Friday, May 8, 2009

I wanna rock n roll all night....

I had a really good blog post written here. Then, Blogger freaked out
on me and I lost the post. No draft auto-saved or anything. So I
wrote it out again and when I almost had it done, Firefox shut down. I
got back on and what do you know, the post had not saved in a draft.

NORMALLY, I never have any problems with Blogger but FUCK that was
annoying. So maybe cosmically I'm just not supposed to write about
what I was going to write about today. So maybe third times a charm
but fuck it, I don't feel like writing it out a third time, lol.

Work was kind off odd last night. We weren't busy but we were steady
all night. It was weird though. Shamrock and I kept up with the drink
orders but we couldn't keep anything cleaned or stocked and couldn't
get any sidework done. We keep rushing around trying to get shit done
but it just wasn't working. I ended up annoyed and with a headache,
lol. Hopefully tonight and the rest of the weekend goes more smoothly.

Okay, so I have an interest in a lot of things regarding people. I
always wonder about things. So right now, I'm curious to know how long
y'all (the people crazy enough to read here regulary or even at all,
lol) take in the shower. In general. Not when you're in a rush and not
when you're taking longer than normal. Just on a regular basis, how
long do you take in the shower? I'm only curious because pretty much
everyone who knows me thinks I take insanely fast showers. I think
most people I know just take way too long, lol. So yeah, I wonder
about weird things from time to time. It's okay, I just think way too
much about way too many things. I'll have to write about why I think
"eardrums" is an inaccurate name for them and what I think they should
be called and why, haha.

I have a design for my wrist tattoo finally! My awesome boyfriend took
my ideas & drew me something out that I LOVED. I have been trying to
draw something out for a while. Even though I envisioned it perfectly
in my mind, I could never get it right on paper. So yay!

Happy Friday y'al


Anonymous said...

Aw that's irritating!

I probably spend about 10 minutes in the shower on an average day, but because I'm a lazy student putting off revision it can take a whole lot longer than that!

And excitement for the new wrist tattoo :)


Another Suburban Mom said...

I hate when that happens.

I take about 10 minutes in the shower, but that includes a short deep conditioning and shaving everything and making sure I wash my face thoroughly.

If its the saturday I clean the grout and use my hair mask, I can take about 12-15. I let the hair mask soak in and then I take a brush to the grout.

I like to multitask.

Rogue said...

mostly 10 to 15 minutes in the shower... some mornings, longer.. just in there to feel the water, and wake up...

so do we get a peek at this new tattoo design?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is a Firefox conspiracy. Yesterday while I was in the middle of researching something, Mozilla decided to completely crap out on me and crash!

Ko-in-kee-dinc? I am starting to wonder....

viemoira said...

I generally take 10 to 15 min showers but I also shave *everything* during that time.

Confessor X said...

Ink...I love ink on a girl...I cant wait to get my half sleeve done...ill send ya pics of it when finished ;)

phairhead said...

10 mins aprox.

good luck w/ the tattoo

Tashamber said...

I usually take 7-10 minutes in the shower on average, sometimes more, sometimes less.

I have always written my posts in a Word document, then copy and paste. It is much easier and I can work on it when the internet is down. Plus, I tend to write my posts in class when I should be taking notes.

rage said...

I remember that happening several times when I was still on blogger. It used to irritate the shit out of me.

I don't think I have had it happen yet since I've been on wordpress. Then again, I could have been lucky thus far.

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

Blogger crashes my Safari all the time. It drives me nuts.

TUG said...

I can totally spend an hour in the shower when I ahve the time (and the hot water). I do some really good thinking in the shower. I don't know why, but it always is the place I think of things.