Monday, April 20, 2009

I'll end this all before it gets me...

FYI: Don't be a snotty bitch to the people who serve you your food and drinks. I get that a lot of people look down on people in the service industry. Food service being one of them. People also look down on their garbage men, house cleaners, street sweepers, plumbers and other people who provide a daily service. Take away those service workers and what happens then? You have to cook your own damn meals all the time. You have to figure out what to do with your own garbage. You have to go out of your way to get your recyclables where they belong. You better figure out how you make your toilet stop over flowing while you're at it before your bathroom floods with toilet water. Those people provide a service. It's not the most glamorous job and it's likely not the one they thought they would end up with. It's hard work and it makes a paycheck. It also doesn't mean the person doing it is lazy, stupid or without motivation to do better. To me, doing a crummy job is better than those who sit and don't work. Those who sit and draw money from else where. Don't look down on all people in the service industry. Sure there are the ones doing it to coast by because they don't care to do better. So what? If it doesn't personally hurt you, let them be. You're not better than them just because they're serving you food, fixing your drinks, picking up your trash, fixing your toilets and so on. Be appreciative when it's deserved and drop that snotty, superior attitude please and thank you.

*Ahem* =)

I have a new toy review that I plan to start working on very. It's only my second review but it shouldn't be too hard. I haven't got to use the toy yet but I shall have a chance soon to bust it out. I'm excited about this one too. It looks... interesting. You'll have to wait for the review to find out what it is though. ;)

I can't find my digital camera. I just had it last night too. That's annoying.

I can't find the book I was reading either. Also very annoying. It's the 4th in a series by Rob Thurman and I was only about 100 pages (or there about) in to this one. Now it's gone missing and that's unfortunate because it's damn good. I have no clue where it went. I do know it didn't sprout a pair of legs and go wander off though. It pisses me off when my stuff just kind of "disappears" from where I've had it sitting for several days. I would accuse Boyfriend of snatching it since I got him hooked on the series. Except he's 2,000 miles away so he's innocent. This time. *grin*

So... I fucking love Seether. Many of my post titles are lyrics from various songs of theirs. I know I've posted about my adoration for Shaun Morgan, posted their videos and yapped about them and their music on here several times before. I have to say it again, they're one of my favorite bands and have been for several years. When I saw them with Nickelback, I was surprised at the lack of interest the overall crowd had in Seether. Then I wasn't so surprised. Nickelback and Seether are both rock but they're not exactly the same type of rock. I can see how people who really dig Nickelback wouldn't be into Seether as much. I like Seether way better. When it came to buying a shirt, the tour tee I got was a Seether tee. I could only afford to get one for myself and it was easy to decide what band I was going for, lol. I've seen Seether twice live now. The thing about them is that Shaun has a wonderful voice. He sounds the same if not better live than he does when you hear the music off their album. He lacks stage presence though which I think is why a lot of folks at the Nickelback show weren't so into them. They don't do flashy lights and big pyrotechnics. Not yet anyway. They basically get up their, play their music, slightly interact with the crowd and do a couple nifty things with lights. The thing about me? I'll take a band with talent who sings their music with passion over a flashy stage show any day. It's great when a band (like Nickelback) can put on a good stage show and be able to sing their music without looking like robotics. I'm not losing interest in a band just because they don't woo the crowd with their wit and fireworks though. I read on a message board some people at the show were disappointed in Seether because all they did was come out and sing their music essentially. Why is that a bad thing? Anyone care to explain that to me? I don't understand it. I don't understand it because the stage show isn't what's important to me. I'm there for the music. You wanna put on a flashy show, that's cool too, I can dig that and enjoy it too. Nickelback's pyrotechnics were bad ass and Chad Kroeger's charming little persona was amusing too but if they stripped that all away, I'd probably still enjoy the show as long as he still sang well and they still played well.

Anyway, this song is off Seether's most recent album. It's one of my favorite songs by them overall. I might have even posted it already but I didn't want to go back through my music posts and see if I had posted it or not, lol.

Happy Monday!


phairhead said...

do you have wee ghosties living in yr room? ghost thieves!

Another Suburban Mom said...

I hope you find all your stuff. I can't understand the snotty attitude towards service people.

If someone is not doing their job in the service industry, complain to their manager, don't tip them well, or my god....speak up to them about it.

However don't treat all service people like scum. They are working hard at something tiresome and unpleasant.

Kiki said...

I used to waitress, so I know how it feels to be looked down upon while serving. My own mother has that snotty attitude. I discreetly ripped her a new one for acting like a fool because the waitress forgot our straws.

At my previous job at the College, there was an older woman that maintained the cleanliness of the entire 8 floor building. The campus only took up 2 floors, but I noticed that not only the students but other so-called professionals from the entire building treated her like the plague. I always greeted her with a smile, said good morning to her, asked how she was doing that day, and thanked her if she ever gave me anything that I might have asked of her. She was always nice to me, but snubbed all the others.

You have tricksy ghosties too? I have my father-in-law and grandmother. Things really started disappearing after gramma passed. The poor cat was going nuts trying to chase them :D

Anonymous said...

OK, so you may have converted me to be a Seether fan! I liked what I heard.

The Bizza said...

"Never piss-off the chef."

I agree with your snotty bitch rant. Besides, being a jerk won't get your service completed any quicker, cheaper, or with any additional quality.

BTExpress said...

HERE, HERE! I don't get why some people think they are better than anyone. My mother taught me that no one is better than the next guy.

When I was boating, I had some very wealthy friends and met some very wealthy people. The nicest always seemed to have worked hard getting where they were. The biggest slim balls had it handed to them. Boy, could I tell you stories.

rage said...

I used to work in the service industry. It's a high-stress, low appreciated line of work. Actually, I kind of still do, but just not in the hospitality industry. People treat you like shit until they need you for something or can't fix something by themselves.

Fuck em all.

Trooper Thorn said...

Always respect the people who get things done. Jobs where you go to meetings and talk about getting things done aren't worth half the paycheck.

TUG said...

Something about work...blah, blah.


Something about Nickelbacka and Seether...blah, blah.