Monday, May 11, 2009

Yeah, we're gonna do it hanging upside down...

I have been wanting to try the Micro Butterfly Arouser for some time. I just couldn't get myself to spend to money on something so small. It looked like it would be worth it but I'm a poor bitch and didn't want to spend the money on a toy I wasn't sure I'd like. When I got my third toy from TabuToys in the mail over the weekend, I was totally happy to see this little toy on the cover of the box.

I opened the box, pulled out the toy and laid the contents out on the counter. The butterfly clitoral stimulator is a nice, soft Silicone which made me happy. I'm a big fan of Silicone toys. I love the feel of it. I like how it's soft but still firm too. The butterfly has a little texture to it and the head of the butterfly has two thin little antennas.

The straps, I will admit, confused me for about five seconds and then I figured them out. They're adjustable and stretchy. I was worried that the straps weren't long enough actually. I was worried they wouldn't adjust and stretch properly without tearing the soft toy so I went at it a little apprehensively.
They fit nice and snug with room to work with thankfully. Though in my opinion, the straps could definitely stand to be a little longer given that they're adjustable and stretchy anyway. If you've got large shapely hips and thighs, the straps this toy comes with might present a problem.

I plugged the toy into the power adapter and rolled the dial downwards to turn it on. Then I remembered that toys need batteries or they won't work for you. Oops! In my excitement to try the little butterfly out, I had forgotten to put the three AA batteries it requires in. The batteries go in the adapter so I just had to grab them, put them in and then turn it back on. ;)
The power adapter has pretty colorful lights that change colors randomly as each function changes. I pretty much didn't see a use for that but it sure does look cool if you happen to glance over at it, lol.

I dig a hands free stimulator. I get awesome stimulation to my clit which leaves my hands free to stimulate the rest of me any way I see fit to. The antennas I worried might get annoying but they were not. On the lower speed settings, they don't feel like much more than really fast caresses. On the lower speeds, it actually tickled a little bit in a good way which to say the least was a hell of an interesting contrast. A tickling caress that sends delicious sensations through your body. Turn the speed up some more and you can really feel the antennas buzzing against you and any thoughts of the thing tickling you into a giggling fit pretty much disappear.

It has three functions which are vibration, pulsation and escalation. It automatically and randomly rotates through those functions. For me, that's a pro and con. On the pro side, you have constant stimulation but the way you're stimulated changes every time it alternates. So you get a little something and it's like an exciting little surprise when it rotates to the next one. It's pleasant and very fun. On the con side, I would like it better if you could do the random rotation when you want and then be able to just pick a setting and leave it on there. When I was close to climaxing, having it switch from one function to the next randomly got to be a little distracting and also a little annoying. Not so much that I had to quit using it though since it did still feel good. ;)

I was totally satisfied with the power the little bullet inside the butterfly has. I like a really strong vibration and this little number gets intense on the higher speeds. So much so that it was almost a little on the painful side but not quite. Which I wouldn't have minded either way. ;)

It's a a bit on the noisy side but it's nothing so bad that it can't be muffled or blended over with some background noise.

The description on the back of the box says that this little toy can be used while fucking. Of course, it says it more nicely but still, it's all the same. Given that my boyfriend is a couple thousand miles away from me for the time being, I decided to get out a dildo and test the theory out. I slid the dildo in easily (no lube required, thanks to the Micro Butterfly *wink*) and began working it slowly in and out of my pussy. The butterfly doesn't interfere with the dildo thanks to it's petite size. I was enjoying myself greatly.

Then I started to wonder how an actual vibrator would work with this happy little buzzing butterfly so, I got out my vibrator, turned it on and slid it in. Playing with the speed settings of the vibrator and the butterfly, I found that it's pretty intense to have both things vibrating away at the same time. I reached orgasm in about five minutes fucking myself with the vibrator while the butterfly buzzed away at my clit. It was intense but very, very good.
Penetration and hands free clitoral stimulation? Yes please!

Pros and cons considered, I do like this toy. I'll be excited to see the boyfriend again so I can strap it on while we have some fun together. I'll definitely use it again during solo time as well but it won't be something I bring out very often. If you're looking for something to spice things up or if you really need clitoral stimulation to get off during sex, this totally might be something you should check out! I give it a 3 out of 5. ;)

Thank you to TabuToys for letting me try out this neat little toy! =)

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Well you surely painted a delightful visual.
That is a toy we have owned I'd say she'd say 3-5 also.

phairhead said...

like the pros and cons list. and it's got me thinking about clit stimulation whilst fucking the boyfriend

Bizarre Brunette said...

I always wondered about a little dandy like this one! As Sage proclaimed, you painted a delightful visual with your words. Sexylous.

Fabu review! I am going to have to consider adding this to my naughty box. I do need to e-mail you and ask a few questions about this toy however. Be on the watch for that! ~wink~ I love you doing these reviews. It's wonderful to have someone I trust trying these things out for me! :)

Nicey said...

Dig that its hand free which means that you can continue to blog whilst using it ; )


Slyde said...

i dont think my girl would dig this one....

Bella Dreamer said...

Oh! Good review! I feel like I could buy the toy and know what I'm a going to get when I do.

I am going to e-mail you and ask something about the straps. I think this would be GREAT fun for the man and me. ;)

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

This is my all time favorite hands-free butterfly style toy:

10 speeds, 5 functions, bunny ears that hit the right spot? OH. EM. GEE. The design on the clitoral stimulator is much more effective than any of the other butterfly vibes I've tried.

Hands free toys, FTW.

Hubman said...

Review aside, I'm a practical-minded kind of guy and you've mentioned that your bedroom is the living room, so I'm wondering just were you conduct these reviews?

Because I'd like to walk in on you ;-)

Bruce said...

As a member of the opposite sex, i was always curious about his sort of I know.

C. Louis Wolfe said...

My doctor recommended one of these to me. He wrote me out a script & fortunately my insurance carrier accepted it. I picked it up at the pharmacy & couldn't wait to get home. I didn't bother w/the instructions- Guess I picked that up at Ikea.

I strapped the damn thing to my head for about 2 hours & nothing happened except for a bitch of a headache I had for a week. Maybe I used it wrong. I made another doctors appointment. We'll see what happens I guess.

xnapoleonx said...

Wow, I never thought i'd once read this kind of a review; awesome