Friday, April 24, 2009

You shook me all night long...

When I opened up the mailing box and pulled out the Hungry Bear Vibrator, my first thought was, "Oh hi!" Then a pleasant smile settled onto my lips and I opened it up. When I get a toy from a website, I always like to examine it as soon as I get it. The first thing that caught my eye was the clitoral stimulator. It's shaped as a bear holding a fish in it's mouth. I thought it looked a little strange and was a bit worried about it. I moved on in checking out the goods and the next thing I noticed was on the underside of the head, there was a woman's face imprinted there. That kind of creeped me out a little, no clue why but I figured whatever, maybe it's texture helps some how or something.

I love bigger toys. I don't mind smaller ones, they can be fun too but I'm partially to something a little thicker. I don't care about length beyond it being a good average length. I know some girls want something super long but me? I'm about the thickness honey and this one did not disappoint. =)

I put in batteries and got familiar with the controls. The controls aren't labeled but there are only two dials so it shouldn't be hard to figure out. I slid the dial on the left first and found that it set the shaft to moving in circular motion. That was interesting. I've never had a toy that moved in a circular motion and never actually thought about one that worked like that. I toyed with it to see how fast the circular motion would get to and then slid the dial back up to turn it off. The right side controlled the vibrating part.

I was anxious to try it out but I needed some lube. I wasn't using this thing without some lube. After a trip to the store, I was ready to rock.

I lubed it up, got into a comfortable position and started thinking sexy thoughts as I started to work the toy in. I didn't even have it on yet and I was enjoying it. It's got a thick, firm shaft made from vinyl with little ripples for a little added sensation. It felt so good. From what I could tell, the creepy woman's face didn't help anything but with the toy inside, you can't see it and I soon forgot it existed.

I decided to try the rotating feature out first, by itself. That was definitely interesting. It hit some really delicious spots and a few times, I momentarily forgot to do more than just hold the toy in place and let it do it's thing. I played with the sliding dial, starting out on a lower setting. I moved it down quickly playing with the speed settings. It starts getting a bit loud when you have it on high but it's no bad. The circular motion just feels... sexy. It feels a little like having the inside of your vagina and your G-spot massaged which was nice and arousing. It didn't get me off though.

Next, I turned the rotation off and went for the vibrating. I like a good, strong vibration. This was definitely good for that! I started out with it on low and slowly worked the toy in and out of me. I moved the vibrations down to somewhere in the middle and leaned back. Now I could really feel the tickler working too and OH MY GOSH. I was apprehensive about that at first. I mean come on, it's a bear holding a fish in it's mouth, lol. I'm perfectly fine with that now. This toy has a fairly strong vibration and the thick tickler really moves with it. A lot of ticklers annoy me because they just buzz there enough to be felt but not do much. This one vibrates into a frenzy and feels wonderful. I cranked it up to the maximum vibe speed. The shaft and the tickler had me racing my way to an orgasm and it didn't take long for me to get there. A few minutes and then I was biting my lip to keep from screaming out.

I had to take a break and go to my real job. I realized I hadn't used the toy with rotation and vibration at the same time yet. I had meant to but I got so carried away with the vibration and that damn tickler, I forgot I needed to try out the two features at once. So after work, I tried it out again. More lube. This time with no apprehension, only a smile on my face and happy memories of my earlier orgasm.

With both features going at once, it's noticeably more noisy. If I lived alone, I wouldn't care how noisy it is but I don't so I don't need people walking by and hearing odd noises. I did try masking it with some background noise and that seemed to help cover up some of the noise.

Also with both features on at the same time, it's a little distracting and also gets a bit irritating finding a speed combination that works. Both of them on low and it's not enough going on. Both of them in the middle and it just feels irritating. Both of them on high and it feels like a bit too much is going on but not in a good way. Sometimes a lot going on can end in an explosive orgasm but that wasn't the case here. I played around with setting the speed of each feature evenly and and then differently. The only way I liked both going was to have the vibration on high and the circular motion on low. It's a bit of an interesting contrast with the two at once though and I like it. The rotation feels sexy, erotic even. Then there's the good vibrations and the tickler buzzing away. I'll just need to play around more with the speed settings and hopefully find something that really rocks it for me.

