Friday, May 1, 2009

It's the light in the night that shines so bright...

Sometimes, I really can't stand some of the girls I work with. They really, really piss me off.

At work Thursday night, a group of people came in. There were seven of them. Five of them were mentally handicapped and the other two seemed to be their care takers. They were bringing the five out for a treat. We have some kick ass dessert items and that's what they came for. Upon seeing them coming, one of my co-workers said, "Aww look, they let them out on a little field trip!" Like they're some little mutants that can only come out and play once in a while.

I told her that was a fucked up thing to say. She just shrugged and laughed. Another girl told her that was terrible but laughed right along too because after all, it was funny.

I ended up going and taking their order and had some difficulty because they couldn't decide what they wanted and they weren't sure what each thing was entirely. With a little explaining and a little confusion and frustration, I got it taken care of. Then I went back to my post and got to drink making and all that jazz.

The girl who further had to wait on them and carry their desserts out didn't want to. She even begged another girl to do it for her because she didn't want to. She said she didn't want to have to deal with doing separate checks. Which isn't hard at all actually. The other girl was busy though and wouldn't do it for her. So she got pissed off, groaned about it and then did it. Then she ended up griping about it because she had to "deal with those people" and "ugh it was so frustrating" because "they didn't understand anything!" Which is just an exaggeration. They required a bit more help than most customers do but so what?

After they left, the bitch who waited on them was going on about how she thinks one had down syndrome and some nonsense. Then she said something to the effect of, "I know they can't help the way they are but ugh I just don't like having to deal with those kinds of people. It's so annoying for us people who don't want to deal with stuff like that."

To which my only reply was, "That's fucked up. They didn't ask to be where they are and they don't deserve to be treated like shit because of it. Sorry but we can't all be perfect princess."

Which got me a death insinuating glare but she was smart enough not to say anything back. Sadly, I was hop
ing she would. I was ready to go off on her but not ready to make a scene in the middle of my job to do so. I might have punched her bony ass or said something particularly harsh and I really need my job. I worry about losing it over my temper at times so I try hard to keep it in check, even when I do get pissed off. I think I got the point across enough with what I did say and she didn't speak to me for the rest of her shift. Which is fine. I don't like that bitchy little brat anyway.

I was a bit annoyed for a few minutes then let it go. Then around closing time, I started thinking about it again and ended up feeling annoyed. I just don't understand people. Really. I don't. Then I felt sad. Sad that people who are different have to deal with ridicule and being treated poorly probably too often by ridiculous people like my co-workers.

And no, I don't feel sorry for people because they're deaf, mentally handicapped, blind, missing a leg, in a wheel chair, etc. I don't feel sorry for that group of people because they're mentally handicapped. What I feel sorry for is that they have to deal with people treating them like shit just because of a difference they can't control. Just because that difference might make them uncomfortable. I feel sorry because a lot of times with people who have a handicap, I get told "Don't worry about it, I'm/They're/We're used to it" because that's not something they should have to get used to. I don't treat them especially different because there is something "wrong" with them because there isn't something wrong with them. Maybe I am the one who is wrong. I think you should treat everyone like they're human, not like they're some mutant spawn freak.


Happy Friday Y'all.
Have a good weekend.


phairhead said...

Right on, sister

13messages said...

Nice post. You're right. It's such a shame that so many folks are like that coworker of yours. I'm sure the table appreciated your kindness and professionalism. Where do I write to nominate you for Employee of the Month? :)

vixen kitten said...

One of the many reasons I'm in awe of you.....your beautiful heart.

This world needs more women like you.

Have a beautiful weekend.


Texas Ghostrider said...

You are an angel. I don't like people like your rude co-worker. Showing the group a little compassion could of gave her a big reward. It is ashamed she missed out because it might warm up that cold heart of hers.

Jessica said...

Being rude and disrespectful is not becoming and says loads about ones character. That type of thing irritates me to no end. Props to you for being the bigger person.

Southern Sage said...

Go girl

Didn't you just have this happen with some deaf folks?
I seem to recall something like that.

Beautiful Dreamer said...

We need more people like you, seriously. Another thing that is really sad, the way people treat those with mental illness.

viemoira said...

Sounds like your coworkers have the worst handicap- ignorance! I think you are correct in your assessment, most handicapped people I know what to be treated just like everyone else.

Barney said...

Peoples ignorance is amazing...

interestingly enough, my 15 yr old son and I had this conversation not to long ago.. he was telling me about this boy that goes to his school who has some sort of disability...and how some of the "cool" kids were razzing him.

My son got pissed - and slammed a "cool" kid up against a locker and told him that if he picked on B again... he was gonna have to deal with him, and his Metal Pedal friends (he's a bmx freak)

Long story short.. My son got called into the office - and they attempted to kick him out.. when they clld me in.. I looked at the principal...looked at my kid.. and said to my son... well K - you just got a vacation.. where ya wanna go to lunch?

I was proud of him.. for standing up for another child that was being put into a difficult situation.. that's what your suppose to do.. stand up for others when there are dumb asses out there...

anyhow.. sorry for the short story.. Im just a proud Mommy :)

Confessor X said...

I have this co-workers that doesnt care about others personal space, not to mention hes nosey! Ooh, did I mention he also smells like pickles?!? Yea, we call him "Pickle Boy"

Great Post and WTG on being the better co-worker

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

*hugs* stupid overprivileged brats.

one of my best friends and ex-roommate recently moved in with a couple of my college buddies (by coincidence) and, as most of my college buddies are, her new roommates are queer. when her coworkers caught wind of the fact that she might be living with "gays," they made a huge fuss and you can bet a bunch of "hilarious" jokes were made. ugh.

can we pleeease vote everyone off the island whose iq isn't at least 115, who isn't so at ease with their own bigotry that they openly display it instead of quietly learning from it? i poop on people.

TUG said...

It seems you work with a bunch of morons. They are always doing stupid stuff. You need to find yourself another job with better people.