Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I couldn't find a way to help you grow, black rose...

Dear Mother Nature,

It's May now. It's Spring. I would really love to see some warm weather and go swimming in one of the lovely outdoor swimming pools that my complex has to offer. I would enjoy some blue skies, sunshine and warm weather so that I can jump into the cool, blue pool. Arms slicing through the water, back and forth back and forth. I love the feel of the water against my skin as I glide through it swimming laps. I further love the feel of sunshine on my face, neck and shoulders as I swim. The only time I like the sun at all is when I'm in the pool for that matter. Please don't deprive me of the one thing that lets me enjoy the bright sunshine. Of course, you'll need to let the sun actually come out from behind the rain clouds please.

I do love the rain. Don't get me wrong. Rain and gloomy weather make me feel peaceful and even allow me a little bit of contentment to wash over me. Lightning fascinates me and thunder is nice as well. I love walking in warm rain and I love sitting and watching the storms pass in cooler weather. I do love the rain BUT COME ON! I only get a few months out of the year to go swim and actually soak up some sunshine. You know I don't like being out in the sun the majority of the time, evil bastard that burning ball of gases can be.

I'd like to see it warm and dry. I'd also like to go out without having to tote along a jacket with me as well because inevitably, I will end up freezing my ass off once evening hits and the temperature drops from cool to cold. I also want to wear sandals without worry that I'll end up with soaked feet because those hazy clouds turned into some nasty rain. Or without worrying about getting cold because my toes are attempting to freeze off.

So in conclusion, please send the warm weather on and let the sun come out to play. It would be much appreciated. Not just by me but by tons of other people who want to be able to enjoy some warm, dry, lovely Spring weather too.

With love,
Amorous =)


southerngirl said...

Oh I feel you there AR, ready for blue skies and warmth of the sun.

13messages said...

I'm with you. I haven't seen the sun in a week or so here. My friends said it was sunny early yesterday, but I saw no evidence of it. They might be imagining things. :)

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

dang, i miss the pool at my complex. :/ *sigh* but anyway. . . *ahem* it's hella hot in southern california. please, mother nature, swap some temperatures around! i'd rather have a tepid rain than blistering heat any day!

viemoira said...

Amen! i agree completely its been raining here all week!