Monday, May 4, 2009

But the old me is dead and gone....

I'm a little nerdy. I love science fiction and fantasy novels and movies. I think I figured out the reason why the Twilight books don't much appeal to me. I know they're marketed towards teens and youngsters but I know PLENTY of adults in their 20's up into their 50's who are just as obsessed or taken in with the Twilight series as any dreamy 16 year old. I don't think they're bad but I don't get the obsession over them. I'll stick with my Laurell K Hamilton books. Anita Blake and her crew would totally prevail in a fight with the Twilight characters. Just sayin'. ;) Anyway, I got myself sidetracked there. I dig the vampire, were animal, mythological creature and all around monsters kind of shit.

Also, I love video games. My DS is probably one of the coolest gifts my boyfriend has ever given me. I also love his PS2 because the Devil May Cry games are some of the coolest games ever made, in my opinion. I also stumble upon silly little games online that I like to play. So in true beggar fashion, I'm going to request y'all to please check out this link for me and sign up.

MsRummy on MyBrute!

I need more pupils to progress in the game faster. You have to use that link to sign up though in order to help me out. It will take you to a page that has VS Ms Rummy on it and you just type in whatever name you want to name your character, change the look and go from there. So if you'll kindly click that link and take one minute to do the easy sign up (that doesn't even require an e-mail address) you would be helping me and my nerdy game loving self out. Pretty please? Hey, you might even dig the game yourself. It's not much actually. It's an amusing way to kill 5 minutes a day. Oh and you can totally fight my little character too. ;) Or you can just sign up, help me out and then never touch it again. Either way, I would appreciate it and you would be a super awesome person. *grin* If you are one of the awesome people who I manage to convince to sign up through my lame begging then feel free to let me know who you are so I know who my pupils are. Or you can be snazzy like Bella Dreamer and sign up using your blog identity. ;)

So, I came to the realization today that even after being together for almost 3 years, Boyfriend and I have never had "angry sex" at all. Not once. I've had it before with others but with him? Nope. Even with my bad temper, it's never happened. He doesn't get angry often. It just doesn't happen. He's not an angry person and he's got a world of patience. He's a seriously laid back and mellow kind of guy. And when I'm pissed, he ends up upset (usually if I'm pissed at him) or staying out of my way because it's the smart thing to do. Or, he tries to just rationally calm me down to the best of his abilities. Which he does pretty decently by either making me laugh or just shoving some mellow off on me.

We're insanely alike in a lot of ways and we have a truck load of things in common. We also have things one of us likes and the other one can't stand. (IE He likes the Beastie Boys, I can't stand them. I love techno, trance and stuff like that and he's not the biggest fan of that kind of music.) Then we have our personality differences. A few instances being that he's calm, mellow and laid back. I'm energetic, feisty and out going. He can have fun sitting at home and doing nothing. I like to be out and about going going going and doing doing doing. In our differences though, we tend to compliment each other. I'm a little less loud and crazy and don't mind spending a night sitting at home not doing much. I used to get stir crazy doing that and just couldn't stand it. I don't feel the need to go out every night anymore. Him, who was perfectly content to sit around all the time likes to go out a bit more and do more things. It's cool because we're enough alike in our personalities and interests that we get along wonderfully but not so much alike that we drive each other batshit crazy.

At work last night, I got to wait on a group of guys. Some basketball players and their coaches. They had a check that was almost $100. One of the coaches was paying for all the food and paid with a credit card. It took me three trips to get all their stuff out to them and I got them every thing they needed and I made sure they had plenty of napkins (because you know, hungry teenage boys are kinds messy ;)) and checked on them a couple times to make sure all was well. No tip though. They were nice enough to clean up their tables though. I was so not looking forward to that since the first time I walked by there were napkins and junk all over the place. They cleaned up once they were done eating though. I did appreciate that.
It's always nice when someone cleans up their own mess as much as they can. I fucking hate it when a customer leaves and you have to go clean their table and find ranch smeared on it, pieces of food here and there, lettuce strewn from here to there, other various toppings mashed and stuffed in places, sticky substances that you're not sure about, food dropped all over the ground, condiments dropped on the ground on purpose, dessert toppings smeared on the tables and dropped on the floor, shredded up napkins and all kinds of other crap. Seriously, would you do that shit in your house? Do you not realize that someone has to clean up that disgusting mess you just made? I know it's part of the job we get paid to do but you don't need to go out of your way to make a big mess just because you don't have to be the one to clean it up.

