Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm wild and a little crazy too....

I love blowing bubbles.

I hate blueberries.

I love when my boyfriend and I are laying in bed, about to fall asleep and he kisses me on the base of my neck.

I don't get stressed out easily. It takes a lot to make me crack.

I'm stronger than most people think I am.

The smell of mayonnaise makes me nauseous.

I've never been to a tanning salon and will never go to one. I don't give a shit about being tan. Any added color to my skin is just from running around outside.

I don't sunburn. Even when I forget to use sunscreen.

I have no personal drama in my life that directly affects me. I hate drama and avoid people who thrive on it, cause it or enjoy it's presence. Fuck that shit. Life is too short to waste your time playing he said she said or dicking around over petty bullshit and gossip.

Carrots are my favorite vegetable. Raw or cooked. Plain or dipped in salad dressing. Mmmm.

My favorite time to have sex is... any time I'm awake. Morning, noon, afternoon, evening, midnight, 3 AM. It's all good.

People often think I don't take anything seriously. That's not true. I take the appropriate things seriously enough when need be. I see no point in stressing over things that aren't important though.

Australian accents are so sexy.

I love accents.

I don't eat the icing on cake. I prefer my cake without icing. Naked cake, yes sir.

I'm not a big fan of chocolate at all. I really only like dark chocolate.

Cheese is far superior to chocolate. I love cheese.

One Valentine's Day, I drank a whole bottle of champagne on my own. Boyfriend didn't like the taste but I loved it. It was almost the best part of the day. If that pesky hot hot hotel sex hadn't claimed the "best thing about today" slot, that champagne would have ranked first.

I hate the game Twister.

I also don't like Parcheesi, Scrabble, Chess, Boggle and Taboo. To name a few.

Happy Tuesday!


phairhead said...

Mayo is tangible evidence of evil

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I so love cheese...more then chocolate too :)

Confessor X said...

I'm with you on the carrots...mmmm, I'd even dip them in peanut butter :P

temperofrage said...

You and Rage need to get together on the cheese....

rage said...

I love mayo
I love cheese

....those are like two of the greatest food inventions I think. I like dipping my French fries into both.

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

blowing bubbles from bubble goop or from chewing gum are both favorite pastimes of mine.

blueberries, carrots cheese, and chocolate all rock but, you're right, mayonnaise is unnecessary and needs to be discontinued.

i would love to be browner but i always get sunburnt, even with the kind of spf you pay triple the money for.

you don't like icing? do you mean frosting? 'cuz frosting is amazingdeliciousorgasmic but that whipped shit is gross. :P

hott hott hotel sex on valentine's day? dang! i didn't do anything. :P

Bruce said...

Can I have the icing on your piece of cake???