Thursday, April 2, 2009

That's when I made my great escape....

Everyone has things they are self conscious about. Me? I'm self conscious about several things.

Things that lots of other people are self conscious about as well. My big butt. My big hips. My big boobs. Though, I've become less self conscious about my boobs and more accepting of them. Partly because of just learning to be comfortable in my skin, part of it because of other things and another smaller part that I will attribute to playing HNT.

My broad shoulders. I've always had broad shoulders for a girl. I suppose it makes sense. I need something to help support those giant boobs right? It's always made me feel like a shorter Amazon woman though.

My big feet. I wear a size 10 and often have trouble finding shoes I like in my size. For some reason, apparently, girls with big feet only like to wear ugly shoes. Go figure. Not. When it comes to my Vans and DC's, I often just buy guys shoes because I can find things I like in my size.

My ears. To me, I have big ears. I also think they look strange. I'm not sure why honestly. I just like to pick myself apart. I've always felt awkward and self conscious about my ears though. Which is why I almost never tuck my hair behind my ears or wear my hair pulled back. I do love my cartilage piercing though. It's probably my favorite piercing despite that it bled the most when I got it done in the piercing parlor. I love it but people that don't know me often don't even know the piercing exists. I feel rather silly admitting that I'm self conscious about my ears but oh well. ;)

I love MySpace. I don't care how many people talk bad about it or how many people find it annoying. I've moved a LOT in my short life. I'm 23 and have moved more than 20 times. A lot of those I was moving around the same area but still, I didn't live in towns so small that people on the other side of town knew half of everyone on the other side of town. So it was always new people. I've made a lot of friends in my home state of Texas and more friends in California. I have friends who have gone away to college and then ended up moving and staying there because they liked the area better. Friends who have joined the military and moved across the US and some even to different countries. I have friends who have moves overseas. Friends who moved here and there. MySpace provides a fun and convenient way for all of us to stay in touch with friends as well as family. As well as allow me a little more access to the lives of bloggers I've become internet friends with. I know a lot of people hate social networking websites because they say they're only good for causing drama and other trouble. I actually did a post on that theory here so y'all know how I feel about that. I disagree and don't believe that the social networking websites are the cause of the drama. If you missed it or need a reminder, click the link to open it in a new window and check out the post. So here's a screen shot of a group of shots off my MySpace pictures. Of course, I covered some up with others that are in my MySpace photo albums. I'm not plastering my boyfriend's face on my blog. He wouldn't appreciate it so I won't do that. Don't forget to click for a non-MySpace shot. ;)

Happy Thursday y'all!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Of course I'll putcha up if no1 else has when I get there.

Well I'll say this for sure, I haven't seen a good pic of your shoulders or feet but you butt and boobs and hips and ears look damn good from where I'm sitting!!

love the clicks!

I got nuttin on the social networking sites so I'll believe what you said!

Anonymous said...

I think you are gorgeous. And you know sweetie (I probably got 20 years on you so listen) is all attitude and fuck 'em if they don't get that. GREAT click thru's...HHNT!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Personally I don't think you have anything to worry look great to me!

Happy HNT!

Evening said...

I love the softness of that first picture. So pretty.


Vixen said...

I adore that first pic. I don't think I have ever seen your hair pulled back like that and I like it *a lot*! Very pretty. I have that same piercing. Very sexy on you.


TUG said...

I think you have nice ears :) Funny you mention Myspace. I just did a post about that.

I think I double posted you up before reading the comments. Oh well...

Chris said...

Oh look fantastic!

Happy HNT!!

figleaf said...

Also I'm just so psyched that doing HNT has helped put things in perspective for you. I remember being terrified the first time I posted anything... and taking a while to believe any of the positive comments I got. They start to sink in though, don't they? And its so cool.

I'm with Sage, Southerngirl, and the rest of your commenters: your ears, and all the rest of you, look great, AR.

Happy HNT,


Mariposa said...

First are beautiful! There is nothing wrong with those ears and boobs of yours, they are lovely...and everybody here agrees with me... :)

Social sites also helps me get in touch with friends...but I'm only on Facebook and Friendster... ;)

Happy Thursday sexy!

vanimp said...

Hehe what is it with big feet and big boobs ... they have this limit then start making ugly shit, uber saddening. On the other hand try having size 5 feet ;) ... or for that matter teeny ears I mean pixie size lol ... no matter what our imperfections I think you look pretty damn hawt so quit stressing. xxx

Nicey said...

Nice blog, nice pictures !!
Keep on doing what ya keep on doing.


Anonymous said...

Love the one with the rubber duck :)

And for what it's worth I think all of you is absolutely beautiful!

Happy HNT!


d2b said...

Gorgeous girl!

Happy HNT!!!

autumn said...

i love the pic with the "freak" hat. girl, you certainly do have some melons over there. you are so right. everyone has something about their bodies they don't like. it only stands to reason as we look at other people every day.

you're sexy regardless. really lovely.

happy HNT

phairhead said...

i have broad shoulders and big ears and a big belly. and i gigantic rack too but i love my knockers so.......
yr not alone.

nice to see you wearing a colour other than black ; )

Dana said...

Well, I bet my shoulders are broader than yours and guess what? Size 11 foot! Try finding cute, strappy sandals in a size 11!

Dana said...

Oops! Hit send too soon! How could I leave without saying that ear looks quite nibblable to me?!

