stimulation from the curved shaft.

I really love the clitoral stimulation the spiral wrapping offers.

I think it’s a good size. It wasn’t more than I could handle but didn’t leave me wanting more either.

I have no complaints about it. I always like to try and find something about the toys I review that I don’t like so I can point it out but seriously, I found nothing that personally turned me off about the toy. Maybe I just need to use it more to find something that rubs me the wrong way about it though. No pun intended. ;)

Thanks so much to Eden Fantasys for letting me try out this toy!

product picture
Glass G-spot shaft by Phallix
Material: Pyrex Glass

Happy Monday!


phairhead said...

Is it dishwasher safe?

Not a big fan of the tittie fuck. I rather have the Beast's tongue all over me than his cock. But to each his own, right?

Osbasso said...

This might be off-topic (though I thoroughly enjoyed imagining all of this...), but when did you get back to TX, and for how long?

Tina said...


Great review. You sure do know how to paint a sexy fucking picture dollface. The imagery that goes along with those words is damn good. Don't be skeered to toss in some more of those sexy details next review! ::wink::

I am glad you had a good time with your glass toy and hooray for all the fun you had with it. Here is to many moor glass induced orgasms sugar!

I believe most glass toys are dishwasher safe. ::wink::

BTExpress said...

Pyrex is definitely dish washer safe.

Thalia said...

Thank you for this. I have been wanting to try one of these for forever but because of some of your same apprehensions, I haven't! Now I am going to definitely get one.

His BabyDoll said...

Great review I've been intrigued by glass for a very short time but have the same apprehensions. Not sure this has cured them but its getting closer

Anonymous said...

We have one. The bride prefers things that go bzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzz but she likes the glass one ok as long shes is getting the bzzzz bzzzz from aanother toy or a lickin.
I prefer the lickin!

good review.

Another Suburban Mom said...

Thanks for the review. I had always been apprehensive about glass and you addressed all of my concerns.

Back when I was pregnant and nursing and had enough boobage to comfortably push together, I loved getting tit fucked.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

glass is awesome if you know how to use them on yourself and on others. I like that curve.

i want that one in me...grrrr.

autumn said...

i loved reading this. i've been curious about them also. you are so kind to provide close-ups of the spirals and stuff. i think i may actually check out the price and details on this one. thank god for your ninja speed.

TentCamper said...

I just got so turned on that I am going to give Mariah a good fucking...thanks to you

Amorous Rocker said...

Yes, Pyrex glass is definitely dishwasher safe, as a couple people here already pointed out. (Thanks yall! lol)

Thanks for reading and leaving comments yall! I really appreciate it! =o)