Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pour another drink in my glass....

Before I get to the meme today, I have a question for you dear readers. What is your take on love at first sight? Do you think it's possible? Tomorrow, I am going to answer my own question but the post will take me more time than I have right now. I need to get some damn sleep, I have plans for the night that involve a drive out of town and a hopefully fun night. I know I won't be able to explain all my points quickly though and I'll need more time to word out my response. Also, I want to be able to include some points from other people, such as anyone who comments and makes a point I want to include. I'll email you and let you know if I use your comment in tomorrow's post as well. So for today, I want to hear what y'all have to say about it. Love at first sight with another person, is it possible? And please explain why you feel the way you do.

Now, on to the weirdness!

Wednesday Weirdness #55
Questions By: Amorous Rocker

1.) What are your least favorite sounds?
Anything scraping against metal. Alarm clocks. Crickets. Children from outside screaming their obnoxious little heads off in the early hours of the morning.

2.) Do you enjoy reading infidelity blogs? Why? If you don't, is there any reason why you don't?
I'm intrigued in a way by them. I don't read any one with any form of regularity but they interest me. I like to understand things that people do. It's interesting to see the dynamics. It's made me see a lot more and sort of understand things in many different points of view. None of it has ever changed my own personal view on the subject but it's interesting to see things from another view and gain a little more in depth understanding to it.

3.) If you could make one frivolous purchase right now without expense being an option, what one thing would you go buy?
So many options here. I think I would pay to get the rest of my oral surgery done. Does that count? Lol. Of course that isn't really frivolous so I'll say send me a Bugatti Veyron please and thank you! Include that insurance paid for life policy too will ya? ;)

4.) Have you ever gotten drunk and then gotten behind the wheel to drive?
NEVER. I was almost killed thanks to a drunk driver when I was kid. I was in the hospital and they didn't think I would make it. I still have physical issues I deal with to this day that are results of an accident that happened almost 20 years ago. I NEVER drive when I'm drunk or tipsy. I despise when people do it. It's stupid and reckless and you're not the only life you're dumb ass is endangering by doing it.

5.) As an adult, have you ever been caught having sex by someone you didn't ever want to catch you in the act?
Yes, lol. My boyfriend's mom. We hadn't been together long and it was a little awkward but I ended up just giggling about it. I found it funny. My boyfriend didn't find it as funny, lol.

6.) If your current significant other wound up in jail for no less than 5 years but didn't kill or physically harm anyone, would you wait for them or move on?
I have no clue honestly. I couldn't answer that unless I were in the situation. It would really depend on what he did. If it were something I could live with and something that I just didn't find wrong, then maybe.

7.) If you had to participate, would you rather be in a mud wrestling competition or a JellO wrestling competition?
JellO! Definitely JellO. Seems more fun. I don't like the stuff but if JellO got up my nose or in my mouth, I wouldn't be as grossed out by that as I would be if I got mud up my nose or in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

I do believe in love at first sight. I fell for J the moment I set eyes on him. Sure, it was probably just lust but it felt like so much more than that - I didn't just want to do the dirty with him, at that moment I wanted to *be* with him. Considering he was wearing a rather unattractive supermarket uniform at the time, that's pretty impressive!

I get why people don't believe in it, though. Love is so much deeper than looks and you can't get that without spending more time with someone.


Another Suburban Mom said...

I beleive that you can fall in love with your baby at 1st sight, but even then you have spent 9 months getting to know the person before you see them.

Adults? I believe in lust, attraction, infatuation at first sight but that love is something that grows with time.

Great WW answers BTW!

Newbo said...

I don't think i believe in love at first sight. I definitely believe in lust at first sight, but love is so much more complex and takes more than eye contact and sexual tension. When i met J i was immediately drawn to her, but i didn't fall in love with her till i got to know her and the way she was, her humour, her gentleness and caring nature. I didn't know those things about her when i first met her and even though i admired her and i did want to sleep with her, i never thought i'd fall in love with her.

However, i think if someone else believes in love at first sight i'm sure it might happen to them. Maybe i'm just a cynic lol!

phairhead said...

Nope, no such thing. But lust at first sight, definately

Confessor X said...

This is a tough one to call, but I think it's all dependent on the person. Sure there are people that you instantly find attractive, but is that love? Love is to complex of an emotion to have such little thought put into it...

But I can see how and why people do fall in love, my parents for instance. My dad said he just knew, wasnt able to tell me, but just who knows? I cant say that Ive ever had love at first sight, but then again...maybe I havent met her yet?

With "T" it hit me like a brick, with no was that just delayed?!? I dunno...but if you did find love at first sight sweetie, congrats and I hope hes the one ;)

C. Louis Wolfe said...

Like several comment depositors here, I'd go w/LUST.

Lust is easy & immediate- IMO love takes time. As you know sight is visual & that's where the lust comes in.

Love comes into play with the addition of head & heart, & the real thing takes a bit longer...or not.

That being said, lust is sure a good place to start!

Slyde said...

definitely believe in love at first site...

of course, LITERALLY at first site its probably more lust than anything else, but i guess im just a romantic at heart..

viemoira said...

I used to believe at love at first sight back when I was a young pup but I no longer do. I've realized over the years that true love is *so* complex that it cannot possibly be brought forth by mere sight alone. To me, true love takes much time and growth together as well as many other "ingredients".

I do believe in lust at first sight though!

Barney said...

I believe in lust/attratction/infactuation at first sight...but love.. no..
Love is that four letter word that has so many meanings...
The love of a brother/sister/mother/father..ect..

The Love of your life.. so much can be entailed in that.. you have to truly get to know somone in order to love them...

Then again.. Im 37 yrs old.. and still trying to figure out what Love is...

Anonymous said...

Well I can't help you here much. I don't really believe much in love at all except between parent and child.
I do believe in really really really really really reall wanna get naked and play the hokie pokie with at first sight though!

good answers. I wasn't clear on your thoughts on drunk drivers though.

Leesa said...

I believe in love at first sight. But better than love at first sight is the love at first sight that grows over time when people continue to be entangled with their loves, like vines in a tree. Pretty soon, you don't know where he ends and you start. Not a dependence, but more of a complimentary being.

And although I don't have an infidelity blog, I write about the subject.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible? Sure! I'm not sure if it's the best way to find love, and it's certainly not the only way, but to think it never happens? Nah, that's just crazy talk.

TUG said...

I do. But I'm also a hopeless romantic. I readily admit that it doesn't usually work though.

Anonymous said...

I believe in love at first sight. I met my husband on a blind date. We were engaged 2 months after we met and married 1 year to the day we met. We have been married for 19 years and 3 months. We have 2 kids, one 17 and one 13. So yes, love at first sight can happen. When you know, you know.