Saturday, April 4, 2009

Send in your skeletons, sing as their bones go marching in again...

Brought to you by: Amorous Rocker

How old will you turn in 2010?

Have you ever been called a bad influence?
Oh yeah. Mostly it was wrongfully so but whatever. =)

What's the connection between you and the last person to text you?
He's my closest friend and knows me better than almost anyone.

Have you been disappointed by anyone in the last week?
Only myself.

When was the last time someone of the opposite sex that isn't related to you gave you a hug?
Last night at work.

When is the last time you spoke to your boss?

Do you have any framed photographs hanging on the walls?
No, not right now.

Have you had sex in the last 48 hours?
Fuck. No. Sad story eh?

Have you showered with anyone in the last 48 hours?
Nope again.

Would you like to put yesterday on repeat and live it forever?
No way. All I did was work. Then again, the work thing pretty much is on repeat every day. ;)

What kind of licorice do you like?
None. Ewww.

Do you like salt water taffy?
I don't remember. I haven't had that stuff in years. I think I liked it.

Have you ever tried committing suicide?
Thought about it. I never tried.

Are you jealous of anyone at the moment?
Negative. I'm not a jealous bitch.

Are you cynical?
Yes, lol.

Do you believe there is a great purpose in life?
To die. No, lol. I think it has purpose if you want it to have purpose. Life is only what you make of it.

Would you ever date someone who was completely different from you?
Sometimes opposites attract so why not? I'm fine with what I have though. =)

Have you ever liked someone that was in a relationship?

Have illegal drugs ever entered your bloodstream?
Oh yeah, many times over and over again once upon a time. I'm amazed I'm still as intelligent as I am.

Have you ever licked a photo?
Why would I do that? Is it flavored? Maybe a cherry flavored picture? That would still be odd, lol.

Happy Saturday!!!


Krystal said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm reading along. Have a great weekend. :)

phairhead said...

licked a photo? the fuck? was there a fetishist writing this survey?

vixen kitten said...

Sadly, I had a cat who would lick photos. I snorted Pellegrino all over when I read that question! You couldn't leave any pictures out, because he was obsessed with tasting them. I never did figure that one out.

Loved your answers. Hope you have a beautiful weekend.


Evening said...

licked a photo?? Hmmmm, I wonder why someone would do that.

Hope you had a nice weekend.