Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's my cherry pie...

I want to see Public Enemies. Johnny Depp and Christian Bale in a movie about fucking John Dillinger? Hell yes. I have such a hard on thing for 1930's gangster goings on. I always find the bad guys so intriguing apparently. Sometimes sick and appalling but I always find myself wondering why they did what they did. Why they do what they do. My fascination with serial killers, mob crime and all kinds of things of that nature really just stems from a want to dissect and understand what compels a person to do such things. Anyway, that's another topic for another day. I really hope the movie doesn't suck. At least if it does suck, I have Depp and Bale to feast my eyes on. ;)

Oh and Tim Burton doing Alice in Wonderland? That should be interesting. I really, really dig Tim Burton. Of course, y'all know that already. Unless you're new to the blog. Then you didn't know that but you do now, lol.

I really want to read "The Razor's Edge" by W. Somerset Maugham again. I haven't read that one in quite a while and feel like reading it. Only problem being I can't find my copy of the book. I think it's probably in a box in storage somewhere or it's one of the casualties of moving that has gotten lost. In which case I'll have to track down a new copy of the book.

I got tagged by the lovely and entertaining Lil Bit with that 8 Things tag y'all possibly seen floating around. I don't resist the tags. I'm a sucker for them apparently. Though I haven't been tagged for anything in quite a while actually, lol.

8 things I'm looking forward to:

1. Seeing my boyfriend in May.
2. Seeing OPETH live!
3. The new Incubus CD.
4. A Saturday night off work, lol.
5. Summer.
6. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
7. Fruit stands opening up soon so I can get yummy fresh fruit.
8. Getting a new laptop.

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Helped a friend through a dilemma.
2. Paid the cell phone bill.
3. Made another friend laugh so hard he had juice come out of his nose. Ooops!
4. Sang and danced.
6. Kicked some ass at Rock, Paper, Scissors.
7. Cut my finger open slightly with a box cutter.
8. Had some rum.

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Leave.
2. Travel to London, Paris, Ireland and many other places.
3. Own my own business.
4. Win a lot of money.
5. Learn to surf.
6. See the Northern Lights.
7. Be less critical of myself. No matter how hard I try to, I don't get better at this.
8. Eat grapefruit! (I'm allergic.)

8 TV shows I watch:

1. NHL Channel/Hockey... it can count as a "show" dammit, lol.
2. House.
3. Family Guy.
4. The First 48.
5. Mythbusters.
6. Deadliest Catch.
7. All kinds of stuff on Discovery Health.
8. Stuff on the History Channel.

I'm supposed to tag 8 people to do this but I've seen it on so many blogs. So if you decide to do this, leave a comment so I can come check your answers out. ;)

Happy Tuesday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

You can probably get a copy of The Razor's Edge at your local library or they can order it for you.

I am also looking forward to the Dillinger movie,.

Rogue said...

Opeth? wow, I know a couple of guys, well my son for one.. who are major into Opeth.

phairhead said...

Alice in Wonderland will be SWEET!

boyfriend will be jealous, he's a huge Opeth fan ;)

Anonymous said...

I dunno Opeth, but I'm thinking that wouldn't surprise you!

I too love all things mafia, gangster etc. Though I don't go to the picture shows, it will be cool when it comes out on Beta

great 8's

Jessica said...

Gangster, Mob movies are the best! Johnny is the bonus.

Biscuit said...

So nice of you to mention that you like memes... *giggle* I tagged you, you sexy thang.

Bruce said...

I wandered in here from a link on Slyde's blog....agggh and I can't get out.

Actually browsed your Flickr account and read a bit, you have merit, as if that mattered in this crazy screwed up world, but at least to me it does. So I am going to lurk along and watch what you write.....if I am entertained and inspired enough, I will send you a lot of money, so you can check it off your list of 8 things you want.....

Jormengrund said...

I'm taking my oldest to see Wolverine when it hits this Friday!!

That, and I can't wait for the Star Trek to come out either..

Yeah, I know, some darn twisted Trekkie is posting on your blog.. I'm sorry!

Loved the post!

Dante d'Amore said...

... cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise

I'm with you on the serial killers, etc. Absolutely fascinated by them and people like them. The whole antisocial personality disorder spectrum is mind boggling. Probably because I have empathy that is so damn strong I often wish I could lose some that I find a complete lack of empathy so hard to fathom.

Hitler, Manson and, of course, the Mafia, etc., have always been reading subjects I couldn't get enough of. For some reason though, the serial killer stuff isn't that way any more. I'm just as interested but I no longer want to read about them.

I don't want to read anything that negative any more. Besides, it's always to easy to "guess" the ending. ;)

Lil Bit said...

Cool, thanks for playing!

Great answers & congrats on the Sexy Award! =)