Also last night at work, this woman asked me if I could bring her some honey. We don't have honey actually. NOTHING on our menu requires honey so, we don't have it. Looking at their meals, I was perplexed on what she would need honey for. Given her and her dining companions had various things, all different from the other. A burger with chili fries, a salad, a grilled chicken sandwich, plain fries and all of them drinking sodas. I asked what she wanted the honey for. She wanted it for her french fries. She liked to mix ketchup and honey together. I laughed and said that sounded odd. She said, "They mix is with mustard for honey mustard so why not mix it with ketchup for honey ketchup? It's good, you need to try it!" Then we had a small discussion about what I did eat honey on. She said she would try honey on fried chicken if I would try honey and ketchup mixed together. So, I did try honey and ketchup mixed together once I got home. I had a feeling it wasn't going to be much. I figured at most it was only going to make the ketchup sweeter and maybe have a hint of the honey flavor in it. I was right. Wasn't too bad either. If you want to eat sweet ketchup. I wouldn't go out of my way to mix it up and eat it again but meh, it wasn't the worst thing I've tried. I've tried some awful concoctions too. I have a ridiculous very healthy curiosity that can be rather terrible at times. I have to try almost everything. If it's new, I want to try it. I've tried some foods I knew would be disgusting but tried them anyway because hey, you never really know unless you try. Of course, I believe there are some exceptions. Some things (animal brains, insects, cow tongue) just don't appeal to me at all and I have no interest in trying. Given my curiosity, if I have no urge to try it just because I've never tried it before, it's not happening. If I can't wrap my mind around wanting to try it just for curiosity or experience sake, it won't happen, lol.

Last but not least, here are some helpful but mostly complete bullshit tips from yours truly.

-When putting eye drops in your eyes, keep your mouth shut. Just in case your aim is a little off or just in case you happen to flinch. Visine in your mouth is not the best thing to put in there.


-Sadly, duct tape does not fix everything. What can't be fixed with duct tape, is lost beyond saving. Throw it away and replace it immediately.

-Internet stalking is still stalking. Back away from the keyboard before your interweb privileges get revoked.

-Texting yourself to tell yourself you need to go home because you're out too late and have to be up early for work is actually not as good an idea as it sounds. Upon reading the text, you're likely to rebel against yourself and stay out later just to spite yourself. You're so independent and strong willed, you take orders from no one. Not even yourself.

Happy Monday!


phairhead said...

personally i don't understand the cult of Twillight. but i'm old so...

where were you for helpless tip #2?

Sheen V said...

I signed up and lost the fight. But it looks fun so I'll keep playing.

Bruce said...

Well, first of all, I am a Nintendo man, but never made leap to the DS or the DSi, but if a certain game comes out for it, I might reconsider.

Second of all, I have this theory; .....busing tables, .....lots of cleavage, ... no honey.......HOOTERS?

Rest assured, I only cyber-stalk on Tuesdays and Thursdays, except in November, I take November off, so you are safe for now.

C. Louis Wolfe said...

GREAT post-& very COOL blog! Still haven't seen Twilight. I have NO interest in the books- I'd be more apt to check out the flick. I much prefer werewolfe's we're MUCH cooler!

As far as angry sex- I have it all the time with myself. That I can deal with. The problem is my health insurance is ltd when it comes to such activities, the deductible is hell, & they're starting to get sick of seeing me at the ER every other day!

autumn said...

ok, so i do enjoy twilight, but i know what you mean. david eddings (and his wife leigh--totally bomb fantasy. i love it and will have to check out the author you spoke of.

sorry babe, no video games for me. i've got enough time sucking vortex internet stuff as it is. :) plus i have no patience or dexterity for clicking things fast enough. lol i remember having marithon axis and allies games while doing blades with a blowtorch in our room mates room while he was away for christmas one time. ahhh memories...

on the boyfriend...good for you both! it's wonderful to find someone who compliments you so well.

i stack the plates to the side of the table so the waitress doesn't have to lean all over the place. i also make sure that all leftover food is on one plate.

good words of wisdom there.

loves autumn

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

ugh, twilight. i can't physically get myself to enjoy something once it's become a raging tweenage fad and i never have been able to. good thing i read most of the harry potter series before that happened and turned me away, but lord of the rings wasn't so lucky. i did want to read that in middle school but now the thought of it makes me want to puke. what a rebel, right? *snort*

your boy sounds like my boy. :) he's SO freaking mellow! and he knows just how to calm me down when i'm in one of my fits of rage. he'd rather stay in he's got old video game systems too. xP can we borrow some ps2 games? we barely bought our first two. :P

i mix ranch and barbeque. way awesomer than honey ketchup. :P oh, and i put skim milk in my iced tea. that always throws waiters/waitresses off. sorry the coach didn't tip thoug. :( i went out to an after-practice dinner with my friend's rugby team. their coach pays for all the girls' dinners in cash and he actually set like $500 on the table at one point going on about some bet or other. it was around the time i was selling my body for rent money and you can bet it was hard not to take and run! lol

oh, and thank you for the bullshi-- i mean, advice. ;)

{{ d a n i m o }} said... of my favorites. :)

Nic said...

Just because I'm a people pleaser:

If I remember that I have this brute person, I will probably play again.

I've read the twilight books and liked them but I don't get the hype. I'll check out the Laurell Hamilton books.

I've never had angry sex. I bottled up all my emotions and they come out in one go, mostly completely ending the relationship.

One of my friends never goes anywhere without duct tape. And most of the times it comes in handy too.

Leesa said...

I have not read the Twilight books. Just don't have any desire to do so.

Rogue said...

vampires.. I am trying to rid myself of emotional vampires in my life...

but I digress... Star Trek opens this week.. I am going to a pre-release screening tonight in IMAX.. how nerdy cool is THAT?