Wednesday, March 11, 2009

With a little bit of talk, baby, oh, we could change some things....

Hi there!

Yes, hello to you there, sitting in front of your computer screen.

I apologize if you came here today in hopes of reading something amusing, insightful, strange, funny, witty, bitchy, kinky, rambling, ranting or sexy.

Today, I just want two things.

One, to say hello to all the people who stop by and read here daily. One has been done. ;)

Two, to ask how your morning, afternoon, evening or whatever is going.

Y'all come here and read about me all the time. You read about my bitching and ranting due to work and my ridiculous, moronic awesome co-workers. My random bitching and rantings from day to day things. Movies and music I like. Things that happen that amuse me. Plans I have for the day. Interests I have. And on and on and on.

Today, I want to read a little something from all of you. Any of you who want to take a minute or two or three and leave a comment, telling me a little something about your day, week, life, a random fact, a joke you dig, whatever. Even if you blog and I can read about you there, who cares? Leave a little something or just say hello if you want.


How you doin'? ;)


southerngirl said...

Good morning dear AR. Where I live, it rained a cool steady rain last night. But spring is close and we had the windows open at home. So...sans clothes, I slept like a baby all snug under the sheets and have awakened with a smile. Hope all is well at your end of the neighborhood!

Baby said...

Hi AR!!!! Well, I am at the office, it is absolutely phenomenally gorgeous outside with sunshine and going to be in the 80's again today... I am packed and ready for my 5:30 a.m. flight tomorrow to Louisiana, I am SO EXCITED!!!!! I am feeling good today - yesterday was questionable - stomach virus going through the office, but seems I am in the clear so far, except I do have Spring Fever :) Have a great day!!!!

Desmo said...

Hello from across the pond. Spring seems to be on its way, flowers in Hyde Park are coming out and the days are thankfully getting longer. Looking forward to a week of skiing in Austria (first time there) real soon. Bye for now

Jormengrund said...

Hey AR.

It's dismally cold here, and just stopped snowing about an hour ago.

I'm doing well, hoping that work doesn't piss me off too badly today so that I'll be in a decent mood when I head home!

See you later!

Barney said...

Good Morning....
The next two weeks should be interesting for me.. My Mommy is in town visiting.. and there currently is a family war taking place... Mommies job is to bring us all together and make us one big happy family (read my's all there)

But.. other than that.. life is good.. Spring is coming and Im off next week for a business trip!!!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...


I am sitting at work getting ready to eat my lunch (veggie burger and a diet coke) and looking at blogs!

So far my day has not been exciting but it's only half over and anything can still happen :)

13messages said...

But I came hear for your bitching and ranting! :) Okay, I'll share...

I'm perusing blogs while watching the clock. I just woke up and my shift starts in two hours. Hopefully I'll make some good money tonight, but these days tips are hard to come by. We'll see.

I'll also pre-publish my HNT for tonight before I leave for work. It's always nice to go to work on a Wednesday knowing there will be so many beautiful photos to see at the end of the night.

Anyway, have a great day. See ya here tonight!

kitty said...

It's four am on a tiny island in the Pacific and I've just been woken up by a rooster. I could have had two more hours of sleep so I am not impressed.

Musns said...

My children have passed their stomach bug to me and I'm curled up, miserable at work, debating if being miserable at work and getting paid is better than being not paid and miserable in a bed (at least I'd have blankets so I could get warm).

Life is lonely right now, except for my bi-weekly forays to the club I hit in DC, there I hang out with my further away friends-"play" and am surrounded by laughter and conversations of which I participate in.

Laughter & friends make life so much easier.

Smyles said...

Hey there AR!! Things are quite here in sunny FL. We are finally getting warm weather (high 70's low 80's) which is great for this FL gal!
I got to work ridiculously late this morning - just because I didn't want to get out of bed - I hit the snooze button for an hour an half!
Life has been crazy since the wedding... I thought it was supposed to slow down, but it's been just the opposite! I think this Sat. I'll finally be able to stay home and do NOTHING - which is great!

Ok, enough of my rambling... Have a great day!!! :)

boo said...

Amorous, darling! I don't really have anything to share... ummm.... my kids drive me bonkers sometime.

Big Kahuna said...

Howdy AR. It is a whopping 1 degree above zero with a -20 wind chill. Days like this I wonder why I moved from Maui to here (that's right, my ex-wife).

I always enjoy reading you and your die-hard support of the North Stars :-)

My day is going well but not looking forward to class tonight (Finance - yech)

viemoira said...

I'm almost done work for the day. Its almost 5 here. I'm almost asleep from working on PCI compliance for my company. The weather is dreary but its close to 40 degrees. One of those days you wish you could curl up and watch movies.

Hubman said...

Hey there sexy girl. I'm now happily sitting at home catching up on my favorite blogs. Including you, of course!

Shitty morning at work (I can bitch, right?)- 3 hrs of people from headquarters crawling up my ass with a microscope inspection records. Arghh, useless bureaucrats.

But now I'm home and ready for the arrival of HNT!

Have a good day!

