Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Break me down if it makes you feel right...

I think... I have nothing much to say today. My head is pounding and my mind just... aches. I've had too much going on in my head lately and nothing to do with it but let it swirl and twirl around in there. Taking up space when there isn't a lot of free room in there right now anyway. Crashing into each other, some thoughts becoming mingled with others as new thoughts are spawned, forming from one into another. I need an off switch. Instead, I busied my mind with looking over sex toy reviews and working on my own for the toy I have to review. I got it partly done and will work on it more today.

If I see another "I'm Pregnant!" or "I'm going to be a daddy!" bulletin on Myspace, cell phone text, email or blog post today, I might shriek. Of course, I won't shriek and I'm betting I'll see it done at least 10 more times before the day has ended. ;) I think that's one of the most over done April Fool's jokes ever. I admit, I used it one time. Only one time though. The one time I used it, it shocked the hell out of everyone, bwa ha ha. I really hope no one I know ever honestly tries to tell me they have a little life on the way on this day because I won't ever believe them, lol. Well, I would believe them if they stuck to it long enough but initially, I wouldn't. I don't hate April Fool's Day at all. It doesn't annoy me but I'm not gullible enough to ever fall for anything. Plus, I'm always alert and waiting for something. ;)

Normally I would be playing Wednesday Weirdness today but I'm passing this week. The questions are fine, I just don't feel like doing a meme. Besides, I did one yesterday. ;)

My Dallas Stars played the LA Kings last night. We won, in regulation, thank you very much. Morrison scored two of our three goals. He was trying hard for a third goal to get himself a hat trick but no dice. It's all good, we still won the game ending our losing streak. We played pretty well given the number of players we're down because of injuries. It's been a rather heartbreaking season. I imagine if we had not had such bad luck with injuries this season, we would have fared better. As it is now, we have 10 major players not playing due to injury. Our defense is now one badass player, a couple rookies and the rest AHL players brought up to take the spots of our fallen regular defense men. Lets not talk about what our offense is missing either. It sucks but oh well. I don't even care to make it to the playoffs now. I just hope we finish the season without any other player getting injured. We have a long enough list of players not playing because they're fucked up. Though it is giving some AHL guys a chance to step up and shine. Also giving some of the other guys on the team a chance to play a bit more too since most of the injured are key players who take a lot of ice time due to their being amazing at their skill. *Sigh*

Now a song. I'm sure lot of you won't like this but I know some will enjoy it because they share my adoration of this band. The band is Epica. I love them and have for years. I love her voice. I love their sound. Their music is often so relaxing but so meaningful. Plus, she's gorgeous. This is one of my favorite songs by them and I love the video of the session. It's not perfect but it's wonderful. *happy sigh*

Happy Wednesday!


Southern Sage said...

you tickled me when you said you were working o your sex toy review and would work on it more today! Ha!! go girl! Work on it twice a day for the rest of the week!
then you should have it right!

Jormengrund said...

You know what they say about writing a review..

Practice makes perfect.

If you don't like what you've written, then you need to start from square one again!

Try, try, try, try, try, and try again!

Just keep it in moderation, because if you tire out your hands or arms, you won't be able to type!

Have a great day AR!

autumn said...

Epica--WOW! beautiful mix of music styles as well. that woman's voice gives me chills. thanks for sharing that.

on the hockey, i've not been paying attention much this year, but i love reading here about the stars at least. i do put hockey night in canada on for saturday nights of course, but am usually pre-occupied.

cool on the sex toy reviews. if i could read more blogs i would get to be "in the know" on this shit!

i can be fooled any old time *like the time i cut my finger wide open at work that the guys told me to put my finger in salt water--fucking owww--cause i did it* but i never believe a thing on April 1.

Leave it to (my) Beaver said...