It's a really good toy and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I'd give it a 7.5 on a scale of 0 to 10 and would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a good, thick (but not so thick you'll be in pain) toy with a rockin' clitoral stimulator. I definitely like it and will enjoy playing with it more. Thank you Tabu Toys!

To give you a really good idea of how the toy works, here's a video. =) If you're hoping to see something pornographic, you're out of look. It's just a simple little demonstration of how the functions work. Plus, you get to hear my annoying voice explaining simple junk. Fun!


That does it. =)
Questions & comments encouraged. ;)

Happy Friday!


Another Ordinary Girl said...

AR believe it or not, I have a toy just like this one except it is a totem pole. It is my favorite toy...i think because of the clitoral stimulation :)

hamachi15 said...

Your voice is not annoying whatsoever. It's also not what I expected.

southerngirl said... looks like it does the job lickety-split. Love that you connected with us by audio for that fabulous demo love. Have a great weekend!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi sweetie. I love your voice. It has that Texas sound to it, a bit of the south ya know.

L liked the video but...I thought (blushes) um, but I thought you were going to demonstrate, in a different way. :D

Ahuh...I have a pervy mind. :)

Fabulous post sweetie, have you ever thought about getting into televison? We'll you should...I could be your assistant.

Ciao babe. *wink*

Jessica said...

Nice voice.
About the vibrator...I want one!

Slyde said...

this is so cool!

where do i sign up to start reviewing cock rings?

flyinfox-satx said...

What will they think up next?

Way cool!

Hubman said...

Never mind the toy (ASM already has a rabbit that she *loves*), your voice is so cute!

Have a good weekend sexy!

Kimber said...

Great review! You make it sounds like a really great toy and after watching it move in yer demo video Ill be taking some cash from my next paycheck and going to the toy website and buyin me one. Im already excited to try it out!!!!



Bizarre Brunette said...


How nice to hear your voice again too. ;)

I am intrigued by this toy. I didn't seen an appeal in the first you reviewed, this one I like! You make it sound rather wonderful too. The video was a fabu touch as well dear. Well done! I will have to pick one of these up soon! I haven't purchased a new toy in ages!!! Suppose it is about time for something new and this looks quite clever and fun.

Ciao babe!


Laken said...

I have a toy similar to this, but not exactly the same because it's a kangaroo. I don't like mine, but that because the kangaroo doesn't reach my clit, ha. Also, the kangaroo is holding a baby in its pouch, and that is creepy. Mine also has the woman's face. Wonder what that means? Anyway, fun review!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I want one!

Your voice is cute :)

phairhead said...

I can totally understand about the noise factor. It's a new century, you'd think the sex toy industry could make a quieter motor.

I had no idea you had a southern accent! Too sweet : ) For whatever reason, I imagined that you sounded husky like Angelina Jolie

TUG said...

You sound exactly like my sister!

Confessor X said...

Hrmm...looks like I found xmas presents for all my lovers...and btw, I love your voice ;)

viemoira said...

lol thanks for video- i *needed* to see the face...

SandLady said...

great review....i was having a hard time imagining the circular motion, the video helped.

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

OMG I WANT, I WANT. O_O and i enjoyed the demonstration video, right down to your awesome voice, though i wish the demonstration had been a bit. . . deeper. ;) lol xP

ps: BUCKLE down and pay attention to detail. i got that in my sleep last night. is that creepy? o_O hahaha

Chickie said...

I love your accent! It reminds me of home :)

The little face is odd. I'd want to "talk" for it in a high-pitched manner.

Texas Ghostrider said...

Wow, nice blog know wonder you have followers. I do like your voice.

Baby said...

Interesting toy - sort of like my rabbit... I'm kind of behind on toys cause I've never seen one with a face on it like that - too funny... good review and you have a perfectly "fine" voice :)

naughtytashamber said...

Very nice review. By the way, your voice is definitely NOT annoying.