Amorous Rocker said...

Southern Sage:
Thank you!
Lol.. Thanks. I'll work on a foot shot. Or maybe just a picture of my big shoes instead, lol.

Thank you! I agree. Sexy is all about the way you carry yourself and the way you feel inside. ;)

Thank you!

Softness? Hmm.:)
Thank you!

Thank you! I almost never take pics when I have my hair pulled back. =) Cool. Thanks Vix! ;)

Well thank you! I went and read the post. :)
Oh well. Thank you! You're awesome.

Thanks! :)

figleaf :
They do sink in evetually. I was a bit timid at first too, never expected the responses I've gotten.
Thank you!

Well thank you!
I've never had a Facebook and don't know enough people who do to worry over one.Yet. Hehe.

I have a similar opinion of you lovely. ;)
Thank you!


That's one of my faves.
Thank you! I appreciate it.:)


I love that hat! :)
Thank you darlin. You're so sweet.

Nice to have someone relate.
Oh and thank you! ;) I've been expanding my color boundaries lately. A little. ;)

Amorous Rocker said...

You sneaked in there on me! ;) Size 11? You're one up on me, lol. I would hate having to look for those too. I know I have issues so I feel your pain. ;)
Nibblable? Hehe. Thank you! *Psst* My ears are ticklish slightly.

Anonymous said...

I love your click thru. Very sexy! HHNT!

Mike said...

AC, you really do love beautiful every single bit of you!

A very HHNT

hamachi15 said...

Great pics. If memory serves me correctly, there were a couple of clothed pics of your butt on your blog before you cleaned house and it looked pretty scrumptious to me!

Nolens Volens said...

Hey! Your second click-thru just gave me black eyes! LOL Big brain, big boobs, big butt, big feet...what else? I'd better not say it. Hehe. HHNT!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

My hubby said I have really small ears..

Love your click thru's!


Anonymous said...

You have, week in week out, the BEST click-throughs of HNT!

Beautiful Dreamer said...

Myspace is always hiding secrets!Hehe. HHNT!

Kimberly said...

Very beautiful pictures. I love the sultry black and white one especially.

I think we all have those parts of our body we like less than others -I think the funny thing is that we notice them and other people really don't! From where I sit you look amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm self conscious about small boobs and being too skinny. I understand fully.

I used to like MySpace but I lost my feel for it when my BFFs ex girlfriend kept writing to them and saying I was a sex offender. They didn't even look it up, they deleted me and only after dozens of letters to them did they say they were sorry and it shouldn't have happened but it was too late so could I please make a new account.. I've considered going back and maybe using my middle name, that crazy chick has no idea where I am now...

mina said...

you have kissable and lickable ears!

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

i think your ears are cute.

great clicks ;)


SleepingDreamer said...

I'm self conscious about almost everything, lol. As far as ears go, in middle school and the early years of high school my ears were just a little bit bigger than a quarter. I used to be teased SO bad. I think ears that are big or stick out or misshapen, even pointy are gorgeous. :)

Jormengrund said...

Being comfortable in one's own skin is so much harder than many realize.

We've taken (as a society) the habit of tearing down our looks based on someone else's definition of what looks good. Then we try to measure ourselves up, and usually end up falling short.

Remember that no matter what life throws at you, you are a beutiful person, both inside and out. I can tell this just from your blog. I'd be even more reinforced in this idea if I'd met you in person, I'll bet!

Great post AR!

Rainman said...

People are always to critical of themselves. Nice ears and ahhh boobs. I have always liked that cartilage piercing. Not to fond of the girls who have the 40 studs around the ears but 1-3 is very nice.

BTExpress said...

Girls with big boobs wish they were smaller and girls with small boobs with they were bigger. Girls with curly hair wishes it was straight and girls with straight hair wishes it was curly. Do you see the pattern here?

We all have issues with how we look. I hated my big ears and my lack of a chin. I hated that I could never get a tan. There wasn't very much I ever liked about my self.

Then one day I accepted myself and my life changed. Not certain how it happened, but it did. My confidence increased and so did my love life. I found out that people didn't really care how I looked, but accepted me for what I was. Life has never been better ever since.

Honey, there's nothing you can do about how you look, but there is plenty you can do about how you see yourself. Try it, you'll like what happens.

I think your hot.

Curvaceous Dee said...

I like the look of every part of you that I've had the honour of seeing - you're stunning :)

xx Dee

Elle said...

Nothing wrong with your ears, or any of you that I can see.

But yeah, I think most of us girls are like that, we pick ourselves apart. I think I've yet to meet one that wasn't self-conscious about her body, me included. Girls you find really hot probably worry about themselves just as much as you do so... Quit it! It's not useful at all, all it does is make your life more difficult. And yeah, I'm talking to myself too, here ;)

Take care, sexy!

Kittie Kate said...

I don't have myspace. If I had more time, I'd probably be on it. I wish I had more time just to blog. I know I can make my blog better if I put more time into it.

As for your body, you seriously have a wonderful body. Everyone here likes it and the compliments you are getting are real. I think you're beautiful.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Amber said...

There's so many angles that you need to see your body from to truly appreciate just how beautiful it is.
Fabulous shots!

Maeve said...

Amorous, from what I've seen from you, everything seem to be right!
You are gorgeous!
Happy belated HNT!

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