Monday, June 1, 2009

Just like a circus...

First I want to encourage y'all to go read something and then go vote. Go to Mojo's blog and read this post. That post will take you here and PLEASE go vote in the most inspiring blog category for Violence UnSilenced. VU is an amazing blog giving survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault an avenue to speak out and more importantly, reach out to others. They offer help resources as well. It's a wonderful blog and it's been nominated for a most inspiring blog award. I think it totally deserves the nomination. Check out Mojo's post on the nomination and then go vote! Check out VU's website as well. It's worth all the effort it will take. Besides, it shouldn't take more than a couple minutes. =)


I take pretty quick showers. If I take a long shower, it's a 15 minute shower. I can't really stand staying in there much longer. Which is odd because I love being in water and I actually love taking a shower. It's almost like a sanctuary for me. I sing, I clean, I do some deep thinking. I relax and enjoy but I don't like being in there for all that long. I'm good with about 10 minutes usually. When I'm in hotels though, I take long ass showers. I'm talking 30 minute showers or longer. I have no idea why I like to take such long showers in hotels. It's not because I'm not paying for the water. I don't pay a water bill now. It's not because the shower or bathroom is all that much nicer than one I have at home. It's definitely not that the mini shampoo, conditioner and body wash provided by the hotel are better than the expensive, awesome products that I buy for myself. I really don't know why but get me in a hotel shower and I'll take way too long in there, mostly just standing under the water thinking and stretching.

I love the smell of fresh baked bread. I love the taste of fresh baked bread too. Fresh baked scones rock pretty hard too. Yum.

I found out the complex pools won't be open until the end of fucking June. Seriously. They have to drain them and have some work done on them and it will be end of June possibly before they can get them filled and open again. Now I have to find somewhere else to go swim. Grrr. Seriously, why did they not get the work done all Winter? Or hey, start it when Spring started? Why wait until the end of MAY to start getting the work done? Lame. Hehe.

Okay so I took like a hundred little quizzes on Blogthings because I was bored and haven't messed around on there forever. They're amusing enough and sometimes they're even accurate... ish. ;)

You Are Medium Maintenance

Like everyone else, you have some things you are particular about.

You're not too annoying about it, and you're able to go with the flow most of the time.

You've learned to stand your ground on what matters but also make compromises from time to time.

You have good taste. Too bad not everyone shares it.

You Are a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

You life your life in a free form, artistic style.

You are incredibly creative and at times, quite messy.

Deep down, you are a kid at heart. And you aren't afraid to express it.

Your best friend: The Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Club Sandwich

For the next one, I tried to pick between the ones I liked the best but it came down to two and I just couldn't pick the one I liked better than the other, lol. So I picked both of them and this is what I got:

You Are Highly Spiritual

You may not have found the meaning of life, but you try to approach it with as much optimism as possible.

You are always enthusiastic and grateful for every day you have.

You are cheerful and energetic. You are a do-gooder who likes to keep busy.

You are outgoing and carefree. You embrace life to the fullest.

You Are Highly Authentic

You're as real as they come... and quite modest too.

You are very self-assured, and you have a healthy amount of self-esteem.

You feel confident that you can take on the world.

You are have a great sense of humor, especially when it comes to laughing at yourself.

This is kind of cool because the description works but I don't like this sundae at all. I've had two before. One when I was a little kid, hated it. Tried it again a few months ago, still hated it. Weird because I love most of what's in one but meh, I just don't like it all together, lol.

You Are a Banana Split

Fruity, flavorful, and diverse.

Who can beat a true superstar?

You Are Champagne

Your holiday personality is celebratory.

In other words, you love to drink!

For you, the holidays are a time to let loose and enjoy yourself.

You figure they only happen once a year, so why restrain yourself?

Your Psyche is Red

You are bright, bold, energetic, and intense.

Your upbeat, zany energy inspires those who are down.

Spontaneous and playful, you also have a courageous and fearless side.

When you are too red: you are angry, overprotective, and truly scary.

When you don't have enough red: you are depleted and lifeless.

Your Passion is Yellow

You're a total sexual shape shifter.

You possess a complex sex drive and are very adaptable.

Of all the colors, you are the most likely to be bisexual.

While you the most passionate, you are also very open minded.

You Are Thick-Skinned

People may not always love you, but that's totally fine.

You're happy with who you are, and you don't really crave outside approval.

You love yourself, and that's the most important thing. You have high self esteem.

And because you don't care what other people think, they tend to like you a lot!

You Are Bicycling

You are an energetic, driven person. You try to live a good life.

You are industrious and determined. You happily and willingly do hard work.

You are deeply philosophical. You are concerned with doing things the best way.

You love freedom to explore and experiment. You don't like rules.

You Are Raspberry Chocolate Lip Gloss

You tend to approach life as a fun game - being playful at every turn.

You're a flirt with flair, and your the type most likely to surprise your date.

But you're popularity doesn't stop with guys... you've got a great group of girlfriends too!

You're fresh, aggressive, and more than a little sassy. The tangy taste of raspberry and watermelon goes great on your lips.


Mojo said...

Well first of all let me thank you from the bottom of my black little heart for the shout out for Violence UnSilenced. I get a little annoying about the site sometimes, but there are some things I don't mind being considered annoying about. And when I think about what the contributors have been through and what it took for them to post there... well hey. They deserve every bit of effort I can put into VU, and they definitely deserve this award. 'Cause I can't think of anything more inspiring than their courage.

And second, you are clearly one tasty chica! A PB&J with a banana split back? Not two things I'd normally think of together but still...

Much love!

Anonymous said...

have you seen that ad featuring keira knightley about domestic violence? very shocking ending. love the blog, amorous

phairhead said...

the colour of yr sexual psyche was spot on : )

Slyde said...

about once a week, i love to take a long hot bath.. i know its a girly thing to do, but i really enjoy much better than a shower...

Amorous Rocker said...

You're welcome. =) I already emailed you again so you know how I feel about that.

Lol. PB&J is yummy. The split? Meh. Ice cream rocks though. ;)

the eternal list:
I haven't but I'm going to go search it out now. =) Thank you! Glad you enjoy.

Thank you! I read that and was a little surprised actually. It's so correct. *grin*

My thing with a bath, I need to take a shower first. I hate the thought of sitting around chilling in dirty water. It might not even be dirty but if I don't get clean first, I can't convince my mind otherwise. Baths ARE insanely relaxing. I just can't get around the "stewing in ones filth" thing. ;)

maggie, dammit said...

AR, thank you thank you THANK YOU FOR THIS! I can't tell you how grateful I am. THANK YOU.