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

im good darlin. worked today. truck day so we had to unload lots of new stuff at the store.

my sweet prince is coming for dinner so that makes me thrilled.

oh there is a video of my girl child singing Neil Diamond on my blog today.

and go here and check out this cartoon.. its my friend Alex. i cracked up..


phairhead said...

Hi AR! I'm at SexyBeast's apartment showing off my Frederick's of Hollywood purchases, getting him ready for the main reveal on Saturday, our one year anniversary. Spring is springing at I can feel myself sliding out of my seasonal depression.

I think yr stellar : )

Nikki! said...

Hello AR dear!!

I think this is a cute idea and seems like fun and obv plenty here agree.

The weather is sunny but windy and cold in my neck of the world and Im just prayin the weather warms up sometimes soon.

For dinner I want to make sushi rolls and chicken terriyaki, I am having friends and a charming young man over for dinner.

My day has been that of dangerous boredom and mental preoccupation. I am hoping for things to progress better as the evening rolls on.

Lil Bit said...

pffft, you don't wanna hear about my crappy day... I came over here to catch up with YOU, lol. If you wanna catch up with me a little bit, that's what MY blog is for, lol... come see my sports car wish list or whatever. ;)

Keep it rockin' chickie! =)

Bizarre Brunette said...

Hello honey. ~wink~

I just got home, exhausting day at work. Yummy is having a boys night out. I get the place to myself for the night, 'til he scampers in tipsy and jovial wanting a good romp. I'm awaiting that time 'til then ~wink~

I am going to have myself a movie night. I rented Igor per your recommendation plus a chick flick per my own interest. I might order pizza or I might treat myself to a meal out.

Tell that mammoth boyfriend of yours to update that blog of his will you?

Miss talkiing with you honey. Hate that our schedules clash so terribly now. Sad event indeed.

Love this idea btw but I would not fair such an interesting response out of people. My numbers would shy in comparrison to yours here dear. ~wink~

This should be substantial don't you say? Turned into a little email right it did lol.


An Artist Exposed said...

Nursing the end of a headache and a strange day but feeling great and optimistic and happy to send you these words :-)

TUG said...

No, "How youuuu doin'?" (Said in my best Joey voice)

I'm typing this as the kids run unsupervised through the house!

It still hurts some to walk up a flight of stairs as the boys get moved around more that way.

The weather changed about 30 degrees today...but you already know that ;)

Breve said...

Today as I was driving through town I realized that I am in love....with the city I live in! It will take quite a man to make me feel this way!!!

Curvaceous Dee said...

Hey honey,

Today my migraine is really bad. Bad to the point I took some morphine (last time I did that? About five years ago). But I got my HNT out and am enjoying looking at everyone else's.

Seems that my typing has gone to shit though ...

xx Dee

Lori said...

I love Godiva Chocolate. I am a whore for it. It is beyond delish.

My day sucked. Until I got some choco. Divine. Made the world right again. Nothing like choco, pajamas and coffee to make the world seem like a better place.


Another Suburban Mom said...

Well, its the next day. Its early and I am sitting on the couch in my robe catching up on blogs.

This is Darling Boy's favorite jokes:

Knock Knock
Who's There?
Orange Who?
Orange you glad you're not a banana?

What do you call a snail on a ship?
A snailor

I know, they're terrible, but this is high wit and sophistication for the 8 year old set.

hamachi15 said...

Let's see, aside from the potential of my company going bankrupt, things are great. Weather is changing up here in NY and my boys are ready to break out of the house.

autumn said...

oh wonderful! i wish i had something insightful to say, but it's been really busy for me here. i'm in the process of converting my accounting system over at work. i've been at it all week, lots to do for sure. once it's all in, smooth sailing again. also dealing with our fiscal year end as well. oh so exciting...but you did ask! oh yes, sick kid today as well but he's old enough to stay home while i work. :)

oh yes, and i am moving my blog over to blogspot in the next week or so. i'll post the link asap!

JJhappyday said...

I sing in the shower as well... usually just whatever song I last herad and is stuck rolling around over and over in my head. Shinedown is stopping here on tour next week and i'm so excited to go see them. Not much goin on here, you can come see me on my blog if you like. I enjoy reading yours! Have a good one!

raino said...

my day is going fabulous. working though. lay offs happening though which is sad. tonight i will be baking banana loaf, eating out with my daughters and tomorrow, well, it's friday so it will be good. random fact about me? well, i love eddie vedder and would love to meet the man, so i'm putting it out there if any of you have some contacts. it's actually my lifes wish. need to meet the man. i do caligraphy, can walk on the knuckles of my toes and can play the spoons! that's all from me - i'm pretty effin' boring.

KBear said...

I'm a little late:)

Everything is good here. I'm healing day by day, and Adrien is getting adjusted day by day. I absolutely adore him. Love cuddling and I want to pick him up all the time! He's really heavy, which is to my advantage, cause it means I can't hold him too long, cause my arm goes numb:) which is probably a good thing, or he would be held ALL the time:)

I can't do anything other than pick him up. I can't vacuum, clean, lift anything heavier than the baby, the stairs are hard to maneuver and getting off the couch is difficult and painful too, but it's getting better day by day:)

Dial-Up Princess said...

AR- all my updates are on my alt is moving right along...its been warm in my neck of the woods .... a warm 45