Friday, May 22, 2009

E is for the ecstasy....

At work, we use limes a lot. We make a lot of drinks that have lime and that generally requires me to squeeze a fresh lime or two in the almost finished product. You know what I hate? When you have a cut on your finger or your hand and don't realize you have a cut. Then you go to squeeze a lime and BAM! You now know there's a tiny little cut of some sort where some small amount of lime juice just ran in. I hate that and it happens at least a couple times a week at work. I also hate when I squeeze and the lime juice squirts up into my eye. Ouch! That's a good way to kill your eye make-up and irritate your eye.

Last night at work was so busy. I worked 4:30 pm to close but it didn't seem like a long time. We were so busy the time just flew by quickly. We also could have used two more people on the floor to help things run a bit more smoothly and quickly but it was kind of fun in chaos and having so much to do and being overwhelmed at times helped the time go by even more quickly. We were behind at the end of the night but we caught up on getting everything cleaned and stocked up and made it out by 12:40 am. I hope the weather stays nice all weekend. People come out more when the weather is nice and I like being busy. *grin* The only thing that sucked was that I had to clean one of the frozen drink machines and I got my hand messed up twisting the center piece with the blades back in. One of my fingers got caught between a metal part and something and I scraped some skin off and maybe sprained my finger. Kinda hurts but not so bad. Stupid frozen drink machines! I hate cleaning those things. They're such a pain in the ass.

Check this out...

The cherries we've had at work lately are so big, lol. Granted, I don't have very large hands but seriously, that is one big cherry! Everyone at work who eats cherries has been snagging these and eating way too many. Including me. I eat a few cherries most nights anyway because well, I love cherries. Mmmm.

I get to see my boyfriend tonight! Of course, he gets in while I'm at work but he's going to come up to my job and get a drink and some food. Oh and visit with me a little bit too. ;) I'm excited though. CL is coming with him but CL is only staying a few days. He just wants to visit, check out the beach and some girls and some stuff worth seeing. It'll be nice seeing him too.

I love fresh clean sheets. It feels so good to come home after work, take a nice shower and then slip into bed with fresh, clean sheets. They still smell like fabric softener and they're so soft and comfy feeling.

About that shower though... I was so tired by the time I got home. I worked my ass off at work and the night before, I hadn't slept much and what I didn't sleep wasn't very restful. So I was tiiired. I'm standing under the shower head, enjoying the warm water cascading down my body. I was washing my hair and then rinsing it. I stood there a minute and just enjoyed the warmth of the water as it fell over me and relaxed me. After about five minutes, I finally moved again to grab the body wash and the puffy thing I use with the body wash. I started cleaning my body off and when I got to my legs and then to my feet, I realized that the water wasn't draining. I was standing in the shower with the non-draining water about two inches over my ankles and not very far from the top of the tub. I seriously was so tired and relaxed that I hadn't noticed the water wasn't draining until I had gone to scrub my legs and feet. Oops, lol. I semi freaked out and went to find out why the hell the damn thing wasn't draining and found out the stopper must have fallen off the ledge without me noticing and actually landed right in the position it would be in if I were trying to hold in the water. Oops. Seriously don't know why it took me so long to realize the damn water wasn't draining. At least I noticed before it was over flowing into the floor. ;)

Happy Friday!


Hubman said...

Holy shit, it's mega-cherry! Can I have your cherry? *snicker*

Have a great visit with BF!

Another Suburban Mom said...

Have fun with boyfriend.

I also love cherries. When they come into season, I have been known to eat a large bag of them for lunch.

phairhead said...

blinded by citrus! oh what a world!

have a great weekend w/ the boy : )

Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi honey...fab post.

Um, someone ate my cherry. :P

Nolens Volens said...

Here's to you losing your mind...on purpose...over the weekend while with your boyfiend. Not "boyfriend"..."boyfiend". ;)

C. Louis Wolfe said...

As far as the lemons & limes, try rubber gloves & goggles. You might look silly, but you shouldn't have any more of those painful situations. :^)~

As far as the cherry, that's one I would NEVER-EVER wanna pop!

There's quite a bit of fruit topic in your post. Enjoy your holiday!

autumn said...

sucks about the little cuts, HUGE cherry right there! i also loves fresh clean sheets. the best for sure. hilarious about the shower. i've had that happen but it was a clump of my hair blocking it...ewww!

so glad you got to see your boyfriend. hope you have fun!

Anonymous said...

That'd be an easy tie stem!

Have fun with Goliath! I know y'all will!

TUG said...

The other day I put hand sanitizer on The Boy's hands and he started bawling. Apparently he had a cut!

Sooooo, do you sanitize the drink thingy after cutting yourself???

Hope you're having fun!!! ;)

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

is it weird that i never really understood cherries? i know i love blackberries and raspberries and even lingonberries but i never really understood that you could eat a cherry, that it was good, that it didn't have to taste like that gross stuff they call "cherry" candy. the same goes for grapes, except i've had the pleasure of enjoying quite a few grapes in the years since i've discovered them. but i'm still a new cherry eater. anyway, that looks delish! i hope it's maraschino. ^_^

is it also wrong that i got the slightest bit turned on thinking about warm showers and soft sheets? lol