Friday, March 20, 2009

Yeah you've got a friend in me...

Still no new power cord for my laptop. Which sucks, lol. Hopefully it will be here by the end of the weekend. Of course, it's Friday now so maybe later today or some time tomorrow I'll get lucky and it will come. Not using my computer much doesn't really bother me though. Sure, I miss writing on my blog and definitely miss reading other blogs too but I'm not going crazy without it. I miss getting on my social networks, checking email, playing games and doing the other things I do online but I don't feel any loss without it, lol. I don't have much time to be online anyway because I work a lot. I also watch hockey and movies a lot, lol. So that I don't feel too annoyed or frustrated and that I'm not freaking out or feeling cut off is cool. It makes me super happy in a time when I know so many people who freak out going just hours without being connected and I've gone almost a week without it and I'm cool. There's more out there then life on line ya know? ;)

Wednesday I spent a big part of the day with my family on a day trip. We drove a couple hours to go to the mountains close by and play in the monstrous amounts of snow. As soon as I can get pictures on here, I'll post some. Including the awesome snow angel I made and the awesome mini snowman I made with Little Sister's help. It was a fun day off from work.

Thursday was a really pretty day. No rain, no cold weather. It was actually kind of warm out, compared to how it has been, lol. So we were busy as fuck at work. I actually had to go in early because they needed the help. It was crazy. Every time we tried to get clean and stocked, we had more customers just coming and coming. It rocked though because the time just flew by. The last hour we slowed down and didn't have many customers come which made cleaning and stocking much easier, lol. I had to go on my lunch break to buy new shoes because I wore my running shoes to work because my work shoes were soaking wet, lol. My running shoes were killing my feet. They might rock for running or jogging but for standing and moving around at work, they sucked. So I ran to get a pair of shoes since I needed new work ones anyway. So while searching for shoes in my size, I had a little boy come on the aisle I was on. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and then turned around to face him when he was almost next to me. He told me he had been trying to scare me and asked if he had. I said he hadn't. He laughed and said, "Aww man I wanted to scare you." I was thinking -ookay buddy- but the kid was maybe 11 or 12 so I didn't think much of it. Then he looked at the shoes I was looking at. "Are you gonna get those shoes?" he asked me. I said I was getting them. I grabbed the box and he grabbed them away from me. "Are you getting these? Are these what you want?" he asked. I said yeah and asked for them back since they were the only ones in my size. He grabbed a box and said he was gonna get some too. I was thinking, -oookay little weirdo- and then he looked at my work shirt and asked me if I worked at that place. I said no, lol. He asked if I had to go back to work now or not. I walked off to the register. The little boy and his grandmother ended up in line behind me and I turned around and he waved at me. His grandmother asked what he was doing and he said I worked at blahblahblah but said I didn't and yadda yadda yadda. The kid wasn't really obnoxious either. He wasn't taunting me or being a brat. He seemed serious enough in all his statements and questions.
Definitely was a little on the strange side, lol.

Today is payday! WOOHOO! ;)

Well I must run. My borrowed time is up, lol. Saturday Survey is set to post tomorrow. ;)

Happy Friday y'all!


phairhead said...

it's nice not to be plugged in

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

i hope the cord comes.

Sam said...

The man is waiting on a new power supply for his PC to come in, apparently the old one does not appreciate Kool Aid.

I can't leave this room most of the time, I would totally die if I lost my net for some reason...